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Thanks Melissa and rmc!
Im so excited.

Irish- Thats so cool that you are from Ireland. I want to visit there sometime. But good job on the weight loss and not gain, lol.
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S/C/G: 195/188/145

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Yay! How ironic, I got my signature and lost my first pound all in one day.
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this is my time
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Another here.

wow we where busy little goblins over the weekend here. i did not even turn on my Computer until this evening. I had a wedding on sat. and then went to make fire wood for this winter which is something that will become common place the next few weeks. anyway i hope everyone had a good day today. my was good i did not drink as much water as i should have. but other then that i t was good i ate lunch which is something i have been tring to do once again.
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My busy day is coming down to an end... I had a great interview today and I'm hoping for the best. I know whats meant to be will be. Thanks for the love, prayers, and support. I'm going to walk tonight and dance to my heart's content. I cant wait.

rmc, I LOVE YOUR av! It cracks me up everytime.
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Default Enygirl I can't PM you

Hi Team Spider--reporting in with my first weigh-in at 139. That's down 3 pounds from start weight. Hooray!!

Enygirl if you see this, I tried to PM you and it won't let me because I don't have at least 10 posts.

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Sewgirl - I got your weigh in - but this just means you need to talk more!!!
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Hello Team Skeleton!

Just checking in to let you know how my day went. I am still at 188 and haven't lost any weight since last Friday. Hopefully I will lose by this Friday's weigh-in...I went to the gym today and stayed within my points. I'm a trying...Let's Go Team! I really enjoyed reading everyone's postings.


Enygirl - I am really enjoying this challenge! Thanks!
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Hi Everyone~I did 35 minutes of walking while watching the Packers whoop up on the Vikings. My hip feels better today. Today was an op day. Hope everyone is having a good evening. Catch ya all later. Pat
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Ladies, I resisted buying a soda after my interview. I told myself to just wait until I got home (literally around the corner) so I could drink my water. I feel really good about doing that!
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focus creates results
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Hey all.
ON Plan today.
Stayed active, cleaning and such but there was no cardio. I plan to wake up early and do that in the morning. It is just not possible for me to squeeze in any time at all in the evening.

I'm usually running around trying to straighten everything up and be ready for the morning school and work rush. to sleep.

Hope all are well!
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Angry AAAAhhhhh!!!

I am not happy at all!!! I'm UP 1.7 lbs. I'm sorry team Dracula. I've worked out so hard at the gym this week and have been eating so healthy. I don't know what is going on!!uuurrggg!!

Well congrats to everyone who did lose! And good luck to all those weighing in the rest of the week.
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Progress not perfection
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LEKHIKA... Doing good! Cleaning is cardio! lol Keep up the great work!
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At it again
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Great job on resisting the temptation of the soda Tamara! Glad my av gives you a chuckle - me too!

beachluvr, don't be discouraged. As I know you know, our weight fluctuations are dependent on a lot of factors, not just diet and exercise. And most of the other factors we can't control. So, try not to dwell on it and be encouraged by how far you've already come!

Good to see all of Team Skeleton come out of the closet! Have a good night everyone!
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In love with...THE GYM!!
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Tamara-- way to go on resisting that soda!!! I used to be a soda junkie, so I know turning them down can be hard, especially when they're right there. So fantastic job with that! I bet your water never tasted so good!

Beachluvr-- Just keep doing what you're doing! Sounds like you're doing a great job, and that's nothing to be discouraged about

Dixie-- Awesome walking! It's gotta be weird watching the Packers with no Favre. It's still weird to me even!

Keep it up everyone! I'm off to bed. G'night!
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Hi everyone,

I actually got 2 hours to myself this afternoon. My sister watched my 3 girls for me. I did 1 hour of cardio and got my house cleaned. Not an easy task with three 2 yr. olds. Hopefully i'll have a good weigh in on friday.


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