April Weight Loss Challenge

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  • April Weight Loss Challenge List of Participants (so far!)
    If anyone sees something that they'd like to have changed in their info, please just let me know! I'll continue to add new people as they join in. Good luck to all! You can do it!

    FullSteamAhead: Lose 8-10 lbs
    Jassica: Exercise more; lose 10 lbs or more
    Theresia: Lose 5 lbs
    Dumplin: Lose 15 lbs
    CandyKisses0204: Get back in the gym at least 3 times a week; lose 7+ lbs
    Calisa86: Stay on track; push harder than in March; lose 12 lbs
    Saramommy: Lose 8 lbs
    CakeBatter: Reach 178 lbs; run 36 miles
    Jessacaca: Lose 4-5 lbs; get in 60 miles
    Icandoallthings6613: Lose 9 lbs; do the 5K in under 32 minutes; finish senior thesis
    Unwanted37lbs: Lose 6 lbs
    MissNovis: Lose 13 lbs; run at least 30 minutes 4 times a week during lunch break; attend weekly hip hop and zumba classes; play racquetball at least once a week
    Bronte155: Lose 5 lbs; ride stationary bike at least four days a week for at least 30 minutes each time
    Wyo_rose: Reach 186 lbs
    Naughtymonkey01: Push harder; eat better; donít torture self about it
    Shrinkingleah: Lose 35 lbs from original SW by April 25th
    Timkerbelle: Lose 1kg/week to reach 86kg (189lbs); walk at least 10mi every week
    Wifey: Lose 8 lbs
    Desi: Lose 12 lbs
    FitSarah: Lose 10 lbs
    Fenderella5678: Lose 15 lbs
    Branflake: Stay on track the whole month; lose 10 lbs
    Strawberryeyes: Lose 10 lbs; exercise regularly
    Econ_nerd: Lose 10 lbs or more
    Jacqui_D: Lose 10 lbs
    OK_Lizzy: Lose 10 lbs
    Terapet: Lose 8 lbs
    Steviemcqueen: Do cardio (walking/jogging, aerobic class, etc.) at least three times a week; lose 8 lbs
    Ms_Perception: No longer be obese; lose 6 lbs; fit comfortably (maybe even loose-ish) into size 14 clothes
    Enchantedonyx: Lose 12 lbs
    JasonsLea: Get back into a routine at the gym; POP at least 85% of the month; very limited fast food
    Lewisempire: Do 62 miles of exercise; lose 1.5 lbs per week equaling 6 lbs
    Kswood87: Lose 10 lbs
    Mygritsconfessions: Lose 15 lbs
    Mothermavis: Lose 7 lbs
    Scarlet: Lose 8-10 lbs; keep on plan; work hard to overcome bad food addiction
    Zoochick777: Lose 7 lbs; fit comfortably into a size 11 jeans
    Dianee: Lose 10 lbs
    ValD: Lose 10 lbs; drop one pants size; walk at least 1 mile a day
    Wannabeskinnyagain: Stay on track; eat less/eat healthier; exercise in some way everyday; lose 10 lbs or more
    Petunia418: Lose 13 lbs
    Christian: Lose 5 lbs
    TatorTator: Weigh in the 180s
    ButterflyDiva: Lose 5-8 lbs; exercise 5x a week
    JulieBahrain: Reach 155 lbs by April 25th
    Losingnyc: Lose 8 lbs
    CollegeGirl: Lose 10 lbs
    Sjdphc: Work out Monday thru Friday for 1 1/2 hours; work toward reaching 160-170lbs by June 21st
    Hattie22: Lose at least 5 lbs; maintain a positive attitude; keep eating OP; keep exercising and trying new things; enjoy life!
    JazzyPeggy: Reach 275 lbs; exercise at least 20 times
    Dvdrumls: Lose 10 lbs
    Lene1974: Lose 5 lbs
    Efova: Reach 180 lbs
    Truffles: Lose 5 lbs
    Jayagoddess: Lose 10 lbs
    Urockmom: Lose 5 pounds; maintain 6 days on/1 day off exercise program
  • Hi Urock, I've added you to the list! Good luck!

    Lewis! Woohoo! Great job!!

    Econ, that is good news, especially with TOM on the way! BTW, anytime you want to come to my house and make those salads will be fine by me!

    Hi FSA, Ms_P, and Cake!

    JasonLea, congrats on the great news!
  • Sorry I've been off the board, it's been an extremely busy week at work (for those of you who don't know, I have Wed/Thurs off and work all weekend) and I haven't had a chance to sit down and think!!

    I still have to go back and read all the posts but thought it would be better to take a second and say I'm still here since today is also a busy one.

    I am making a Wizard of Oz diarama out of Easter Peeps for a contest at my job today---now that is going to keep me busy!!

    I hope everyone is doing well, I will try to read all the posts later today and get on later...

    Take care everyone, it is exciting to see all the people up for a challenge this month!!
  • Zoochick, I took your survey..that was fun!
  • urockmom, hiiiiiiiiii aw you! No it's okay, just glad your okay (that is number one) and that your here! This is wonderful, I think we are all back together now. urockmom, that really is awesome that you maintained! That's work in itself and I think that is fantastic. I am glad that you are ok now and got over the sinus infection and all. wtg on the workout, yeah...let's kick some . oops, we cannot forget a right on!

    Hi Jaya yes! We are going to continue this thread for the whole month of April, we still have approx. 3 weeks to go (from tom. or friday) : ).

    CakeBatter, now that takes discipline! and lot's of it! That is great! You were at the party with all those temptations around you but sent DH for a healthier meal, wtg girl! Thanks for the dancing carrots and yay for my TOM being gone! lol. I am so happy about that alright! Oh, congrats on that run too! : ) I tried to write you gals t his morning but couldn't post it so I will try and reiterate some of what was said here. Keep up the great work : )

    As a matter of fact, I am going to post this now and then continue to write.
  • Good! lol that worked!

    Zoochick, hi there. Nice to see you. Wow, your nearing the end of the semester, must be busy indeed with the finals and all coming up. I participated, good ole stats class! keep up the good work and hard! : ).

    Hiya Jacqui tried to write to you over there this morning. I just wanted to congratulate you, your doing super!

    Lea, hi there ty for coming in with your news. I am so happy for you! I am glad that everything has worked out, oh you must be so releived! Not familiar with the show, is it good?

    Lewisempireeeee, hey hey!!!! wtg on that scale dropping for you! Niceee! Oh my gosh, I had a lot of the green tea last night and the night before. I feel a lot lighter and now that tom is over I can take a peek on the scale. I will for sure tomorrow or friday. Thanks for the incentive too! I need to do my water today. Aw you, Im glad : ) You are getting closer and closer to that onderland . Hope you had a great day and a good visit at the docs. Lewisempire, I planted approx. 2oo of them I don't know what the heck I'm going to do with them all now . THey are all vigourous climbers, I still have many many more to transplant into larger pots (for now!) and put some skewers in temp. for the vines. They are already at the top! Holy smokes! I am going to have my hands full with them but gosh their blossoms are just so beautiful! Heavenly blue morning glories. I planted the cypruss vines as well (for the little hummers) and about 14 moon flowers (those are cool). THing is, I can't put them outdoors until may so for now they are, hahaha, indoor residents of my home!
    Thankyou so so much for all of your help re: the nordic track and pedometer. IT was very helpful. Ty again keep up the awesome work.
  • cakebatter......on the 2lb. loss so far! awesome! I know it is still "unofficial" as you call it (I do the same thing, helps keep me in line) but that rocks! : ) wtg on your planned meals and all . Your plan surrounding this weekend sounds right on...if I dont see you by then, enjoy the night girl and have a super time .

    econnerd, congrats on staying on plan and being down sure is GOOD considering TOM arrived today! Nice going! Oh and those lunches you pack sound yummy! I think someone around here is getting hungry! lol Look at that, it's 3! around snack time. Lo and behold, the just came out! yipeeeeeeee.

    Hi Scarlet good to see you, thanks for popping in. That peep contesst sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck with it and have fun making it .

    A hi to all. We are a week into our month girls, let's keep it going

    As for me, I had stated that this Friday would be my official weigh in but I may hop on the scale tomorrow (and do thurs. WI's). I will see how I feel in the morning. Havn't taken a peek yet but it is safe now and I am eager at this point to see w hat is going on. keeping Either way, a keep on truckin' we will! Have a super day girls Chat soon.
  • MsPeception!!!!!!! wtg on your OP and everything else! You are doing so great and for sure that scale will be moving for you. Regarding your minutes, WOW indeed! How you managed to do all that in the midst of moving (which is enormous exercise and of itself) awes me! . I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow and also if I don't see you before you go for the holidays, have a wonderful time with the family and a fun and happy Easter! When I read about what you and DH have planned, ohhhhhhh, how nice! What a super duper idea! You go girl! : )

    Keep up the great work everyone
  • Today has been an extremely productive day, cleaning and packing. I thought I'd take a moment and hop on here and see what everyone's up to.

    urockmom- SO good to hear from you. How awful it musta been to get SO sick! I hate those kind of bugs. It is quite an accomplishment to have maintained, though. Congrats on that, for sure!!

    Well, everyone wish me luck. We're moving tomorrow and I pray all goes smoothly. I expect it to all be fine. I've organized and gotten things ready so it should be pretty painless. I will be offline for the next little bit, though. I may check messages at my parents'. Otherwise I won't be on 'til next week, so don't worry about me going MIA. I'll be back online in no time!
    So, Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy!
  • Happy Easter Ms_P and good luck with the move!

    Thanks FSA! You're doing a great job too!

    Hi Scarlet! Good to see you!
  • I am doing personals tomorrow cause Igotta get in the bed! But I did awesome today on and got all my stuff ready for tomorrow. I can't wait to WI tomorrow evening! Yay!!! TTYL

    Love all you girls!
  • GOOOOOD MORNING!!!! Ladies!!!

    Karen- WTG on your loss You go girl!

    Scarlet- I think the wizard of oz out of peepes would be cute, you are inventive

    urockmom- I am just glad your back sis, I missed ya to bits and I am glad to see that the scale is being so good to you too even after being sick

    Ms Perception- Your day was really productive girl...I need more days like that one here myself ...send9ing prayers for a smooth move

    Fullsteam- Keeping my fingers crossed for you sis

    Jacqui- You are on the ball sis, keeping that list going and going...your a blessing girl

    Cakebatter- Sending (((((good vibes))))) for your weigh in ...you go girl!

    Ok as for me, I HIT MY GOAL already!!!!!! I weighed in this morning after one day on phase on of South beach to see that the scale is right where I wanted it to be I will continue phase one today and see how it goes in the morning but if I ccan just stay where I am I will be SUPER thrilled as my Easter dress fits, and I bought it months ago as a goal dress and well I dont have to make a mad dash to the store to replace it this year Have a great day everyone and know that this is your year!!
  • Goodmorning everyone Hope you all had a nice night last night and slept well.

    I am happy, I weighed in and lost another lb. so I am 2 1/2 lbs. down so far this month. 3 weeks to go from today! : ) so far so good!

    Goodmorning Jacqui, and a goodmorning to all of you ladies. I hope everyone wakes up to a happy and successful day today.

    cakebatter, yay on being OP! Good luck with the WI tonight girl, can't wait to hear your news!

    Chrisitan, hi there congratulationssssss on reaching your goal already That is super christy, and congrats on your Easter dress! To have bought that as a goal dress and having it fit now must be so nice! wtg christy! About the SBD (south beach diet), are you on day 2? Good for you! THe first few days are the hardest (were for me, but boy are the results worth it!! ) .

    Okay, as for me girls. I am very happy with the recent moving of the scale and am now focusing on this week and scheming around the weekend.

    I am out of meal plan ingredients already and need to go to the market today. My plan is being OP and then on Easter Sunday we go to my in-laws for a casual buffet style lunch. I plan to have my lunch and eat what I wish, but put a little bit of everything on my plate in moderation. I need to be pretty good because next week I am celebrating orthodox easter and I am hosting it, having my familiy over. I am very excited about it but I do cook a lot and I will be okay as long as I dont keep nailing the leftover. One step at a time! lol.

    It is a clear blue sunny sky today and boy is that nice to see! I think our weather is finally going to begin getting milder. I took the day off from exercise yesterday and in general, so I have much to do today. I slept good and am ready and rearing to go! I have a lot to catch up on here so I need to get a move on and then hit the great outdoors for a nice walk later!

    Hope you all have a nice day. Everyone is doing so well, keep up the great work. To all, let's remember that today is a new day.
  • Christian - WTG hitting your month goal aready! You are on fire! and don't you just love being able to wear what you already bought!

    FSA - THis weightloss stuff must be contagious...you, christy and hopefully me! Don't you just love blue skies. Enjoy your day little lady!! Thanks for my "unofficial" congratulations

    MsP - Happy Easter! I am glad your move will go smotthly. Check in when you can!

    Scarlet - Hi there. I see you have been busy! I hope all is going way

    Urockmom - SOrry you have been so sick that sux...Glad you are back!

    Econ - WTG . Bless those decimal points.

    I am doing pretty myself. Can't wait till tonight! I have POP for 3 days. I got new workout clothes YAY!
    All ready for my weekend.I may not be able to be on in the daytime that much anymore. We are getting a lot of work in the near future . How will I ever manage w/out you ladies???
  • Christian!! GREAT job on meeting your goal!!

    FSA, Yay!! You're doing so well! So glad the scale is moving for you!

    Cake, way to stay OP and good luck on WI!! So, if you can't come on much during the days anymore, will we still be seeing you in the evenings? We can't do without our cake!

    My plan for Easter is to try not to make a big deal out of all the food this year. I want to treat it as any other meal, only like with a menu on display that I get to choose from. I want to choose a small serving of the main meat (whatever it's going to be--no telling with my sister-in-law!) and two servings of veggies (whichever ones are not in creamed this or casserole that). If there are deviled eggs, I'll have one of those. And if there is salad that is not like a 7-layered salad, I'll have some of that. There should be a veggie tray if there is not a plain salad. So that's my plan! I always do the little-bit-of-everything thing and it always backfires on me. I always end up overeating because I just love everything! So I'm going to try it this way this time. I really want to change my thinking about celebrating the food this year. And hopefully, now that I've posted my intentions, I'll stick to them!