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Lewisempire 05-14-2009 12:12 PM

5/1 =2 miles nordic track!
5/2- lower body w.o. (1of 3)
5/3- 1 mile walking
5/4- 3.6 miles on Nordic track and upper body wts (2 of 3)
5/5- mostly house work
5/6- 3miles walking
5/7 1 mile walking upper boddy weights (3 of 3)
Total week #1--- 10.6 miles and 3 days wt training!

Week #2
5/8- 2.6 miles nordic track- (45 min)
5/9- 3.2 miles nordic track (45 min ( HIT) 1 mile walk with pup!
5/10 - 4 miles nordic track (57 min (HIT) 3 miles walk with pup, weed garden, UB weights 1 of 3
5/11 3.9 miles NT, 3 mile walk with pup, and shopping???
5/12 2.2 miles walking
5/13 3.3 miles Nordic track RRROOOAAARRR!!!! (that was for you Delphi! LOL)
5/14 4.0 miles walking+ 2of3 upper body weights

I am so glad you girls helped get me moving yesterday. Now I am in striking distance of my mileage goal this month. I am hoping to hit goal before I set sail next week. although, I have planned to pack my workout gear to take advantage of their gym!!!!!

FullSteamAhead 05-14-2009 12:19 PM

Hi girls, a big :hug: to you all. Your all doing great. OMG, I'm lazy today (havn't slept that much past few days) and was thinking to take a day off, how the heck can I now? :lol: Your all so inspiring and I love it! It's cloudy today so it's a good day for the wii. I'll try and get some in.

Regarding the biggest Loser show, I havn't been watching it this round (though I love that show). Suprising about the mom and daughter. There was a pic of a woman on msn homepage yesterday, 48 and she lost over 100 lbs. Oh she looked fantasticcccccc !

The interval training or changing speeds on the treadmill (every single one of my mags had that sort of training on the treadmill). Like our Terapet said, I guess it blasts more calories and keeps the bod guessing. It's okay if you don't run. All the charts I saw suggessted (every few minutes following a warm up first) the hardest pace as being one that felt like you really had to push (or running if thats your thing, or speed walking as fast as you can manage). When I was doing the treadmill, I would change it up every few minutes....sometimes not though. I walk outdoors at even pace though it is suggested to change paces so it's something I should think about. THanks ladiesssssssssssss :)

MsP - I thought you were just real busy and could not post, gee girl! Well it does sound like you have been busy over there gardening, awesome exercise and by the sounds of it I bet the garden is looking divine :). Anyways, you have been doing terrific.....remember we are always here for you chicky.

Well, I should post my minutes and get a move on. Oh god, I don't feel like it! lol. I'm being a whiner today! Going to get in gear and get on the wii and I owe it completely to you gals, beleive me! Thanks girls, let's keep on tucking' :carrot::carrot::carrot: 5/1 -62 min. (45 min. wii aer., 17 min. u.b.s.t-upper bod strength training).

5/2 -20 min. walk
5/3 -20 min. wii aer.
5/4 -75 min. ( 45 min. walk, 30 min. wii aer.)
5/5 -40 min. (20 min. wii aer., 20 min. u.b.s.t) many hrs. spring cleaning.
5/6 -40 min. (walk, out w/DH)
5/7 -45 min. (wii aer.)
Total: 302 minutes

5/8 -30 min. walk
5/9 -took day off
5/10 -55 min. (35 min. wii aer., 20 min. u.b.s.t)
5/11 -35 min. walk
5/12 -45 min. walk
5/13 -48 min. (30 min. walk, 18 min. u.b.s.t)

FullSteamAhead 05-14-2009 12:20 PM

LewisEMpireeeeeeeee, wtg girl! :) :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot:

Jacqui_D 05-14-2009 12:43 PM

May Exercise Challenge List of Participants (so far!)
Exercise goals are in this list. Weight loss goals are in the sister thread--May Weight Loss Challenge. If anyone sees something that they'd like to have changed in their info, please just let me know! I'll continue to add new people as they join in. Good luck to all! You can do it!

FullSteamAhead: Complete 1200 minutes
Jacqui_D: Strength train three times a week; walk 30 min every day
CakeBatter: Run 44 miles; finish 5K race in under 36:00; do Push-up Challenge (thru wk 4); do 30 consecutive PU / EOMo; 20/20/20/20 (twice/wk)
Tammyjo: Exercise at least 4 times a week
Jacque9999: Stick with exercise program set up with workout buddy; make sure daughter starts (and sticks with) boot camp starting May 19th
Shrinkingleah: Train (gym) twice a week; walk one mile or eliptical 30-45 min three days a week
Rowenna: Keep up current exercise regimen
Hattie: Try to keep healing the nerve and start exercising again
BellaEllaEllAaa: Exercise everyday--cardio at least 30 min, weights and toning 3x a week
Mikayla: Strength train 3 days a week; exercise at least 60 min a day, 5 days a week
Getlost: Complete 30DS; exercise 30 min every day; walk whenever possible; try to buy exercise equipment
Lene1974: Exercise 800 minutes
Icandoallthings6613: Do 65 total miles, 40+ running; recommit to weight lifting and 100 push-up challenge; do 25 consecutive push-ups; run 2 10k's
Econ_nerd: Get some exercise in each and every day; be accountable in this thread
Adaem: Use the treadmill at least 3 times a week; use WII Fit at least 2 times a week
SuperChix: Breawna: Exercise for an hour every day; Jodi: Start exercising
Wifey: Go to the gym at least 3 times per week for a 60-minute workout for 720 total minutes; walk the dog everyday starting May 4 for 840 total minutes
StarryNights110: Strength train weekdays; ride 60 min on stationary bike everyday
Fressca: Do cardio 30 min 4x per week
Lewisempire: Complete 50 miles of walking/hiking/nordic track; do weight training for 20 min, 3 times a week
JasonsLea: Start the 100 Push-up and 200 Squats Challenge
Newshinyme: Work out at least 4 times a week for 30-45 min with a mix of cardio and strength training, for a total of 510 minutes
Skinnygurlinside: Start the Couch 2 5k program; keep using wii fit and kicking husband's butt!; (possibly start trying to use the firm workout dvd's)
Mcrunner: Exercise 4 days per week; work back up to 4 mile runs; do 2 weight workouts per week
MrsHomeStretch: Exercise at least 6 days a week
Delphi: Use treadmill for at least 30 min every other day
Canadianangel: Exercise 1 hour a day
Crazymamaof4: Do cardio daily; strength train at least 3 times a week
Scaleskl: Continue doing karate 2-3 times per week
Fenderella: Exercise at least 3 times every week
Colebear: Start Power 90 and complete workouts 6 days a week; attend company fitness classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Sotypical: Exercise regularly
Iliketalldorks: Walk Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in prep for C25K; do abs and/or leg work on Tuesdays and Thursdays; walk leisurely on Saturdays (Sundays optional)
Terapet: Complete 1800 minutes
E.mccoy: Walk for 30 minutes after dinner
Strawberryeyes: Do 30 min of exercise daily
Ms_Perception: Exercise 6 days per week
Jayagoddess: Exercise regularly

Jacque9999 05-14-2009 02:28 PM

This week:

May 8th - Full Body workout - in gym for 1 hour
May 9th - 40 minutes pilates on machine with new higher level dvd
May 10th - Day Off, although I did do about 100 sit-ups
May 11th - 30 min - Arc Trainer, 15 min - Treadmill, 1 hour pilates
May 12th - 10 min Arc Trainer, 35 minutes weight training, 15 bike
May 13th - Finally 40 min - Arc Trainer, 10 min - Treadmill, 1 hour pilates:carrot:
May 14th - 10 minutes Arc Trainer, 35 min weight training, 25 min bike

Boot Camp just days away...tomorrow is our "Last Chance Workout" before BC. Gonna make it a good one!!!

Newshinyme 05-14-2009 06:47 PM

I've still to work out for today and I took a day off yesterday. But I am putting this down to you all that I will have worked out before I go to sleep tonight :D. Will post my minutes later!

Newshinyme 05-14-2009 08:50 PM

I got off my butt and worked out.. Yay! It's certainly getting easier for me to get motivated to do it and I am hoping this will be a routine for me again.

May 1-10: Exercise days: 5 Exercise minutes: 185
Week of May 11 - 17:
May 11: W.L. Yoga 30 min. + Wii Fit Aerobics 25 min = 55 min.
May 12: Free step 30 min + Stability Ball 15 min. = 45 min.
May 13: Off
May 14: Wii fit aerobics, strength and yoga = 50 min.

TERAPET 05-14-2009 09:35 PM

Way to go Newshineyme!

May 1st -0
May 2nd-75 minutes step class
May 3rd-75 minutes step class
May 4th-60 min class; 60 min Yoga class
May 5th-60 min body sculpt class
May 6th-60 min Zumba; 60 min Yoga
May 7th-60 min step class

May 8th-30 mins treadmill (4.4)
May 9th-75 mins step class
May 10th-75 mins step class
May 11th-60 mins step; 60 min Yoga
May 12th-60 mins body sculpt class
May 13th-60 mins Zumba; 60 mins Yoga
May 14th-60 mins step

FullSteamAhead 05-14-2009 11:36 PM

Hi girls, wtg on the workouts! Newshinyme, thats great! :) me too! It took me a while to finally do it and was real happy after I got it in. I got in a half hour of wii aerobics. I'll post my minutes tomorrow after my workout . Night girls.

Delphi 05-15-2009 07:15 AM

Everyone is doing so good with getting their workouts in. You ladies motivate me and make me proud! :)

Daily progress is as follows:

May 2--30 minutes on the treadmill and walked over a mile. Ya!!!
May 3--10 minute power walk on the treadmill and about an hour of playing Lips (which essentially is karaoke and lots of dancing)
May 4--20 minutes on the treadmill and weight training
May 5--30 minutes uphill on the treadmill [weight training 20 reps each]
May 6--30 minutes on the treadmill [20 reps w/magic circle] [weight training-triceps]
May 7--30 minutes uphill on the treadmill

End of Week 1

May 8--Scheduled day off
May 9--30 minutes on treadmill [20 minutes Wii Fit] [45 minutes Wii Tennis]
May 10--31 minutes uphill on treadmill [45 minutes Wii Tennis] [Weight training-20 reps each]
May 11--35 minutes on treadmill w/3lb hand weights [My Fitness Coach (Wii) Cardio--30 minutes] [30 minutes Wii Tennis]
May 12--40 minutes on treadmill
May 13--33 minutes uphill on treadmill [30 minutes My Fitness Coach Flexibility]
May 14--31 minutes on treadmill w/weights
May 15--35 minutes on treadmill; mix of hills with this routine

Newshinyme 05-15-2009 04:07 PM

Thank you everyone! I am doing good because you guys inspire me :D. It's like having cheerleaders by my side :cheer: You are all doing great as well :carrot:

May 1-10: Exercise days: 5 Exercise minutes: 185
Week of May 11 - 17:
May 11: W.L. Yoga 30 min. + Wii Fit Aerobics 25 min = 55 min.
May 12: Free step 30 min + Stability Ball 15 min. = 45 min.
May 13: Off
May 14: Wii fit aerobics, strength and yoga = 50 min.
May 15: Wii aerobics 45 min + Ball 10 min = 55 min.

FullSteamAhead 05-15-2009 04:31 PM

Hi chickies, let's kee p it going! :carrot::carrot::carrot: We indeed do inspire each other here, we got a good t hing going girls...let's keep it going and once again happy weekend :).

I'm going to try to pick it up a bit the remainder of the month...only because June will be tough for me..but more on that later. THanks again girls for being here and all the inspiration and support. Let's keep kicking it :) :carrot::carrot::carrot:

5/2 -20 min. walk
5/3 -20 min. wii aer.
5/4 -75 min. ( 45 min. walk, 30 min. wii aer.)
5/5 -40 min. (20 min. wii aer., 20 min. u.b.s.t) many hrs. spring cleaning.
5/6 -40 min. (walk, out w/DH)
5/7 -45 min. (wii aer.)
Total: 302 minutes

5/8 -30 min. walk
5/9 -took day off
5/10 -55 min. (35 min. wii aer., 20 min. u.b.s.t)
5/11 -35 min. walk
5/12 -45 min. walk
5/13 -48 min. (30 min. walk, 18 min. u.b.s.t)
5/14 -30 min. walk
Total: 238 minutes

5/15 -90 min. (walk, outdoors)

Jacqui_D 05-15-2009 07:05 PM

Hi ladies! Look at y'all go!!! Woohoo!! This morning during strength training, I upped the weight on a couple of my machines again! I'm now up to 110 lbs on a couple of the leg machines (and two days ago my pathetic little 10 lbs on the one chest machine moved up to 15 lbs, lol)! I tried to push some of the other machines too, but my body wasn't ready for it yet. I think I'm at my limit on some of the arm machines, not because of my muscles but because of my joints! But I'll keep testing them from time to time!

Yay! Another new week of May!! I hope everyone is fired up for it!!:woohoo:

May 1--Strength trained! Walked! May 2--Walked! May 3--Walked! May 4--Strength trained! Walked! May 5--Walked! May 6--Walked! May 7--Strength trained! Walked! WEEK 1--ALL EXERCISE IN! May 8--Walked! May 9--Strength trained! Walked! May 10--Walked! May 11--Strength trained! Walked! May 12--Walked! May 13--Strength trained! Walked! May 14--Walked! WEEK 2--ALL EXERCISE IN! May 15--Strength trained! Walked!

Lewisempire 05-15-2009 10:00 PM

Hi girls! just wanted to check in..... I went marathon shopping today. I found some great deals, did a lot of walking, but nothing i am considering exercise. I am planning to get up tomorrow, and get back at it. I will say, I am proud of myself for the amount of miles i got this week (26.9:o). We all did Exetremely well this week. I am going to exercise both days this weekend (just wanted to put it in writing so I will be committed.) Keep up the hard work girls, see you all in the other thread.

icandoallthings6613 05-16-2009 12:44 AM

Hello ladies!!

I haven't checked in in ages...my life is so hectic. I finished school (yay!!), gave a presentation at a conference about my thesis, wrapped up hiring season at my job, and then headed to the beach with my friends for a week of celebrations and fun. Now I've got a great tan, a new dress (size 10! smallest I've ever worn) and some new shoes and I'm graduating on Sunday morning! I'm very excited...maybe I'll upload a photo or two when I'm done.

Now, in the midst of this craziness, I have to admit that I haven't gotten in all the exercise I'd like. But I have done a good job of exercising when I can...I went running and walking a lot at the beach, and I've gotten back into my weight routine (though I'll have to find a new, non-school, i.e. no longer free, gym when I get home). I read through all of your posts and I'm so impressed with you ladies and your progress and accountability! You rock!!

I'll try to keep up, despite the business of my upcoming crosscountry move back home, and my sister's graduation and friends weddings. Wow. What a busy month May is!!

I've kept a rough estimate of my mileage since I last posted, and I'm confident I've gotten in 20+ miles. I'm going to stop distinguishing running and walking miles, but I'm still aiming at getting a 10k or 2 in...I've come close.

Total miles: 30. Left: 35. I'll do my best!
And I'll be back posting more regularly as soon as my life settles down a bit : ) Keep up the great work, all of you! xoxo

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