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  • I wasn't going to do EA Sports today because I hit the gym for about an hour, but I'm feeling too guilty that I'm about to pop it in. Today I tested myself to see what my jogging abilities are. I can't run well yet, but I'll surely get there. I'm starting c25k this week! Do y'all have any opinions on running in place for the games vs. actually running? My calves seemed a lot sorer after running in place. It's frustrating that I can jog 11 minutes or so in wii fit, but not nearly that long when I'm moving.
  • Good Morning Ladies!

    All of you are doing an excellent job of staying on plan. I'm sure I'll get my gaming in today, but my main work out today is the treadmill. I try to alternate days with an hour cardio with My Fitness Coach and then walking on the treadmill. But I'm sure I can squeeze something in today. You ladies have a great day and keep up the good work.
  • I am totally in if you'll have me. I am doin wii fit every day and also an outdoor activity when its nice out. Today, I did (and I'll past from my other post)
    I couldn't find another thread for this. I would like to have a place to check in and monitor all my wii workouts. Please join also if you are using Wii Fit for your daily routine!

    Free Step 10 mins
    Free Run: 20 mins (used 2 3lb weights)

    hula hoop advanced 8min.
    Feel good! Was FUN and got all sweaty!

    It's raining so I prolly wont hit the bike trail like I usually do for a half hour.

    I am hoping the weather gets better tomorrow though. I already feeling guilty for my plan to over-do it tonight. My gfs and I are going to a CAKE concert and plan on havin some drinks, dinner, and a hubs-free, kid-free night

    I am doing a under 1200 cal plan with a focus on whole grains, veggies, lean meats, fruits and limiting dairy.

    How is everyone else doing?
  • Glad you made it over here Laurie. I guess you saw the link I sent you on the other post

    By the way.. What is a Cake Concert?
  • Day 17 of WiiFit
    Workout #5 on EA Sports Active

    Focused a lot on the yoga this morning since my back is still pretty sore, but tossed some jacknives in there before hitting up the hula hoops and advanced step.

    #5 on EA (setting Easy) lots of cardio boxing, alternating side lunges with toe touches, some arm work, and forward lunges with kick ups. Did much better with the running today, and managed to keep the stride thru most of the run.

    Got my trophy today for running 25 laps since I started the challenge

    <----me cursing at the screen while I was running.
  • Glad to see more folks joining. Welcome ladies!

    May 25 ~ Wii Fit [Aerobics & mini games] 40 minutes--Wii Sports [Boxing & Tennis] 30 minutes
    May 26 ~ 60 minutes w/My Fitness Coach
    May 27 ~ 45 minutes Wii Fit [Aerobics] & [Wii Sports Boxing]
  • Did the free run for 30 min. today! Thought I was gonna die by the time I was done.

    Any suggestions to keep up the motivation. I work out in the morning. With 3 kids a husband and a full time job this is the only quiet time I have. I hate waking up at 5 am to work out but I know I have to do it.

    So I do I keep motivated?
  • This thread should help keep you motivated!

    I'm taking today off and letting my body rest. It's also a rest day on the 30 day challenge. It looks like they preplan a rest day every three days, so you're really only working out 20 of the 30 days. Yesterday when I had to cheat on the knee lifts because my legs were popping when I lifted them all the way to 90 degrees...I don't want to cause any damage so I decided to skip those exercises. I hate cheating myself, but I know that's a lot better than causing actual damage.

    Tomorrow morning I'm going to jog/walk before class and then come home and do EA Sports in the evening. I might throw in a bit of wii fit if I'm not too exhausted.
  • I just got the wii, and bought the wii fit and EA Active with it :3
    I really enjoy these games so far, although I find that the Active gave me a run for my money and left my thighs so sore, lol.
    I've had DDR for a while, actually have 5 versions of the PS2, it's always been a favorite game of mine.
    Anywho, can't wait to post progress as I give the Wii fit and Active a try
  • Plexi, What DDR games do you have? For PS2 I have DDR Maxx2 and some random one I picked up for $10, but haven't played yet. My PS2 won't be hooked up until I move next week. I also have Hottest Party 2 for Wii. The Wii pad reads a lot better, but I don't enjoy the songs as much.
  • Talina: I have Max, Max 2, Extreme, Extreme 2 (My personal fave) and Supernova
  • Oh and as for PS2 DDR mats if you have a little extra cash try getting yourself a Red Octane brand mat. They read so much better, and they're very durable
  • I bought EA Active yesterday and did the first day of the 30 day challenge. Really enjoyed it, ended up doing 45mins instead of the projected 30 mins becuase I couldn't get it to recognise me doing squats and took forever trying to do them. Think I didn't have the strap in the right place.
  • Good Morning Ladies!

    When I go out today, I'm definitely picking up EA Active. I'm stoked about it really. Everyone just speaks so highly of it! Can't wait to get it home and try it out. Good luck to ladies today and remember to get that gaming in today.
  • I was really impressed with the resistance band workouts with EA Active, you can really feel it.