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Hello lovely ladies!!!! Okay so I've been gone for FAR TOO long so I unfortunately have little hope of doing efficient personals. I just hope that all of you are doing wonderful.

YAY to the good, to the not so good.

I'm back at it. This is my official declaration that I can not... no... MUST NOT break. I have a whopping 26 days left until this ride is over and I've been a little too slack with my eating and exercise. I haven't had much happen since last posting -- always straddling the 180s line. And really, I finally have to admit that even if I fit beautifully in my wedding dress, the bikini shows a heck of a lot more!!

So I figure that if I do what I did last year - follow my diet to a T and completley stay away from sugar, alcohol, and other junk food, then I can make a noticeable difference. Even if I'm the only one that would notice. Ultimately that's my problem. I eat like a champ but have a weakness for chocolate and social drinking. bugger.

I'm happy to be back here posting and look forward to sharing in the countdown to summer! How's everyone doing???? I have to get caught up.

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OMG! It's been a while since I've posted! I looked back at an earlier post I made saying that I wanted to be in the 170s by June 1st... Well, I'm not in the 170s yet, but I'm very close! I am now 182! 18 lbs since the end of March! I'm fitting nicely into size 12s. I tried on a pair of 10 capris just for kicks and was able to get them on, zip, and button them! The capris were cute! The muffin top,... not so much! LOL! My gym opened a new location literally 5 minutes away from my house! It has a pool! Yeah! I'm still working out 5 days a week and eating pretty well. So that's pretty much it for me! Just thought I'd touch bases! I hope all is well with everyone!
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Hello ladies. I won't make my goal of 185, but I am getting somewhere. I weighed 199.4 this morning, so I revised my goal to 195. I fell off the wagon for a bit, but...It's okay. I am still going strong!

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sjdphc - WOW! That is fantastic!
Wormwood - you're still losing, and that's success. I have also had to drastically revise my goal.

As for me, I have hit the 10 lbs lost mark (since January, not since the challenge started.) I'm at 165.8 now, with less than 10 lbs to go to get to my prebaby weight. Then.... who knows?
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HI I know we don't post here anymore Just wanted to say that I reache my WL goal. As of 6/20 I WI at 170.6!!!! I ran a 5K and 10K. I can't believe I reached them all. I have lost 16 POUNDS since March 24th
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