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I am barely sliding into level 2 with a measly 6 knee push ups But that is okay...plenty of room for improvement here.
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Originally Posted by fauxtini View Post
Here's the thread to the 2009 edition of the 'Challenge the person below you thread'!

Hope i'm not stepping on any toes, Eny and Melissa, by posting another challenge in here No more.. i promise! lol
hmm.. posting a challenge that motivates us to gets our butts in gear that completely aims us towards our goals.... I guess we can allow it.
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Originally Posted by fauxtini View Post
Here's the thread to the 2009 edition of the 'Challenge the person below you thread'!

Hope i'm not stepping on any toes, Eny and Melissa, by posting another challenge in here No more.. i promise! lol
Okay, so why are there 2 of these, and which one should I use? The old one is closing now or what? Looks so fun!
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Purplefirefly~Go to the new one Fauxtini just posted. It is soooooooo fun!! I am going to dance with the Grands here in a few. Do the challenge too. Laugh have a blast!! Exercise is exercise!! Pat
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Working at it
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Oki doki...the scale is way up at the top of the linen closet (the same place I put my daughter's toys when she doesn't treat them well...subject to return only on good behavior...).
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Well i tested and apparentlly I'm finally able to do push ups) I did 16 regular old push ups so I'm starting at level 3.
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OK, I managed 11 push-ups, so I am starting at level 2 (since I am old )

I am going to dance Fauxtini's dance later, I have to take YS and his GF and a couple friends to the Polar Bear Swim first. They all go swimming to celebrate the New Year. We live in the northeast, it is like 11 with a - Windchill, to be young and dopey... so I will be standing on shore taking pictures and minding the pile of clean warm clothes to jump into when the swim is over.

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push ups are always hard, i've always had to do knee push ups and work up to regular but thought wth i'll try regular and was shocked to do 7 so i guess i'll start with level 2
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Fauxtini - I'm so excited you used my 5 lb reward box idea....I hope it motivates you! I'm ready to get to use mine.....LOL! Girl feel free to post links on here for anything that will HELP someone get in shape.....

I don't know about everyone else...but I need all the help, support, and motivation I can get! There is no law against being in more than one challenge.....LOL!!!
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omg i needed this challenge.. i have been weighing my self 10 times a day lol im going to put BOTH my scales away and only weigh in for the TBL challenge and in six weeks for this! is that still ok?
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last time
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hey ladies!

i am glad to have joined you all and there are a few familiar *faces* i see!

i will do the pushup test today and edit with my level.

abby - i am on my way to challenge the person below me as well

i am starting today with new years cleaning and organizing. wish me luck its a mess lol

i will check back in later!
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Hi all!

I did the test & after I got all my dogs out of my face (because why else would I get on the floor if I wasn't playing with them?!!?) I managed 15 knee pushups. I tried regular ones but was only able to do like 4. So I'll stick with the knee for awhile. But I've been doing pilates lately and as soon as I started my push ups I could feel it in my core! Such a good exercise all around!

So, I printed out the first week's chart & put it on the fridge. I can't wait until I can wear tank tops this summer with no hestiation! My husband mentioned going to Hawaii this year so that's motivation for me. We'll see if we go though, we've talked about a few vacations that things always get in the way of us planning & going. But I've never been to Hawaii & if he wants to do it, then who am I to argue!
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Default WOW! Lot going on!

Hi girls! SOOOO ready to get the lead out this year!

Melissa / Faux ~ I am going to my my 5lb reward box today. LOVE THE IDEA!

Add me to the list of those who have to weigh in for BL challenge 1xawk. But I am having BF put them away for every day except my Thursday weigh in. I am another compulsive scale checker. Once a week is going to be hard. But am worth it!

Also headed to the pushup website to get my level. will actually do day 1 tomorrow. I am start my year off with a rest day! Believe me, I have earned doing it this way this year! But it also gives me the day to really pull my house, thoughts, bills, and laundry together to start the year off right. Exercise and eats and stuff all start hard core watch doggin tomorrow.

Also headed to print out the C25K program I am starting again tomorrow... I can wait to get 30 days out and see how good I feel! Good Luck ladies!
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Hello everyone! Has everyone started the New Year in a good way?
I actually ate a salad and jello pumpkin spice cheesecake cup. Im so proud that I ate something healthy. I have been eating so horribly.

I did the push up test and I did 17 knee pushups so that puts me at level 3. Hopefully ill get some stronger arms at the end of this challenge.

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Well guys.. i went back to the gym today after a slightly long hiatus... lol
My jogging skillzzz have gone down hill.. but im goingto build myself back up... not getting down about it.

It's crazy.. i feel better already after eating well and excersizing and i'm only a half day back on track again... lol
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