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FullSteamAhead 05-01-2009 05:24 PM

Mcrunner, :welcome2: Nice to have you join us.

Cakeeeeeee, :lol: still laughing, lol...love ya chicky! :). Gor for it girl, once you go you will feel so good after. THe karma thingy worked out for us last month ;). I actually thought of that today and it lit a :flame: underneath me!

Jacqui, ty so much :hug:

Newshinyme, that is so great! :) wtg! :carrot::carrot: I felt much better too after and it countered this dismal weather and yucky feeling...so nice to have each other here. Anyhow, congrats on a good firs t day :). Regarding the minutes, I started Jan1 and I think my original goal was to walk 30 min. 3-5x a week but that was quick to change when, during my research, I discovered I would need to do more than that to keep my metabolism the same (I quit smoking Jan.1), the rest is history! :). I jsut kept with it and I owe my success to this thread and to our team here. I have to push myself a lot of the times to get going and your so right, it really does work and that is so neat! ;)

With all that being said, girls thanks! I wouldn't have done it today without you all and I may of even let my momentum slide so ty ty ty ty :hug: Now that the temps are seasonal again, I got on the wii. It felt good doing it again and a good day for it as it is raining out. Hope you all had a terrific day, talk soon. I will head over to our sister thread later on tonight. I have a hot date with DH in a bit.

5/1 -62 min. (45 min. wii aer., 17 min. u.b.s.t-upper bod strength training).

Jacqui_D 05-01-2009 05:35 PM

May Exercise Challenge List of Participants (so far!)
Exercise goals are in this list. Weight loss goals are in the sister thread--May Weight Loss Challenge. If anyone sees something that they'd like to have changed in their info, please just let me know! I'll continue to add new people as they join in. Good luck to all! You can do it!

FullSteamAhead: Complete 1200 minutes
Jacqui_D: Strength train three times a week; walk 30 min every day
CakeBatter: Run 44 miles; finish 5K race in under 36:00; do Push-up Challenge (thru wk 4); do 30 consecutive PU / EOMo; 20/20/20/20 (twice/wk)
Tammyjo: Exercise at least 4 times a week
Jacque9999: Stick with exercise program set up with workout buddy; make sure daughter starts (and sticks with) boot camp starting May 19th
Shrinkingleah: Train (gym) twice a week; walk one mile or eliptical 30-45 min three days a week
Rowenna: Keep up current exercise regimen
Hattie: Try to keep healing the nerve and start exercising again
BellaEllaEllAaa: Exercise everyday--cardio at least 30 min, weights and toning 3x a week
Mikayla: Strength train 3 days a week; exercise at least 60 min a day, 5 days a week
Getlost: Complete 30DS; exercise 30 min every day; walk whenever possible; try to buy exercise equipment
Lene1974: Exercise 800 minutes
Icandoallthings6613: Do 65 total miles, 40+ running; recommit to weight lifting and 100 push-up challenge; do 25 consecutive push-ups; run 2 10k's
Econ_nerd: Get some exercise in each and every day; be accountable in this thread
Adaem: Use the treadmill at least 3 times a week; use WII Fit at least 2 times a week
SuperChix: Breawna: Exercise for an hour every day; Jodi: Start exercising
Wifey: Go to the gym at least 3 times per week for a 60-minute workout for 720 total minutes; walk the dog everyday starting May 4 for 840 total minutes
StarryNights110: Strength train weekdays; ride 60 min on stationary bike everyday
Fressca: Do cardio 30 min 4x per week
Lewisempire: Complete 50 miles of walking/hiking/nordic track; do weight training for 20 min, 3 times a week
JasonsLea: Start the 100 Push-up and 200 Squats Challenge
Newshinyme: Work out at least 4 times a week for 30-45 min with a mix of cardio and strength training, for a total of 510 minutes
Skinnygurlinside: Start the Couch 2 5k program; keep using wii fit and kicking husband's butt!; (possibly start trying to use the firm workout dvd's)
Mcrunner: Exercise 4 days per week; work back up to 4 mile runs; do 2 weight workouts per week
MrsHomeStretch: Exercise at least 6 days a week
Delphi: Use treadmill for at least 30 min every other day
Canadianangel: Exercise 1 hour a day
Crazymamaof4: Do cardio daily; strength train at least 4 times a week
Scaleskl: Continue doing karate 2-3 times per week

Lewisempire 05-01-2009 05:42 PM

Hi girls, I couldn't be the only one not posting some exercise for May1- So I got up and did 2 slow miles on the nordic track! Thanks for the inspiration!
5/1 =2 miles nordic track!

econ nerd 05-01-2009 06:51 PM

I only got in a twenty minute walk today. It was better than nothing! I'll do more tomorrow. I updated my activity in my first post on page one

Jacqui_D 05-01-2009 08:18 PM

Lewis and Econ, good job, ladies!!! Way to start the month off right! Commitment is definitely the name of the game, and ANY exercise is better than no exercise! :running:

FullSteamAhead 05-01-2009 09:45 PM

hi girlssssssssssss, yayyyyyyyyyyyy :)

Lewisempire and econnerd, congratssssssssss on the workouts girls :) :carrot::carrot: I agree with Jacqui, oh it often I say I will go onthe wii or for a walk......if only for a few moments which usually spills into more. Anyways girls, wtg! my dear lewis, you were supposed to be taking it easy today and well....come here you :hug: ok girls, see you tomorrow, sleep well and let's get ready for our day tomorrow.

Delphi 05-01-2009 11:04 PM

I'm new but can I contribute as well? Would love to join! I have a goal of using my treadmill every other day for at least thirty minutes.

Jacqui_D 05-02-2009 10:53 AM

Absolutely Delphi, welcome! :) The more the merrier! I've added you to the list above! Good luck!

Jacque9999 05-02-2009 11:41 AM

I'm off to a GREAT start:

May 1st - Did full body circuit at gym...took an hour and a half. :exercise:
May 2nd - 1 hr of pilates, 20 min of Arc Trainer and 15 min of treadmill :tread:(pilates was the only thing on my original schedule)
May 3rd
May 4th
May 5th
May 6th
May 7th

May 8th
May 9th
May 10th
May 11th
May 12th
May 13th
May 14th

May 15th
May 16th
May 17th
May 18th
May 19th
May 20th
May 21th

May 22th
May 23th
May 24th
May 25th
May 26th
May 27th
May 28th

May 29th
May 30th
May 31th

Jacqui_D 05-02-2009 12:06 PM

FANTASTIC Jacque!! You ARE off to a great start! :carrot: Keep it up!!

Jacque9999 05-02-2009 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by Jacqui_D (Post 2724159)
FANTASTIC Jacque!! You ARE off to a great start! :carrot: Keep it up!!

Thank you!!!!


Jacqui_D 05-02-2009 03:02 PM

Okay, my exercise is in for day 2! I took a nice walk outside today. It was bright and sunny, but also cool, so it was perfect for walking!

May 1--Strength trained! Walked! May 2--Walked!

Delphi 05-02-2009 03:41 PM

Thanks for adding me ;)

May 2--30 minutes on the treadmill and walked over a mile. Ya!!! :D

Jacqui_D 05-02-2009 07:37 PM

Delphi, way to get your exercise in!! :spin: Good job on going over a mile!! :cp:

Edited to Add: I just read your blog! Good for you blogging!! You sound like me. I am not a cook! You must buy some Ziploc Zip 'n' Steam bags! I can put four oz of salmon, sprinkled with a little lemon juice and garlic powder, and microwave it in one of those bags for three minutes and then fill a bag with fresh veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, summer squash, etc., and maybe a teaspoon of Smart Balance butter and microwave it for four minutes, and in 7 minutes time, I have a wonderfully healthy meal! :hungry: Those steamer bags are the best invention ever!!! They even have a guide on the side of the bags telling how long to microwave different foods! I love them!!

lene1974 05-02-2009 08:12 PM

Jacqui, I could kiss you right now. I've heard of those Zip and Steam bags but never knew what the big deal was. Your ideas are going to make my dinner prep this week so easy. Thank you, Thank you!

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