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I'm a Bat
Ding Bat???
Was I drunk when I said I was going to lose 20+
I am no where near that motivated but I am willing to try to lose somin

Hey team forgive me for being AOL, too much going on, however I will be more accountable this week. I will go back to the gym tomorrow Rain, Shine, Sad, Mad or Depressed. I hereby vow I will let nothing stop me on Monday 9/8
I will not binge on 9/8/08
and I will post on 9/8/08
It's 5:30a.m. I can't sleep. Not sure why but I will post again this evening.

Someone said they were having trouble signing on 3fc site. Well I can't sign on at all at work but I have no problem at home. I use to be able to sign on at work without any problem.

I read where one person played a witch several times and ended up on the witch team. Well, Sexybrokechick dropped out and the person that took her place said she wanted to lose the weight that she gained after a miscarriage. She is on my team and several of you know that I too lost a baby recently. So, she and I can hold hands and walk each other through this challenge.

Hey Chick
thanks for being here
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where is team bat too??? is the official weigh in day friday???
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In love with...THE GYM!!
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Good morning everyone. So much energy!

Well, team cauldron (where you all at???), picking up the pieces from yesterday. I did good all week with exercising and staying in range with food. But yesterday I ate at my dad's house. And let's face it, he's not the healthiest of cooks. There was shrimp pasta stuffs, ribs, deviled eggs, and kraut. Oops! Oh, and brownie. Oops again!! It was the one day I messed up, so I'm gonna try not to dwell on it too much, stay aware, and move on. Will be pushing myself more today in extra workouts. Possibly some time on the treadmill.

I will do this!
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You go away for one night - and WOW!!! I LOVE THE CONSTANT POSTING!!!

- You are NOT a ding bat... (silly girl) You're on Team SPIDER! Keep moving - start moving, whichever!

Kierr - Thanks for the kind words - and #10 is COMPLETE doable!

heather- I'm glad I'm not really out facing the world alone, even though it feels that way at times!

Lehika - I haven't seen you in FOREVER!!! I'm SO glad you joined us! Although you won't be on a Team - you can still get individual stuff.

Also - to anyone that signed up AFTER Friday (jill, lehka, kierr - anyone else that I missed) Week one deadline is 9/12/08. Please PM me your weigh in so that I can keep track!

Ok - lots of work to do! I'll check in later! KEEP IT UP GIRLS! - And I'm looking forward to those Monday Weighins!!!

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At it again
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Good morning everyone! On one hand, Mondays are so depressing; on the other, there's something motivating about starting a brand new week. I actually rolled out of bed early today and got a quick 3 miles in on the bike.

Welcome to all our new friends. I hope you find the same inspiration here that I have. Have a great day all!
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Team Cauldron in tha house!

Man, you guys were posting like all get out over the weekend, everyone is doing such an awesome job...would probably have paid off for ME to post over the weekend too...

Sooo I'm glad my weigh in day is this Friday instead of today because I did a bit of *celebrating* during the COWBOYS game yesterday...

But all is not lost, team cauldron, I didn't gain anything!! Let's do this!!
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Fellow witchies I may have some bad news... i got a brand new scales today (weightwatchers brand because my other one was 30 years old! my parents got it for a wedding present for some reason) and when i weighed myself just to test it, because my official weigh in isn't until tomorrow at half 5, it said i gained a pound!!! but its TOM and i know ive been good so im going to really try and get it down between now and tomorrows weigh in. On the plus side though, my scales also measures body fat percentage and mine is 26, which i was really pleased at because i thought it was much higher! so that was a positive anyway!
So i really hope i wont be letting anyone down tomorrow! but if the scales do show a plus i'm just going to consider it motivation to lose more the next week!
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Babygal ~ Your not a dig bat!!! I missed ya!!!
Good job taking it one day at a time!! All you can do is worry about today right?? Right! So conquer today and worry about tomorrow....tomorrow!!!

Heather ~ on the weigh in today girl! Don't forget to PM Eny your weight!!!

IrishRover ~ 1ST of all different scales are gonna weigh you is very possible that the new scale you have just weighs you 1-2 pounds heavier. I have two scales too.....both digital and one weighs me 2 pounds heavier ALL THE TIME!!! 2nd of all...TOM is coming so your bound to retain some water and gain some right? I would sweat it....if your worried try weighing on your original scale to see if it still reads the same or lower...if it does...I would stick with the original one cause at least you know where you started on that scale!! Hope this helped!

Eny~ There is alot of posting here! Isn't it great! This challenge rocks! I can't wait to get up in the morning and check it!

Well gotta go to class....I hate Chemistry! Blah Oh well.....

Have a great day everyone!
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focus creates results
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I really love the challange threads. It really gets me revved up to move!

I worked out last night and my goal for these two coming weeks is to work out for 30m every day until the second weigh in. I will do my first 9/12 weigh in but am not really expecting any movement until week 2 (that's the way my body rolls!).

I'm excited to be on board! Woo!

Go everyone!
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Good morning!

I'm doin' the happy dance today because I made it thru the weekend without falling off plan and getting my exercise in! (Is that a first for me or what? lol)

Hey Enygirl, hope you're having a better day today! I like coming to the boards and seeing everyone's posts too. Sometimes my cyberspace life is more fun than my real life (lol) ... so it does help just knowing there's somebody out there who (if nothing else) will listen or cheer you on a bit when you need it.

Jillnicole, I mostly like the challenges because they challenge ME against my biggest opponent, MYSELF! I'm the one always getting in my way when it comes to losing weight, so these challenges are really keeping me on my toes! And they're fun!

You're welcome Heather.

Way to go Jo7475! Go Skeletons!

kierr! Sounds like you have a tried and true plan, always good to stick with what works.

julie99s that dinner sounds yummy!

rmc9142! Keep up the good work! Go Skeletons!

And Hello to anyone I haven't mentioned by name!

Have a great day everyone!
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Good Morning!

Im here to post my weigh in for team witches. Im down a pound! 186 to 185.

Irish- Dont worry about it, TOM always makes people gain weight. Its just part of life. Im sure you are doing fine. That pound I just lost has taken me FOREVER but I think im on track now.

Eny- Im loving this thread, theres so much participation and encouragement!
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Good Morning Everyone~I had an on program weekend. My Colts lost badly last night. Other than that things are great. I did my first weigh in this morning. The scale goddess was good to me. My new weight is 181. Closer to 170's, I will be so happy when I get there!! Catch ya all later! Pat
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163 at weighin this morning! Wooo... Team Cauldron, I'm gonna work my butt off to get out of the 160s. I have a really busy day today, so please send love and prayers. I really want to do some walking and dancing tonight... workout updates will be in the 20-something fitness challenge! Gooooooooo Team Cauldron!
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In love with...THE GYM!!
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Vivien-- I know how the football games go... I know if the Lions manage to win a game this year (hahaha), I'll probably celebrate like it was the super bowl! You had fun and you didn't gain. That rules!

Tamara-- Hope your busy day goes smoothly! Congrats on the weigh in!!

Blue Serenity-- The dinner was delicious. So I made sure to eat TOO MUCH of it lol. But I was rewarded with a bloated, upset tummy, so now I know the consequences

I got the kids off to school this morning. Got home, put on my workout clothes, and popped in my biggest loser cardio max workout. I'm still working level one as Bob kicks my butt. Though last week I did level two and the extra 10 minutes had me wanting to fall over! So, I'll stick with one for a bit longer, and maybe incorporate level two once a week.
Then after the half hour level one workout, I jumped on the treadmill for 25 minutes. So I'm feeling pretty good right now. Now I can get chores done!!

Have a productive day, everyone. And keep up the great work!!

Go team Cauldron!
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heather - congratulations on losing your first pound...did you PM Eny your weigh in?

That brings TEAM WITCH to 2.3 of 15 pounds so far
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