Spring Season-Long (three months til bathing suits!) Challenge

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  • Spring started two days ago, meaning we have three whole months to reach our mini-goals in time for beach season.

    Let's make this the last time you make this face when thinking about that bathing suit.

    Name your goals for weight, exercise, and anything else.
    Name your motivator- things you'll do this summer in your cute, slimmer body.

    At the end, we'll name a beach queen (or king), so keep posting all season!



    3/22: 210
    Goal (6/20): 188

    Why? 6/20 is not only the last day of spring, but it's also my 23rd birthday and 188 would mean I have lost 100 pounds so far this year.

    Motivators: that 100 pound mark, my birthday, and vacation to Florida 7/2

    Other Goals: Cut out (slowly but surely) diet soda
    exercise at least 2 hours a week
    Add in more nutritious calories, fewer empty ones
    Daily calories: 1300ish right now, will probably continue with that number.

    OKAY....What about you?
  • hey i will do this i will get back tomorrow with my goals.
  • I want in!!

    SW: 208
    GW: 185

    Why? My birthday is July 16th, I am visiting my mom (the last time I saw her was in August and I weighed 245), and I want to feel good about summer for once!

    ~ Average 1500 cals per week
    ~ Drink lots of water! 64oz+
    ~ EXERCISE! Head to the gym four times a week, plus daily walks
    ~ Continue to be binge-free!
    ~ Enjoy certain things in moderation and on occasion
    ~ Continue to stay away from McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc. I feel so much better without them!
  • well normally i am at work at this time of the day but my son was sick so i stayed home with him. well my goals are as follows:

    sw: 180
    gw: 155

    that is 25 pounds in three months works out to about 2 pounds a week.

    i also want to start drinking more water on the weekend and i will start with that for now i do not know how much because as it is i do not drink any at all on the weekends and i want to start with that for now maybe in a month that will change that we will have to see.

    exercise goals: get up and exercise before work and then in the afternoon when i get home from work. maybe start running.

    why am i doing this or what is my motivation: i have a 2 piece swim suit that i want to feel more comfrontable in then i do. i also have a nice top that i want to wear more. i will post picuters of the top and suit later.
  • Me too, me too!!!
    I'm in! So far this year I've only lost around 6 pounds... maybe being accountable to you ladies will get the ball rolling.

    Current weight as of 3-23 - 170.6
    Summer goal - 155 by 6-13

    1. I'm in a wedding and have to get sized for the bridesmaid's dress then. When I tried on the sample on Saturday, I wore a 14. I would loooove to be in a 10.
    2. I would be just under my prebaby weight, and I wouldn't have to buy new shorts for this summer.
    3. That will be my 26th birthday, and I really want to be able to celebrate and feel comfy in my own skin. I don't right now.

    I'm still nursing, so sticking to 1600-1700 calories a day. Exercise 5x/wk, 30 min on the treadmill and pilates for the mommy tummy.
  • I'm in (if you don't mind). Size 4 jeans that I can get most of the way on but not do up. And I won't have to buy new shorts this year either.

    Cleaner foods in smaller amounts.

    I'll have to do an intentional amount of exercise regularly ... I think I'll make a ticker for that.
  • I could use a challenge. I hope this isn't too ambitious:

    Weight: 168 lbs.
    Goal Weight: 140 lbs. by the first day of Summer=28 lbs. (130 lbs. by the end of Summer)
    Why: To have a glorious Summer in smaller clothes

    My Other Goals: To keep calories at or under 1400 a day and make a great portion of them from vegetables
    To stay completely away from evil Nong Shim Shin Ramyun and other foods that are just a bunch of chemicals
    To walk at least an hour a day, dance for exercise three times a week, and practice yoga everyday

    Hold me accountable!
  • Im in!!

    Weight: 167.5
    Goal: 140.0

    I cant bear to spend another summer in cardigans because "im cold"....I want to show my arms and feel confident!

    Other goals: To exercise at least 4 hours a week and eat more veggies
  • well i just thought i would let everyone know today was a good one. i was able to exercise twice today once this morning ( maybe not early and by early i mean 4:30 in the morning) and then again for another 45 min. after supper. so i was able to get in a total of 90 min. the water thing though is not going well i have reached a point where i am having a hard time drinking even 24 oz. during the week. the one thing that i have learned most of all is to listen to my body if my body does not want any more water i will not drink it. and i have learned when i am getting ready for more. that i think is the most important thing --- listen to what your body is telling you it knows what it needs, how much and when you need it. well i hope everyone else had a good day today. BTW my normal weigh in is on either friday or saturday.
  • I'm simply not getting up any earlier than this

    Yesterday was not bad. I ate a couple of things that could have been better choices but I didn't overdo anything. I did exercise.

    Today I have good things packed in my lunch bag ... and I'm optimistic.

    How'd you do yesteday? What's your plan for today?
  • SusanB and MrsAugie - great job! I'm so glad you both had good days.

    As for me, yesterday was the first time I've done any cardio in quite a while.... I am Sooo out of shape. I managed to do 2 rounds of HITT before I fet like I was going to die, so I did the rest of my treadmilling on a solid medium effort pace. (about 4 mph)

    Today is shaping up nicely, I'm going to take a long walk outside w/ the baby for my cardio today. I figured pushing a stoller up and down hills will be a decent workout for now. Tonight I plan on doing some pilates.

    Oh, and by some miracle the scale dropped A WHOLE POUND this morning.
  • OH! Is it too late to join? I really need some motivation.

    weight - 179
    goal weight - 130 (this is my ultimate goal - 150 by the beginning of summer would be nice)
    program - I'm not really on a program. I'm trying to eat less junk drink more water and exercise everyday...this is hard with a toddler at home and working full time but I will do it.

    why - I want to look good and feel good in "summer clothes" this year. I would also like to be much healthier so I can actually have the energy to play with my daughter and set a better example for her.
  • I'm in as well! Hi!!

    I am Kimberly, I lost 50 lbs in '07 with LA Weight Loss then gained it all back during my recent pregnancy. I have dropped 10 lbs so far in march and am looking forward to getting back to my pre-preg weight! I am more than capable of losing 2lbs+ each week, I am setting a modest goal, but I hope to crush it!!

    Weight today: 268
    Goal: 245
    Main motivators:
    1. My DH told me if I could get back to 230, (pre-baby weight) by his birthday (July 24), that he would take me on a two-day vacation to the same place we took our honeymoon.
    2. I start Nursing clinicals this fall and our scrubs are all white.Not flattering. I dont want to have to buy a 3x!!!
    3. I miss my jeans!!!

    I am not counting calories, but am doing WW, so my daily points are 39.

    I hope to get back to exercising 3 times/week for 30 minutes. I also need to make sure I get 64oz water, I cant believe how much more weight I drop when I get all my water in!

    Kelly, you are doing great! You're pics are great motivation! Keep it up girl!
  • 3/24: 186.4
    Goal (6/20): 172

    Why? I have never been at this weight in my life!

    Motivators: I just want to wear a very cute two piece bathing suit WITHOUT a cover-up, on my "weigh" to being normal perosn with a BMI that is not obese!

    Other Goals:

    Run a 5k
    Run a 10k
  • Me too! It's honeymoon time come May 7th.