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HIGH 5 Firefly & Lody (sorry I tend to shorten everyone's names... perhaps it's because I'm a busy busy lady ) You made some good points on the issue discussed.
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last time
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i did 10 pushups on the fitness test and am on level 2!

lets hope i can push through!

well i think this is a wonderful idea and i am sure that those who want to continue on will do so and those who dont will not. with that being said even if someone "fails" those of us who are here will be here to help them through it and succeed again. and those who quit due to a scale won't and will miss all the benefits of loving ourselves and each other. so in the end those of us who stay won't really be failing at all.

so hopefully those who dont want to do this challenge will leave the rest of us be from now on.
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Hi Ladies!
It took me all day to catch up on the posts since last night!
I completed the push up test and was barely able to do 16 knee push ups. I think I'm going to start at level 2 though since I barely sqeezed out the last 2.
Can't wait for things to get back to normal Monday when DH goes back to work, haven't worked out in a week and my eating hasn't been the best.

ENY: go ahead and have the beef! There are nutrients in it that your body is probably letting you know that you need.
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Default no scale

For the last 6 months I've only weighed in once per month per my sponsor so this will be easy. I have started using my pants to gauge if I lost or gained weight. I think I will try to work harder to loose so the number on the scale will be a nice suprise.
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I ended up having to do knee push ups as well, because I really have NO upper body strength. I came in as a level 2, but they were a bit of cheater push ups as I can only go so far down before I collapse under my own weight! I can still feel the strain though, & I believe operating at a level two will challenge me more than a level one would.

I really want to work on building muscle and losing fat in my stomach, so I'm thinking I might focus more on the 200 sit-up challenge rather than the push up. I want to accomplish both, but if maintaining two proves too difficult, I'm sorry to say I'd cut the push-ups before my crunches. I really need those right now, with all this flab I have hanging around.

As far as the no scale for 6 weeks, I personally can't commit to something like that right now. I just started changing my lifestyle a week or two ago, and this is all very new territory for me! I've never given an honest effort to losing weight before, let alone made all the changes I have thus far. I think being this early on in my weight loss and life-plan, it helps to see that my efforts are doing something. I've heard a few people say that the scale can then be used to justify excuses.. Excuses are excuses no matter how you 'justify' them. If I make a bad choice, it's no one's fault (including the scale) but my own. Every time I see that number drop, I'm joyous that I'm making changes I never had the motivation and will to before! If the number doesn't move, I don't get discouraged because it's just that-- a number! If I don't see results I usually know what it was I was doing (or not doing), and I correct it right away and start working harder! The best thing for me is to stick with the scale, but I will cut back from daily measurements to just one weigh-in a week. How's that for compromise?

While we're talking about the whole "loving yourself" thing, I did something that sounds pretty ridiculous when said aloud.. Today I looked in the mirror for about 2 minutes, and told my reflection how much I loved her-- er, me! I tried to say as many positive (honest) things as I could, and complimented myself on making such good changes, and on my progress so far. I've laughed and mocked at having heard about things like this before, but I really enjoyed it. It was the first time in a very long time I could honestly say I loved myself, and all the positive things I was doing for myself, without chanting how big a liar or a crock I was in my head. No negative thoughts this time!! That's a first for me.

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I'm new to the group and challenges on 3Chicks--sort of sad to see that someone is going to be watching us in hopes that someone will fail so that she can say 'I told you so'. I thought this was all about support, and for the most part it is, but to read something like the previous few pages during my initial foray into a challenge here is discouraging. I agree with the previous posters--if you don't like a challenge, don't do it. That simple.

Now, about the challenge. My initial thought was that I couldn't do six weeks without my scale just at the start of getting back into a healthy way of eating and exercising again. But then I realized that there are tons of ways I can motivate myself and evaluate my progress--and there are many things I can work on that will lead to a more healthy lifestyle--none of which involve looking at the scale. I have spent far too many of my 45 years doing so.

So my motivators/methods of evaluation:
1) The pair of jeans that fit at the beginning of December, which I now stuggle to get over my thighs. I want to fit in those with ease by the end of 6 weeks.
2) I want to be able to increase the ramp and resistance on my elliptical back to what I was doing in August when I stopped exercising (see #1).
3) Plan and stick to a weekly menu made up of recipes from some of my WW books and my new TBL Family Cookbook.
4) Exercise a minimum of 5 days a week and start including strength exercises three days a week (yay pushup challenge!)
5) Record daily my exercise and foods eaten in a journal--either online or paper.
6) Avoid the 7Cs~~cake, cookies, cola, chips, ice cream, cereal, candy.
7) Drink water! At least 64 oz a day.

If I stick with those goals I know I will lose weight. My reward for reaching my goal of 10 lbs at the end of 6 weeks--a ball of sock yarn. I like the idea of a reward box, and may change the planned reward if I come up with some other ideas of things to put in a reward box.

Tonight I'm planning my menus for the week and making a grocery list for tomorrow. I'll be purchasing a couple of pieces of exercise equipment to help as I start strength training next week. I'll be taking the initial test for the push up challenge and posting the results here. Edited to add: Took test--10 knee pushups, so I'm doing week 1 column 2. Sad really how badly these arms were trembling. Just the first step in the journey.

Today we had family here all day for a New Year's Day/Bowl Party--I went to the store this morning and bought fruit and veggies and made up a platter of each and snacked on those while everyone else was eating sandwiches, chips, dip, cake, etc. Along with the fruit and veggies I had some slices of smoked turkey breast and WW chili for dinner. No chips. No cake. No candy. Already working on the goals! I feel good. I can do this! Thanks for the challenge ladies, I needed it more than I realized.

Happy New You to everyone!!!!

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Originally Posted by fauxtini View Post
lThis isn't a place for negativity, if you dont like an idea, just tailor it to your personal needs and be here for support and to get support.. but if you dont agree at all.. there are LOADS of other challenges around this site to make you happy i'm sure. Dissing someone's ideas doesn't help anyone.

Originally Posted by angiemo3 View Post
That is okay Lackie, you are not alone. I had carpel tunnel years ago and had surgery on both hands. It did not help and over the years my arms have gotten weaker. I eventually have bad knees to because the knee push ups about killed me. I did 5 but I don't think I was strong enough to do the right at all. I tried the regular, and spent a few minuets looking at the floor and straining,lol. Ummm I got nothing out of it. So I too am going to start at level 1. I am disappointed to say I wish there was a level .5 cause level 1 is looking pretty hard to my knees right now. I will start tomorrow or Saturday, I have been fighting what I think is the flu and my body aches all over. That may also have something to do with my knees. We will see. Good luck girls.
Thanks. I am going to be doing regular push ups because I was never able to do a considerable amount of them and would LOVE to be able to pump out 100 and in good form to boot! haha

Originally Posted by bjeweled View Post
so hopefully those who dont want to do this challenge will leave the rest of us be from now on.
Also agreed!

So I did the 30DS (L1D1) tonight and tomorrow I will be doing the first day of the push up challenge. I really like the idea of the reward box. Seems liek a huge motivator.

I am glad the first installment of the G2009 is without a scale. I know I put too much emphasis on what the number says instead of how my body feels and how much more I can do now than before. I like how I will be more in tune to how much stronger I will feel. Thanks to you girls who thought this up.
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Originally Posted by UrthWurm View Post
II really want to work on building muscle and losing fat in my stomach, so I'm thinking I might focus more on the 200 sit-up challenge rather than the push up.
Do you have a link for the 200 sit up challenge? I searched for a sit up challenge and could only find a 60 sit ups in a minute one, that doesn't seem to be very well put together. If you have a link to something else please share!
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Originally Posted by JennyRaye View Post
I'm new to the group and challenges on 3Chicks--sort of sad to see that someone is going to be watching us in hopes that someone will fail so that she can say 'I told you so'. I thought this was all about support, and for the most part it is, but to read something like the previous few pages during my initial foray into a challenge here is discouraging.
Please don't feel put off. This sort of thing is not representative of this thread or site...but every now and then someone gets difficult and it has to be dealt with. Just overlook it. The threads move fast and it will be completely forgotten very soon.

and YES, you CAN do it...and if you set your mind to it you WILL do it!!!!
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Oh! Melissa! You used to have a 'grey's anatomy' avatar, right? ( i hope i wasn;'t dreaming this... hehe) Well i JUST started watching it for the first time about a week ago online from teh beginning.. im in season 2 right now.. and LOVING IT! Why didin't i watch this before? Im always a later bloomer on goodtv.. lol ANyway.. just letting you know!!

I can't wait till i get to pick something from my reward box.. Ive got some good ones in there.

Does anyone have any siuggestions of online schools that teach 'holistic nutrition' and whatnot? it's taken me a LONG time but I thin i've found something im passionate about. I want to help people.. I want to share my knowledge ( and gain some hehe) in holistic wellness.. physically, emotionally, spiritually.. ) i wanna be a life coach! hehe
I have found some online schools that catch my eye ( online is my only option right now) but i can just never tell what i need to ACTUALLY be abke to council people in nutrition and wellbeingoverall..

Im rambling i know..
What do you guys think of this school??

Im looking into the masters of holistic nutrition.
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I REALLY appreciate all the work you chicks are doing to put this whole thing together. You've clearly touched on some deep emotional issues with the no-scale challenge, which can be a very good thing for those willing to tackle them. Not using a scale is a sound, well-reasoned technique promoted by some trainers, nutritionists, eating disorder counselors, and life coaches. There are all sorts of books and websites if people are interested in exploring the logic more. I was pretty surprised when I read the challenge earlier today. I'd imagined it was going to be looking at yourself naked in the mirror or using lotion regularly or something like that. I did feel some initial worry about the idea. Strange how easy it is to get into measuring our lives by the numbers on a machine. Well, you really do mean business when you talk about making some life changes, don't you?!

I was heading out to a friend's house and decided to wait to post until I could do the pushups test. I did seven knee pushups. That's column 1. I've always had weak upper body strength. Hard to imagine I might actually do 100 in a row. I couldn't do that in high school when I was skinny and lifting a lot less weight.

I've taken my ticker down through the end of this challenge. It'll be interesting to see the ways I find to measure my success. I look forward to spending the next six weeks exploring this challenge with those participating. For those of you who have respectfully declined to participate, I hope to see you in a future challenge.

And I just have to say that, if I get to the end of this challenge and step on the scale and I've gained weight, it won't be because I wasn't weighing myself all along. It will be because I didn't make healthy choices. I'm glad there's a place I can come where people support each other in a postive way to help me make those positive choices.

I'm off to get on the treadmill and work toward my 1,000 miles in 2009. I have the audiobook "Tis" to listen to, read by the author, and I'm looking forward to that.
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Purple~Go to the one hundred push up page. On the left is a list of how to week 1-6 so on. The last entry at the bottom is for 200 sit up challenge. Click on that icon. It will explain everything. it, too, has a test and follows the basic outline of the sit up program. Give it a try to see if you like it. I need some major ab work, this will help me a ton! Pat
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People will fail if they want to fail whether they had the scale or not.. if you're eating OP and exercising like you've been doing how can you possibly fail??!

I think each and everyone of us know when they've gained a pound or not without even needing a scale.

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Oops, there was a post while I was posting.

Different states have different requirements for certification. Here's a link to Kentucky:
They have some links on their site to organization e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and I bet those people could recommend schools or online programs. Good luck!
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Thank you Eny and Mel. I'm sorry to see the drama in this thread so I won't go any further on that.

When I first read to go without weighing for six weeks, I have to say that actually seems scary.

I can't go the six weeks, but I will limit it to once a week every Sunday. I'm not in the BL challenge here but on another forum, so I have to weigh in.

I have MS, so I'm not sure that I could do the 100 push ups. But I will do some wall push ups 3 times a week. Good luck everyone on that.
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