W.O.W. Declaration of THINdependence ~ Week 9

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  • Good evening lovely ladies! xo

    Mike is at the Indians game, kids are in bed and it is ME ME ME time. I think I'll go up soon and do the Nair thing and take a looooong bath and read a mindless magazine. I'm quite looking forward to it.

    BTW, the Nair thing....I just discovered it and wow! It really makes my legs SMOOTH and soft! I may never shave again. Am I the last woman in America to discover this secret?!

    Oh and the Indians tickets Mike scored, he won a pair of tix from a drawing at work, and another gal from his dept won another pair, and she couldn't go, so she gave us her pair too! So he took his dad tonight and I get to go tomorrow!! So looking forward to that too!

    I love your new look, Jaya!!! You look HOT! Holy mama!

    Be back with more personals later....Amy, I'm still thinking about you!

    And I love the rest of you too...I swear! I'll catch up with the rest of you soon. xoxoox Michelle
  • Oh for goodness sake, I didn't even say the two things I was going to talk about!!!

    I have been POP POP POP POP both Monday and Tuesday!! That included taking the kids (and their sleepover friends) to Cici's and I only had a BIG salad and a bowl of soup, 1 1/2 breadsticks, and water. Then today my old friend met us for lunch and she wanted Cheeseburger in Paradise...not diet friendly at all. But I got this cool grilled chicken salad that had the chicken, oranges, strawberries, pineapple and apples on a bed of greens and a citrus vinagrette dressing and it was KILLER! AND...I took the kids for ice cream tonight since Mike was out and I got strawberry fat free sugar free one scoop in a bowl. It tasted...weird. But NO minor cheats here, and lots of opportunity! But, no exercise...but I'm okay with that for now. Oh and the scale was somewhere around 267 this morning so I knew that 272 was water retention but a definite wake up call.

    And the other thing was the assessment I went to on Monday for the new treatment center...it went so well. I just KNOW this place is a perfect fit for me. The actual program is really structured, ten weeks: the first four weeks = 4 hrs a day, 4 days a week (Whew!) and the second six weeks 3 hrs a day, 3 days a week. Thursday nights are family nights, Mike will go with me and learn about addiction and feel involved, and Mondays family is welcome to come, but it is all lecture, learning about the science behind addiction, which I also think will help Mike learn more. (and again, feel involved) So while it made me so mad last week feeling like I had wasted the last seven weeks, now I feel like a new begining. And really, in ten years, this whole thing will be a bad memory and, hopefully, emerges me a better person.

    Talk to you all tomorrow. xo Michelle
  • Sorry to be so delayed in posting. I'm hurting pretty bad. Not eating too much either. My heart is aching....Ron says that it can't be broken because it hurts....so that means it's working. Girls how the heck do I feel better? I miss him so much It's lonely in the house, even with DH sitting on the couch perpendicular to mine. I went through an entire cycle of emotions this evening....I've never hurt this bad for anyone before. Ever. I feel guilty....he's not here, even though i know he was in pain, i feel guilty. I know we took his pain away but I just don't feel that way yet. My poor baby.

    Ok off to go sit on the couch and go through another cycle of emotions. I'll try to post tomorrow. Thanx for all your love and support. I really need it!
  • Amy, the best thing you can do is give yourself time. You lost an important member of your family who you loved and cared about. Take it a day at a time and allow yourself to grieve. It will get easier as time goes on.

    Michelle, I am glad you like your new program and that your DH will be more involved. Things seem to be much easier when your DH is involved.

    Mindy, Good luck on your 5k this weekend.

    I almost lost it last night. TOM started and at my normal evil munchies time I wanted to snack. I started to snack. I tried to start with my normal peanut butter (its high in cals, but it helps stop the munchies most of the time). then started to move on when I decided dinner is in two hours I am not starving so dont eat it. It felt good to dicipline myself like that again. but I got my planned cals in and 120 oz of water

    Work is coming up, I hope it is a better day after monday it better be.

    W 64 oz
    E 20 minutes of strenght and abs after work
    E 1400 cals no more carbs at night!
    D get in my planned exercise
  • Holy- My heart goes out to you.

    Nursie- Great job on the self care!

    JCat- Great munchie recovery. Wish I had that discipline yesterday before Dinner!

    MTig- WTG on the low #s and the 5K!

    Today was good. Not journalling this week like I intended. Got up again this a.m to work out. I only get 30 mins in but it makes life so much easier in the evenings. We're still in the toddler stage where evenings are complete chaos so the exercise slides. Ate okay except dinner- feel a little over full but not stuffed. Still torn between throwing it all down and trying to recommitt to a healthier life.
  • Amy- My heart breaks for you. I can only imagine how bad it hurts. One of my guys is 13. He is having bowel troubles and it is really getting to me. Then I think about what you are going through and I am not ready for that yet. I know it's tough. Hang in there.

    Michelle- Glad to hear that this program will work for you. Before you know it life will better than ever. Like you said, it will all be a distant memory. Good luck!!!

    Did a practice 5k with my friend today. We did it in 44 min., but we went a little too far. Wrong turn. It will be fun. on Sat.
  • Lunch has not been agreeing with me lately. I'm thinking no more salads at lunch. I didn't want total junk today and went with a salad. big mistake. Today seems a bit better than yesterday, but I can't really be sure of anything until I go to bed Work isn't helping either....the girls got in trouble for sharing the info about me and Captain before I got there, then WE all got in trouble again for the same thing. If I could quit today I would, but I don't have my 4 or 5 MK shows a week booked yet. When I do that, I'm gone.
  • Mindy 44 minutes is a great 5k time!

    Grazer~Keep it up, I know it is frustrating but keep it up!

    Amy~I hope you get your shows quick~

    Yesterday was great except for the exercise. I try and try after work, but just am too tired. I did great food and water wise though.

    Today? Same goals as yesterday

    Has anyone tried the ziplock steamer bags? OMG! I read about them on this site somewhere (maybe even here), bought them, OH a year ago. I was in the mood for steamed broccoli and decided to finally try it. I was shocked at how good they turned out.
  • Jen,
    I've used them once or twice before and they work great Now if i could just get moving early enough to fix myself lunch I'd use them more often.
  • Just a couple of us here today. I just need to report that I hit a new low today, 187.8. I just hope it keeps going in this direction. I want to see 185 so bad.

    Summer laziness is here. It is raining so I feel stuck in the house. That means sitting on the couch. I have got to keep moving this summer. Looking for a break in the weather so i can at least take a dog for a walk.
  • Hey all
    Been a couple of crazy days for me. I still need to catch up for personals, but wanted to pop on say I'm here, I'm OP and I'll be back.

    Keep on truckin chickies!
  • Okay, so I just totally lost my post. I'll try again.

    JCat- I hear ya about after work exercise. It's my fave but by the time I get the house tidied and kids to bed I'm wiped.

    MTig- How was the rainy day?

    Holy- Hugs to you

    Nix- get back soon!

    Today was okay. TOM is around the corner and I'm feeling it. Today was an exercise rest day; I'm doing the 30 day challege on wii; so it will be an early workout in the a.m.
  • good afternoon ladies. I hope everyone is doing good.

    Mindy, keep up the movin and you'll be a losin' He He He. Sorry I am very giddy for my weekend off!

    HolyT, Man the ideas of those bags keep poppin in my head. It will be so easy to have a good warm lunch pop in some broccolii, carrots, onion a little garlic, mmmmmm throw some chicken breast in there. MMM

    Nixie, crazy days are the norm for me.

    Grazer, man I need to get my wii fit out. I love the yoga and the strength training exercises on it.

    Today has been a great day (my friday so ofcourse it is great!) I have been perfectly on for food (even skipped my "its my friday need to stay up late, skinny carmel latte!) eating a salad for dinner tonight. and up for a workout in the morning. I am hoping to get up early to get to my class!

    OK gotta run my brain is running 5 miles right now. WHEW
  • Just sharing... watch out week ten!

    I did finish something I have been working on since last weekend. I made my self 5lb reward envelopes (actually made them, decorated, etc...I was aching to craft something!) and I printed out 12 pictures of reward stuff I want. The kicker - I let my boyfriend stuff them. I don't know what my prize will be each goal mark!!!!!! I'm so excited! Even turned down chili dogs to stay on task cuz I want in that 1st envelope!!!

    Go me! ***tooting of own horn and stoked because of it***
  • Nix - what a fabulous idea!!!

    Michelle - I'm so happy to hear that you've found yourself in a good situation. One day at a time, baby! You're gonna do GREAT, and we're all rooting for you!!

    HolyT - you are going to grieve this for a long time, and the best thing you can do is let yourself grieve. Don't try to stop, don't try to be strong... just let your emotions take their course. You will always - ALWAYS - miss him (I still choke up when I think about my Dusty-dog), but take hope in the fact that one day you will eventually heal enough to remember Captain with more smiles than tears.

    MTiger - GOOD LUCK at your race tomorrow!!!!!!

    Jeni - nice work staying OP in the face of temptation!

    And HOWDY-HO to the rest of you all!

    Sorry I've been incommunicado - had a busy week. Got a callback for my audition which I went to last night... I think I did well, but they're seeing two other girls tonight, so I'll have to wait and see. Also, I've lost another pound this week - w00t! I really hope I can keep that up! If all goes well, I will SURPASS my goal of 155 for July 4!

    I keep hearing everyone talk about the Wii Fit - what exactly do you do with it? Would it be worth it for me to drop the $$$ on one? I like video games well enough, and I have played my friend's Wii, but I'm insanely curious about the Fit and would love to hear your opinions about it.

    Okay - time for me to get my day started - will try to check in later!

    W: 62 oz
    E: 1300 calories
    E: Week 1, Day 3 of C25k - plus lower-body strength training
    D: Git 'er done!!!