5 Pound Challenge # 59

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  • Good morning girls!
    losing 4 another- You are so close! By tomorrow we may have a winner!!!

    SW 205
    CW 202.5 (-2.5 half way!!)
    GW 200
  • I am up this morning. It was my sons bday yesterday and we went out for dinner. Oh well!

  • Jumpin in late again...

    CW:200.2 (so close to onederland I can taste it hehe)
  • Same again here, but I went out last night to dinner with friends again and ATE HEALTHY!! Woo Hoo! Major battle won there!
  • I see we have a few people getting close. How do you lose 5 pounds in the matter of a few days??? You can send some of that my way for sure.

    SW- 193
    CW- 191.4 (New Low) -1.6
    GW- 188

    I am so close to the 180's I can't stand it.
  • SW: 255.6
    CW: 255.4
    GW: 250.6

    Not too bad considering TOM showed up today!
  • Sw: 138
    Cw: 138.5
    Gw: 133

    Too bad I'm not the only one with a blip today
  • sw: 161.5
    cw: 162.5
    gw: 156.5

    I was hungry last night!
  • Sw: 164.6
    Cw: 166.6
    Gw: 159.6

    Hey...wait a minute... this IS the "Gain 5-lb challenge", isn't it???
  • sw-280
  • SW:169
    CW:166 -3

    Losing4another: You're doing GREAT!!!! Keep it up!!!
  • SW: 153
    CW: 151.5
    GW: 148

    Well done another 0.5lbs today. I had my treat day though, so tomorrow it might be up again. Im going to wait and see, again, before I change my ticker...nevermind I am changing it and enjoying 151.5 while it's here.
  • SW: 250
    CW: 247.4
    GW: 245

    Slowly getting there....
  • I lost a few ounces but i never count those so no loss...

  • SW 149.2
    CW 148.0
    GW 144.2

    I count every single tenth...and I lost 4 of them!!