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ISO my perfect body
Lewisempire's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Posts: 815

Height: 5'7.5"


Good morning girls!
losing 4 another- You are so close! By tomorrow we may have a winner!!!

SW 205
CW 202.5 (-2.5 half way!!)
GW 200
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Senior Member
jessacaca's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Atlanta GA
Posts: 221

S/C/G: 201/166.8/140

Height: 5'3


I am up this morning. It was my sons bday yesterday and we went out for dinner. Oh well!

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Skinny Here I Come!
Layla316's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Wait.. Where am I?
Posts: 102

S/C/G: 230/229.8/140

Height: 5'8"


Jumpin in late again...

CW:200.2 (so close to onederland I can taste it hehe)
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Back at it...again!
Ms Perception's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Wisconsin
Posts: 2,134

S/C/G: 199/ticker/139

Height: 5'3"


Same again here, but I went out last night to dinner with friends again and ATE HEALTHY!! Woo Hoo! Major battle won there!
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mtiger's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Michigan
Posts: 3,182

S/C/G: 251.5/177/145

Height: 5'4"


I see we have a few people getting close. How do you lose 5 pounds in the matter of a few days??? You can send some of that my way for sure.

SW- 193
CW- 191.4 (New Low) -1.6
GW- 188

I am so close to the 180's I can't stand it.
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Senior Member
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Join Date: Oct 2008
Location: Pennsylvania
Posts: 641

S/C/G: 335.8/335.8/150

Height: 5'6''


SW: 255.6
CW: 255.4
GW: 250.6

Not too bad considering TOM showed up today!
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JulieJ08's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: California
Posts: 7,097

S/C/G: 197/135/?

Height: 5'7"


Sw: 138
Cw: 138.5
Gw: 133

Too bad I'm not the only one with a blip today
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Senior Member
TERAPET's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Atlanta
Posts: 1,889

S/C/G: 177/157/138

Height: 5'6"


sw: 161.5
cw: 162.5
gw: 156.5

I was hungry last night!
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Changing behaviours
Fressca's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: Canada
Posts: 880

Height: 5'7"


Sw: 164.6
Cw: 166.6
Gw: 159.6

Hey...wait a minute... this IS the "Gain 5-lb challenge", isn't it???

Last edited by Fressca; 04-08-2009 at 02:54 PM.
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Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 70

S/C/G: tickers

Height: 5'9



Last edited by 2muchbelly; 04-08-2009 at 03:04 PM.
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Senior Member
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Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: California
Posts: 167

S/C/G: 200/ticker/130

Height: 5'7"


CW:166 -3

Losing4another: You're doing GREAT!!!! Keep it up!!!

Last edited by Saramommy; 04-08-2009 at 07:37 PM.
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Senior Member
twinkletoes23's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 131


SW: 153
CW: 151.5
GW: 148

Well done another 0.5lbs today. I had my treat day though, so tomorrow it might be up again. Im going to wait and see, again, before I change my ticker...nevermind I am changing it and enjoying 151.5 while it's here.

Last edited by twinkletoes23; 04-08-2009 at 08:13 PM. Reason: Decided to update my ticker...
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Senior Member
hotcubanmama's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: PA
Posts: 170

S/C/G: 255/ticker/130

Height: 5'5


SW: 250
CW: 247.4
GW: 245

Slowly getting there....
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Senior Member
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Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 320


I lost a few ounces but i never count those so no loss...

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Thread Starter
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 3,634

S/C/G: 180/120

Height: 5'2''


SW 149.2
CW 148.0
GW 144.2

I count every single tenth...and I lost 4 of them!!
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