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Progress not perfection
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JO7475... Good job getting to the gym& points

KIERR... Hi! I'm starting late to Maybe we can help each other some... I'm also doing vegetarian/vegan

RMC9142... Feel the same way about Mondays! 3 miles on the bike! Awesome

LEHKIKA.. You're doing great!


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Julie99, your workout sounds GREAT! Let's get TEAM CAULDRON moving!
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Choco lovin couch potato
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Hey its ok no one be jealous that I was put on team skeleton because I am sooo skinny I resemble one!! LMAO as if! Sorry ladies couldnt resist teehee

I will be weighing in on Fridays for this challenge

My life is about to get very busy. On the weekend I signed up for Hip Hop dance on Monday nights, Yoga on Wednesday nights and belly dancing on Friday nights. Now I have no choice but to get off my butt and out the door this winter!!
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Team Bat checking in.

I did my workout after work this morning... 40 minutes of Bob is always motivating. I'm still maintaining at 165 this week... It's on the edge, I just need that little extra push. So I am working hard! I'm up to 6 days of week of TBL. I bought a new(the old) video and am trying the 6 week program out, might have to go right to the second part though. It's just a little too easy.

Food has been great also. Hmm... it just WON'T budge. I'm very determined this week!!!

~Team Bat~
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Eny~THANK YOU!!!!! I got it. Catch ya all later. Pat
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In love with...THE GYM!!
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Grrr! I hate TOM... I feel like I could eat everything in the house. Possibly even the house! Trying to keep busy!
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Tamara: Good luck on your busy day, hopefully it will fly by!! And way to go on being in the low 160's you'll be out and into the 150's in no time!!

julie99s: haha hey well at least when our teams lose we don't eat or drink as much during the game! I spent the end of last season pretty much doing this It's weird because my husband doesn't like sports so I'm just yelling at the TV by myself. I have to control myself during football season...and then again during basketball season...and he's just like...

Both of you have me beat on the working out. I've got to get my butt to the gym TONIGHT!!
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In love with...THE GYM!!
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Height: 5'8"


My boyfriend and I are the same way, Vivien. I'll be screaming at the tv, jumping up and down, esp. during hockey season or college football, and he'll just be sitting there thinking I'm nuts. Possibly rightfully so, but that's beside the point lol. He's soooo not into sports.

Let us know how your workout goes tonight. Hopin it goes well for you!
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Thread Starter
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Hey girls - I've noticed a couple of you have posted your weigh ins today, but I haven't received personal messages from you! MAKE SURE YOU PM ME OR YOUR WEIGH IN WON'T COUNT!!!!!!!
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Dixie ~ I was very disappointed in Peyton and the Colts last night! Come on guys!!!! I wonder if Peyton just wasn't his self due to having surgery not to long ago....I hope he is fully recovered and doesn't further injure himself. I know there are alot of injured players on the team that are 1st stringers...sooo they better get well soon....cause TOM BRADY is out for the season! HECK YEAH! Sorry Patriots fans...I think he is a hottie and all but he gives my Peyton a run for his money...LOL!

Eny ~ How you doing today? Hope all is well and you feel better Go get you in some gooooooodddd exercise and get all those feelings out! Show em' whose boss....just remember that wedding is gonna be here before you know it! How are the wedding plans coming????
Here's you some wedding bells...LOL

Hi everyone.....

Babygal ~ How's 09/08 going? Hope everything is good and your kickin' its butt!

5 days left in week 1 .......its not too late to get on track if your off track.....kick it in gear everyone!!!
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Intuitive Eater
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OK, I can't help it ... what's the pumpkins for Eny? lol
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wow, there's so much action on this thread! i love it!

Team Dracula chick checking in... yesterday was a disaster, but never fear, because I am totally re-committed! It just dawned on me that I am going back to my hometown in a few months and I want to look FABULOUS! Also, my dance classes are starting this week: Bellydance tonight and salsa thursday. I'm super excited.

stay strong everyone!
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Mel~The Colts were way off on their playing. Even Dungy seemed off kilter some how, especially when he threw the last challenge red flag. I do think Peyton's timing is off due to the knee surgery and lack of post season playing time. I just hope they improve big time before they eeerrrrrrrrr look too bad. Then, Tom Brady got hurt, may be out for the rest of the season. I am a big time football and basketball fan. I am glad there are kindred hearts here. Catch ya all later Pat

BlueS~The pumpkin stickers are for weighing in. They are so cute aren't they!

I was getting ready to go for a walk, it started pouring rain. Now I have to go to plan B.

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OK, im driving myself completely mad trying to work out if ive actually gained or not, im really terrible at maths so im going to put everything down here to see if i can make sense of it:
I started at 167.5 pounds, and four weeks ago i was at 157.5 pounds. Then I gained 3.5 in three weeks, putting me back at 161. Then I lost 2 pounds last week, meaning last wednesday I was 159.5. When i did my test weigh-in on my new scales I was 158.5. So my new scales actually has me down a pound!
Sorry about that, the reason i was so confused is because over here we weigh in stones and pounds, which means in order to work it back to just pounds i have to multiply everything by 14, which just makes things really complicated!!!
So having worked that out, the verdict might not be negative after all team witch! *fingers crossed though...*

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At it again
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Sometimes my cyberspace life is more fun than my real life (lol)
Thanks for the laugh, Blue Serenity. I totally agree - I definitely think you guys understand me more than some of my RL friends!

Congrats to Heather and Pat on your losses (not that of the Colts!) That’s so great!

Love and prayers to Tamar. Hope your busy day went ok and WTG on your loss too!

halfbakedtulip, wow, you have a ton of initiative! The pounds are bound to fly off with all of that activity. Good luck and have fun!

Irish, sounds might confusing, but the bottom line is you’re doing great!!!

It’s so motivating to hear about everyone’s classes and to see all the activity on this board. We’re all going to do great - though Team Skeleton is going to rock!!

Let's go TEAM SKELETON!! We can totally do it!
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