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Hi, Just popping in to wish you big losses! I'm going to sit this one out.
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I would love to join the challege. I am in a challenge that ends in 4 weeks and I do not believe I am going to meet my goal.

W- weigh in weekly and keep the weight off
E- eat on plan everyday
E- exercise at least 5 days a week
D-Do it!! Just Do it!!!
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We will miss you Thin! Pop in and let us know how you are doing!

Hi Amy! Welcome to the group. 6 kids? wow! how old are they?

As I said I am popping in after my workout. I was bummed out because the treadmills were not available when I got there. Then I realized when I finally got on it that I forgot to put my sports bra on. and since the bra I did wear , um, lets the ladies out when I do run I decided to walk instead. I got in 30 on the elliptical and 15 on the tread. Later today I will do ab lounge, weights and maybe some more walking. If DH is home we may walk to pick Mak up from school.
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Angry Seriously PEEVED!

I swear, I don't know if I am just destined to never get healthy or what. You all remember my little ankle twist and then 2 days later my tail bone contusion.... well....

today leaving my house after lunch to go back to work I caught my heel of my shoe on this welcome mat thing and fell down 4 steps onto the concrete, twisted that SAME FREAKIN ANKLE AGAIN . It had JUST stopped bothering me 3 days ago. Currently in bed and seriously considering just cutting off that foot. WTH? Can't I Pah-lease get to kick some booty just for one stinking challenge. So not happy right now. I just layed on the ground crying for a minute, so frustrated that I had hurt myself again. BF's comment... If you didn't want to try out spin class tonight, all you had to do was say so. Urgh.... okay... boohooing is over. Gotta go change out my ice pack.
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Hey Nix, nice to see a few familiar faces here I'm sorry to hear about your injuries, sounds liek you having a rough time you should do situps and exercise in a chair, or something, but when your body is needing repair you have to take onboard higher calories, which kinda sucks as you cant burn them off so easily, (I'm training to be a veterinary nutritionalist) hehe

Just checking in, will post properly tomorrow, I started my journal today, and drinking water.

I feel quite Dehydrated today so gonna have another couple of glasses before I go to bed.

Hope everyone is well


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Nix- another injury? That's terrible. Sending healing vibes your way.

MTig- You look awesome. What an inspiration you are!

JCat- I agree I need to at least pop in to say hi daily.

Thin- Hope you get back to us soon!

Welcome newbies!

Well, I am just a ball of flab. I'm up about #3 since the beginning of last challenge. I am on an Easter Egg frenzy that started last Thursday and I am finding more excuses to laze around than exercise. Part of me wants to give up. I need to get interested again. Last night I felt motivated by the new challenge and today I ate choco to the extreme, again! Worse than that, I put on my exercise clothes and then talked myself out of doing a single thing! SOS!!SOS!!SOS!!
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hi everyone! i'm definitely in for this challenge--hopefully going to be more 'present' than i have been the last couple weeks. i miss your motivation!

i've been stuck at 158. stuck. but it's okay...i'm working out, eating right, getting my water in. i could give lots of excuses but really, that wouldn't help. all i have is tomorrow and the decisions i make then.

looking forward to catching up with everyone soon...probably not til next week (i'm visiting family out in nyc) but i want to let everyone know i'm still out here!

since i'm on vacation, working out is, well, out. and of course we're eating out i just need to be careful. this is one time i won't mind being stuck at 158--as long as i stay there!

personals to come...
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Nothing new over here. Off Wed and Thursday. Probably will try to pack some stuff up and do some paperwork. Really wish I could make it to the gym but the hassle... Hopefully it'll be easier once I move. I'll only need to take one bus to get from my new place to the gym.

Kosh, Jaya, Lynne, and Amy!

Michelle ~ For some reason, I've been wanting to go bowling and shoot pool for the last couple of weeks!

WB Grazer!

Mindy ~ It's a work at home job but I will still have set hours, like a regular job. It's basically a call center job at home.

Jeni ~ I remember about your sister. I wonder how she's going to explain to her children why she left like that.

Thin ~ Hope you come back soon!

Nix ~ Sorry sweetie. Hopefully it isn't that bad and you'll be healed up in no time!

E ~ I hope you're enjoying your vaca!
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Okay Ladies. What can I do to help? Some people like a good butt kicking, other people like a gentle nudge. I would love to send some of my inspiration your way. I am determined to get to the weight I want and will do anything to get there. I don't go over my calories and I work out "almost: everyday. It is the only way this will work for me. I have changed my life and my lifestyle.

One thing I have learned is that your head needs to be in the right place. It requires commitment, 100%. Not that I don't get lax sometimes, but I never give up. I try to be on plan as much as physically possible.

I am sending good vibes and inspiration to all of you. You can all do it. I have tasted the 180's and have no desire to go back. It is onward and upward for me. The 170's better look out because I am gunning for them next.
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Hey, I'm definitely in on this one. I'm just starting out; first real challenge and I got a lot to lose So I'd like to lose 30lbs by July 4th. Good Luck to all!

W- 128 oz. a day.
E- eat less!
E- exercise at least 3 times a week, and get running again.
D- keep trying everyday.
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Hello Wonderful Ladies!

Just wanted to check in really quick (busy day at work). I did really well yesterday with sticking with my food plan. I had a very refreshing workout after work and for some crazy reason I have lost 3 pounds already! I'm so excited! I hope all is well with everyone, I haven't had a chance to catch up on the thread. I will get to reading this evening to see how everyone is doing.

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FAB - Yahoozie on the 3 lbs! Way to go... or Weigh to go....

Mtiggie - I need 2 butt kickings, a nudge, and a side of pay-attention-to-what-you're-doing. The Obesity Trolls grab my ankles and trip me just when I'm ready to jump back on the wagon. Jerks.

E32 -so good to see you! Enjoy NYC! Then get ready to bust some booty!

Klee - Welcome, welcome.... glad you've joined up!

So, yes, ladies, yes. ANOTHER freaking injury. But I iced it and Ibuprofened it to death and, strangely, I feel like maybe the fall undid the poor healing of the last ankle roll? possibly allowing it to heal right this time? I don't know.. maybe I'm losing it or willing it to correct itself. But it doesn't feel to bad today! Not gonna push my good fortune. Have a Havasu weekend this weekend. Just gonna take it easy, do some sit ups, push ups, and push aways (from the table ) and start training myself to have will power outside of my house.

Hope you all are having a good night. I have to go pack!
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Good morning! I don't have much time, but wanted to let everyone know that I've been chatting with HolyT, Amy on myspace and sent her a link to this thread, but she's having trouble with the website. But she will b back SOON.

Gotta get Robert to school. xo michelle
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Ok apparently 3fc has issues with the pop up blockers (i'm guessing) on my laptop. Fortunately I can access from the desktop (which I hadn't thought of til yesterday....DUH) so I am here. I'll work on getting the page worked out with my laptop since I live on that one.

Hi, I'm Amy, 34 now....recently gradumated with my edumacation.....working to lose inches since I am fighting with the scale. On day 4 of eating well so far.

Ok big shocker.....

I'm getting lasik done tomorrow!!!!!! Also, I joined marykay and am starting my own little MK business. Better than sitting and doing nothin while being miserable about the job market

July 4 is the date for this one? I can do *something* useful by then I hope. I'm currently trying to follow a plan of eating more protein, two fruits a day, and no carbs (or low/less starchy carbs) after 3. Haven't exercised this week, but with walking back and forth to the pharmacy on base to deal with their stupidity problems (they can't understand that the doc wants ONE bottle of antibiotic eyedrops prescribed) I'm a little sore. I walked with a big, in a hurry type stride yesterday. I meant business. And I got hosed!! stupid base pharmacy!

Anyway i've gotta run....but yes, I am here. Stupid pop up blockers only doing their job....when i logged in here I had no problems. Go figure LOL

Love you girls, I'm glad you were thinking of me and yes i am glad to be back!
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My computer is down and out so I am posting quickly from school. I need to get my PC into the doctor soon. I just keep going between 190-191. Not a bad number, but I certainly want to see lower. Hope I don't have to wait until after TOM next month.

I have been working out hard. Last night I ran 2.4 miles. BL Bootcamp the night before. Not sure what's on the agenda for today, but something. I really want to get solidly into the 180's heare soon.

Keep working hard everyone.
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