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JasonsLea 04-27-2009 03:21 AM

W.O.W. Declaration of THINdependence ~ Week 3!
:wave: girls!

Just wanted to post the new thread before going to bed!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


mothermavis 04-27-2009 06:14 AM

:fr: Happy Monday, already...

I am not ready for this. I am tired and cranky and I want to stay in bed. Oh well, got to get moving. Had a good weekend, ate really well, exercised and woke up bloated anyway. Need to drink a ton of water today to combat the TOM issues. To make today a better day, here's what I am smoking today
W 100 minimum, need to get it all down, I have sausage fingers this morning
E Crunches and a walk at lunch, another walk/run when I get home.
E OP, Perfectly
D De-combust, feel like I could explode.

Nixmom 04-27-2009 10:15 AM

Dang Nabbit!
Okay girls... remember the post from me about 2 weeks ago EARNING my INDEPENDENCE one letter at a time? Well.. I should be earning my first "D" and I don't even have my "I" or my "N" yet. But I am not going to let that get me in a funk.... (however MMAVIS you could add me to the "didn't get out of bed like I shoulda" club today) :(

Here is my plan AGAIN!!!!

I= I love water (drink it all!)
N= Novice C25K(Start it again)
D= Dust off the box (open my Wii Fit finally)

E= Exercise those Abs
P= Push Up Challenge
E= Extra 30 Minutes of Workout
N= Not the squat!! (Add squats to routine)
D= Down time for the mind (schedule quiet time)
E= Extra Mile (add one)
N= Not My Style (Switch up the Workout DVD)
C= Change your mind (schedule quiet time)
E= Enter a 5k

The top three are all going to be earned this week, and kept in play through the rest of this challenge. This poor me I'm stressed gotta eat every thing in site crap has got to stop. Okay... so off to work. Got my water going already. Look out skinny pants!

Somebody's gotta get a mini challenge going. COME ON! Ideas????

ladynredd 04-27-2009 12:11 PM

It's the start of another week and I have already accomplished my most important task for the day: walking 4 miles with Leslie S. It was the first time I've gone that distance. Just 7 weeks ago I was huffing and puffing at the one-mile mark; now I'm just starting to break a sweat at the one-mile finish. I'm glad that I can see some progress. Also went swimming yesterday for 45 minutes. I'm starting to intersperse a few laps of side stroke with my "bicycling" to get the heart rate higher. I was very upset, though, when I went to use the spa after my swim and found the water there colder than in the pool! It's supposed to be 105 degrees; some idiot turned it down. DH is calling the office today to complain and so is a friend of his mother's who was there at the same time. Many people here in this over-55 community depend on that spa to help with arthritis, etc.

Stayed OP yesterday with regard to food; didn't quite meet my goal as far as water so I'm focusing more on that today.

Hope everyone has a super day!

Donna D., Hemet, CA

JAYAGODDESS 04-27-2009 03:43 PM

Good Mooorrnnn- ohhhhhh I mean Afternoon Everyone:grouphug:

For starters where is Hemet? I live in Morgan Hill California. How was everyone's weekend? I played the wii sports game that comes with the wii when you first buy it. My son who is going to be 18 years old, and my daughter....it was fun....oh and Friday night I went to the movies with my mom, sister, and my daughter to see the movie 17 again...very cute movie. I ate popcorn.....WITH ...butter...but I got a big water instead of a soda...to wash all salt down after eating all the popcorn...hahahahha...lol...

Today so far I have had my trail mix....yummy....and for lunch I had spinach salad with tomatoes, lettuce, some dressing....and salmon. I did have my (1) soda today..in the morning PEPSI. So, now I cant have anymore until tomorrow so I am going to go get myself a glass of water.

I have school tonight so, I will be walking tomorrow. I forgot my gym bag, and my co-worker yelled at me...hahahah..she said you better bring it tomorrow.....

I am at work right now full on my salad and I need to get back to work I will check to see how everyone is doing in a bit....


mtiger 04-27-2009 07:05 PM

Yesterday was busy. I worked on the chicken coop for 1.5 hours. Worked in the garden another hour and did a 3 mile walk/jog. The scale rewarded my efforts today. I am 1 pound from my lowest. TOM is in about a week so I hope I can get a little lower yet.

Well the cuts hit today. With union stuff and seniority and all, it gets tricky. Basically I missed being booted from our building by 1 person. My best friend is displaced from her position and out of our building. What will I do?? Our district is run by idiots and we are hoping they still make some changes before this becomes final.

Every year they displace people, then layoff people. The displaced people take the laid off peoples positions. Then in the fall they realize we need more teachers and bring back the layed off people, but now everyone has been jostled around. They are stupid.

MM- I'll have a dose of what you're having.

Nix- Better start earning those letters. Man, how can you have a Wii in the box. I would have busted that thing out the second I got it. C'mon.

Lady- Things do tend to get much easier after a while. The first time I tried a wall squat or a plank, I thought I would die. Now, it's pretty easy. Good for you on the 4 miles.

Jaya- Movie popcorn?? Yum!!!

Grazer 04-27-2009 07:23 PM

JL- Thanks for getting us started

MM- PMS sucks

Nix- I'm off to a slow start this challenge too. Then again, I've been slowed down for about a year now. Let's rev it up!

Lady- Love Leslie S. I used to do her workouts a lot.

Jaya- Great job on the soda this weekend!

MTig- WTG on the loss!

I ate well today but no exercise since last week. Still feeling a bit of the sinus thing; well now it's the chest congestion, and feeling dragged out.

jcatron243 04-27-2009 09:28 PM

HI everyone! Well this weekend wasn't too bad. Actually workwise it was good. Eating wise was really good, water was excellent. Tomorrow I need to get back to working out so that is my big goal for the week. I am only going to put in 30 minutes, but I will get back into the swing of things.

mothermavis 04-28-2009 06:25 AM

I am showing a 3 pound gain today, TOM sucks. There is no way in HE!! that I gained 3 pounds yesterday. I am not impressed, sorry, can you tell? OK, deep breath. Today is a new day. I get to spend the rest of this week with the auditors for work. That should be swell too....

Jeni, glad you had a great weekend.

Mindy, our school just did the same thing, it's getting scary. But our teachers who were cut were basically pushed out. Not into another area but gone. We eliminated several programs too. I am glad my kids are almost done, selfish I know, but the economy here is horrible.

Jaya & Lady, awesome job you ladies are doing.

Kris, come on, I'll push you if you push me.

mini challenge - I am getting off the computer and going to crunch and push up in a minute. Reviving an old challenge, I challenge the person below me to do 15 knee push ups in addition to whatever you were planning! Let's go ladies.

W 100
E 75 crunches, 15 push-ups and a long lunch walk
D Boo, hiss, pull your head out of there and move forward!!

jcatron243 04-28-2009 10:18 AM

Hi guys. I woke up with such energy today! I am ready for my workout!! I'm not sure if I have to wait until tonight though, Tommy woke up with a cough and the childcare center won't take kids who have any signs of illness. (that is a good thing). Maybe I will just pull out my Wii fit or turn on Fit TV and workout.

W 80 oz
E 30 minutes
E 1500 cals
D housework. Get to the gym, or at least do a good workout at home.

FABlynne 04-28-2009 05:25 PM

Hello ladies!

I have been in laptop ****!!!! Everytime I have tried to access this site, my browser kicks me out!! I know I have missed soooo much! I'm posting from work in between tons paper work!!! I haven't gotten a chance to check on the thread, but I will and send personals later!!

I hope everyone is doing well!!! I just want to send a few words of encouragement before signing off: Stay positive, believe in yourself and your body! Remember we control our bodies, they do not control us!!! Our goals are there at the end of the road, waiting for us to come catch them!!!

P.S. Vacay update: My friends and I are headed to Laughlin, Nevada for a 3 day beach party at a resort located along the Colorado River and time is ticking. I am getting more nervous by the day!!!! It will be 3 days in a bathing suit!!!! OMG!! If I don't see 155 atleast by then, I don't know what I am going to do!

Okay I have to get back to work!! Have a fit and FABulous day!!!

JasonsLea 04-28-2009 10:36 PM

:wave: girls.

I start moving tomorrow. :) I'm ready to get it over and done with. I'm thisclose to getting a new computer, I just need to get someone literate on the canteen phone line. :dz: Question: what gives people the impression that they can treat people in 'lesser' positions like crap? Oh, I'm sorry that I haven't latched on to a guy with a pension and popped out some kids. Would you like for me to kiss your feet? I realize that since I work in food service, I must not be very intelligent, therefore I shall defer to you even though you haven't worked food service....ever. Happy, asshat? :rolleyes: And I hope that the VA police knows CPR because the next time they decide to have a fire drill and force me into a closed off hallway behind closed double doors, I can't guarantee that I will be concious once it's over. :faint: Suffocating is no fun.

mtiger 04-28-2009 10:41 PM

It's late but wanted to pop in and say hi. I am still just doing my thing. TOM is getting close so things get a little wonky. We'll see.

Catch up later.

Nixmom 04-29-2009 12:13 AM

Hi girls! Quick post for me too.... watching TBL and trying to decompress after a long day.

FAB - BF and I LOVE Laughlin... where are you staying? Harrahs? we usually stay at the Belle or the Edgewater. You will have a blast!!!! We go about 4x a year... LOVE IT!!! Play some Super Jackpot Party for me!!!!

Mtig... The TOM cometh here too... my appetite is out of control. My weight is not budging and last step on scale was back at 205.

Jen - yay for energy... I actually stopped in to find the pushup challenge again - thinking maybe I had to fake the energy until it returns....

Mavie - I am taking your "the person under me challenge" even though I was not the post under you!

Jlea - don't let them even begin to have the power to determine your worth. We know your precious! Good look on move day.

Grazer - stepping on the gas chick... come on... one lb at a time, one minute at a time. I commit to putting in 30 minutes tomorrow. You with me?

Be good girls.

FABlynne 04-29-2009 12:35 AM

Jlea: Don't let the negative energy in! There are people out there that feed on pulling others down, don't give them the satisfaction. The best way to get back at them is to be the best and wonderful You that You can be!

Nix:: I'm staying at the Avi. Have you heard of it? I'm excited and nervous all at once!! LOL

I took a rest and repair day from the gym and I don't feel to good. I always feel my best when I have worked out. Not only that, my dinner was off the eating plan that I am following, so not feeling good at all tonight. I am watching Biggest Loser as I post and I am totally amazed by this group of strong people! I am in awe of them! I know I will have a better day tomorrow, because everyone knows, we have to take this one day at a time.

Good night ladies.

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