Thanksgiving Challenge

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  • Good morning to all of you Thanksgiving Challengers

    Lets keep up the good work...we have 7 more weeks to hit our targets or get really close to them...We can do it...I know we can
  • Hi everyone!
    I can't believe it's already been 3 week, yikes!
    I still have 10 pounds to lose so I need to kick some butt.
    Everyone in this challenge is doing so good. It's great!
    We can do it!
  • start weight: 150.8lbs
    current weight: 150.6 lbs.
    goal for challenge: 143.8lbs

    I'm down .2 today. 6.8 to go wahoo!

    I had some off plan stuff yesterday but doubled up on my exercise. I'm on plan today so far. I need to drink more water yet.

    Good luck everyone!
  • Shy- Kick some butt girl!!

    lene- I am with you , I need to make sure I get my water intake where it should be, great job on being on plan today too

    I have done REALLY good on the 2nd phase of the South Beach, I am not losing weight as fast, but I feel AWSOME and my waist is getting smaller so if I stick to this plan I should reach my goal for sure...keep up the great work ladies
  • Wow! 7 weeks! Now I am really starting to get nervous that I have set too high of a goal for myself, especially since the scale seems stuck! Oh, well at least I'll be closer...

    Glad that everyone seems to be doing so well and dropping pounds! I just wish I was joining you.
  • urockmom- Come on in and join us...the water is SO good here You can do it
  • Hi everyone!

    "Plan" is the key word isn't it? Plan your food, plan your exercise, PLAN YOUR LIFE!

    I have tried to lose weight many times and I just now have come to realize that planning can be a lifesaver. At the age of 47, I don't know why it has taken me sooo long. At least I now am aware. Planning takes time, focus, and energy, but boy is it worth it! I love not being in front of the fridge and wondering what I can eat(usually when I am extremely hungry). Growing up in this fast paced world has made us want something now and the easy way. I choose life and health, and if that means doing it the slow and the hard way, that is what I am going to do. I guess I am rebelling against all my past behaviors...YAY! I can't wait for Thanksgiving... I will be more thankful this year because I have had a reawakening! Let's celebrate Us !! Wherever we are, whatever we look like...we deserve it!!
  • Well said Hattie!!!

    Today has been great for me.
    I did my exercising, my calories have been great.
    I am hoping to see 139 on the scale in the morning. Wish me luck!
  • I did it!
    139 this morning!!!
    It's been 2 years since I've seen the 130's it feels great.
    I hope I can keep losing!

    Hope everyone is having a good day so far.

  • A good day today! The scale finally started moving again! Down 2 pounds!
  • Wooo Hoooo!! Go SHY!!!!

    And urockmom!!! THAT IS AWSOME!!!
  • urockmom- that is so great!
    I dont know why but it is like impossible for me to lose more than a pound a week.
    I'm gonna have to though to make my Thanksgiving goal.
  • Luckymom,
    Don't feel bad, I lost 0.5 pounds all of last week and then the scale didn't move for nearly another week. I think it all works in strange and mysterious ways!!!
    You have been doing really, really well and I am sure that you'll make your goal!
  • Way to go urockmom and luckymom!!!

    I have to report that:
    Seven to go before Thanksgiving. Maybe I didn't go high enough for my challenge...but I have a lot more challenges to go.

    My favorite part of losing weight is seeing parts of my body changing shapes. Especially my stomach. I am a little concerned of the skin sagging but I still like seeing the fat melt away. Am I weird or does anyone else enjoy that part too?

    Turkey day: Here we come!!
  • Hey guys I originally started in this challenge but disappeared due to MAJOR stress issues at work! I feel like I am just waking up or something and remembering the things I used to like to do! So I am back, I have not lost any but 3 weeks of heavy stress probably is a good thing I didn't gain! I am an emotional eater.

    I am very motivated right now and I would love to make my goal by Thanksgiving!!! I have not seen 170s in I don't know how long! Probably around since I got married 12 years ago and started the pill (I put on 40 pounds around that 2 month time). Ok so lets get working!!! Woot! um...yeah I will go now....