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leantoinette 05-12-2009 10:34 PM

Sexy by Labor Day 2009 Challenge!
Hi Ladies!

Labor Day is 17 weeks away...It is not too late to get into a bathing suit in 2009, and start the fall with a bang!:carrot:

My name is Madison and I'm getting serious about losing weight this summer.
I'm 26 years old, 5'0 feet and currently 140 pounds. My goals is to lose 35 pounds by labor day by using the Lindora diet plan and exercising.

This challenge is open to everyone!

1. Weigh-Ins will be on Mondays, with the final weigh in being Sept. 7th, 2009- Labor Day!

2. During the week, post what you are eating, exercising, and general thoughts and ideas! Any diet plans are welcome!

3. The first W.I for this challenge will be Monday, May 18th.

Good Luck!

leantoinette 05-12-2009 10:42 PM

Ok, so here is my totals for today:

Breakfast- WW Quesadilla (220)

Snack- 14 raw almonds (100)
5 bavarian pretzels (110)

Lunch- starbucks turkey sandwich (390)

Snack- reduced fat cheese, coffee (115)
fling bar (170)

Dinner- four pieces of chicken tenders (350)

Total: 1455 calories

Exercise- none

Ok total for today, I would have loved to work ou this evening but I have to study for an upcoming test. I will use the treadmill tommorow morning though. Have a good evening all!

Haney98 05-12-2009 10:51 PM

I am joining!
Ok so I am joining this! I am a mother of 4, I have been making myself take care of ME more since the beginning of the year. For the past 8 years I have taken care of everyone else except myself, so this year is my year!

I started out in January at 192 pounds, I am only 5'4 and I am inching up on 30 years old. I want to look and feel my best in my 30's!

I am currently at 167.5


:cheer2: My Goal is 130! :cheer2:

Keep you all updated, and look forward to getting to know everyone!


zoochick777 05-12-2009 11:13 PM

I'll join to..I seem to do much better when participating in challenges.

My name is Kasey..I'm 22 years old, 5'5", and 168 lbs. I started trying to lose weight at the end of February this year, and started out at 182. I have lost 14 lbs so far. My goal is to get to 145 by Labor Day. To do this I will be counting calories and exercising at least 7 hours a week. I have a lot more free time during the summer due to less school, so I'm ready to push myself as far as I can.

SW: 168
GW: 145

gatorgirl6 05-13-2009 12:05 PM

Id love to join this. My goal is 30 lbs by labor day. That is a bit of a stretch, but I like a challenge and I always do better when I push myself. My diet plan is eating healthy non-processed foods. If you can shoot it or grow it, you can eat it. I'm also including dairy. My father was just placed on a low carb low sugar diet by his doctor and the whole family is doing that as well to support him. I am going to enjoy lots of fruits, veggies, and lean meats. I plan on going to the gym 5 days a week. Currently I can only do the exercise bike because I am recovering from a broken leg. Yesterday I did 11.75 mi on the bike and today (at a higher resistance) I did 8.25 mi. I look forward to losing weight with you all!

To keep this in line with some of my other challenges I am going have my SW be from this past sunday.
CW: 177.6

scaleskl 05-13-2009 01:19 PM

I am so up for this challenge. I hope to loose 2lbs per week. That would be be about a 30lb loss. I am doing the fast smash diet and only eating acceptable foods for phase 1.

leantoinette 05-14-2009 02:09 AM

Hi Ladies!

Welcome to new members! I look forward to hitting our goals together on this challenge in the next few months!

Haney- Congrats on putting yourself on the list, as Oprah would say, lol. I thinks its awesome that you want to turn 30 health and happy. Look forward to your future posts!

Kasey- great job on the weight that you have already lost to date- 14 pounnds is amazing! Your food and exercise plan sound healthy and attainable. Keep up the good work!

Gatorgirl- Your goal for the challenge is attainable- it comes out to be about 30 pounds a week, and if you put in the effort, you can do it! The first weigh in is on Monday 18th, so don't worry- you haven't missed any w.i's yet. Great job on sticking with a diet with low processed foods- I think overall that is a great way to eat!

Scaleski- Congrats on setting your goal- 30 pounds till Labor Day! I've head a lot of positive things about the Fat Smash diet. Definately share how the program is working for you. Good luck and we are here rooting for you!

leantoinette 05-14-2009 02:13 AM

Ok, so here is my today: It was a bit hectic, but I practiced conscious eating and gravitated towards healther options. Did anyone else see the biggest loser on Tuesday night? What an inspiration! I know on that show they are working out 6-7 hours a day-- it makes me feel that I should def. be making my health a priority, and make a decision to exercise at least 1 hour each day :)

Total Calories In: 1440

Calories Out: 200 (2 miles on the treadmill after class)

Net Calories: 1240

zoochick777 05-14-2009 01:32 PM

Hey everyone, so far today is going good. I've eaten about 650 calories so far today. I exercised a good bit this morning, but not sure exactly how many calories it burned. I did a 55 min. workout DVD that is intervals of strength training and cardio. Then I went in the pool and jogged in there for about 20 minutes straight (occasionally switching directions since I was creating a whirlpool, so that added extra resistance), I also did some actual swimming. I would have stayed in longer, but I had to cut it short due to thunder/lightning. For the rest of today I'm gonna have a small snack at 3, then a small serving of white beans and rice for dinner. Hope everyone has a great day!

gatorgirl6 05-14-2009 07:17 PM

Well, I have been great all week, but it seems that I could have done better today. I am going to use the rest of the night to try to up my water consumption and Im going to head to the gym in about an hour. I had a salad with a little chicken for lunch, but then splurged at dinner and had a small salad and a small pizza. It tasted amazing, but its def not on my diet. I have been on track the rest of this week, so it shouldnt mess up too much, but Id rather I had chosen something better. They had an excellent salad at the place, I think I will just get that for my dinner next time and pass on the pizza. shoulda coulda woulda.

kpme 05-15-2009 09:36 AM

Room for one more?
Hi everyone, I've been scanning the various threads on this page to find a group to fall in with and you guys might be it! I'm just finished my first year of law school yesterday and though I've always been a bit heavy, I was a bit shocked when my doctor told me last week that I'd actually put on 12 more pounds since my appointment last year. Law school = A LOT of stress and A LOT of sitting while reading.

My goal is to lose 10% of my body weight by mid-september. No specific plans, just eating well, eating less, drinking less, and exercising more. I have been a semi-serious runner in the past and I hope to get back into it this summer. I've done South Beach in the past and intend to use their recipies, but I am not going to follow that plan per se. I don't want to have to obsess about any specific plan.

My goal will probably be around 18 pounds - I weighed 175 at the doctor's last week and am awaiting a new digital scale from amazon.com before I finalize my starting/goal weights. I'm 5' 2". Good luck to you all!

leantoinette 05-16-2009 12:39 AM

Hi Ladies!

Everyone is off to a great start. First, I have to say a big welcome to kpme! You will love our thread- everyone is super supportive, motivated, and ready to lose some serious pounds! Your ten percent goal is very doable and healthy. Weigh in is on Mondays and log back in to post your feeling, food intake, exercise, etc.

Kasey- great job on your exercise! A dvd and pool time? Awesome! Keep up the great work and healthy eating!

Gatorgirl- you are doing really well on your plan- the slipups will always be there, but your forgiving yourself and moving on- thats really important and thats how to lose weight for the longter. Great work!

I'm so lazy today, I am going to post my intake/outtake. Have a lovely lovely weekend and I look forward to our first weigh in on Monday!

Intake: 1425 calories
Outtake: 200 calories

Net: 1225 calories

gatorgirl6 05-17-2009 10:22 AM

kpme- There is always room for one more. I am so glad that you decided to join us. My sister just finished her second year in law school, so I understand what you are going through. I am surprised that people don't die or get committed for the amount of stress they put you through. Good luck and welcome!

kpme 05-17-2009 11:30 AM

Thanks for the welcome messages, I am glad to be here. Gator, I like how your profile has your goal weight as "healthy."

Been a good weekend of getting back in the swing of keeping track of calories in fitday and I'm off to go enroll in a summer membership at the gym now that our school membership has run. Looking forward to having access to gym classes again!

gatorgirl6 05-17-2009 11:44 PM

Well, I might need some extra support this week. I am on vacation at the beach with my family. We are eating out all the time and there is not too much chance for exercise. My ankle has been giving me more problems recently. It is swelling a lot. Also, I will be weighing in tomorrow with a scale from the resort. I dont know how similar the weight will be to my scale, but Ill be home in a week so it will all work out.

Any advice for how to lose while on vacation? How do you eat well while eating out?

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