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hello team bat.....where are we all?
i had a sneaky weigh this morning... iknow bad bad, i was checking 2 days of family down did not destory all my good work from last week but it looks like if i can keep it off i may have a big loss by thursday (my actual weigh in day )
im going running today YAY....anyone else in team bat or in this challenege a runner????
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Yay team witch!!! I love the team idea, it increases the motivation because no-one wants to let the team down! Just a little update on the last few days for me: I was at a surprise party on friday night where we went for a mexican dinner but i allowed myself loads of points for it (im doing the weightwatchers core plan so i dont track my meals but i have a weekly 21 points for treats and extras). since then ive been eating more of my weekly points than i have my meals! ive already hit my weekly limit so from now until tuesday evening im going to go very light on the food and try and get some exercise in by walking my little pug. Im very nervous about the weigh-in cos its coming into TOM for me and i always gain half a pound! and on wednesday im going on holiday to america for a week to visit my sister but im definitely going to go to the gym in hotels as much as i can to try and alleviate the damage of all the food i will undoubtedly be eating! good luck everyone on the first weigh ins!
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Hi everyone!

Hello my fellow team Witchians...LOL!

IrishRover ~ I love the idea of teams too. I just hope everyone sticks with it and doesn't let the team down.....NO DROP OUTS!!!! LOL! Good job on your points IR!!

Heather ~

Primm, Jeniansmom, Lisa43 ~ How's it going? Everything okay in diet/exercise land?? LOL!

I'm getting so motivated with this challenge! This is crazy good!

ENY~ We should have done like this for the labor day challenge...LOL!

So today I have a birthday party to go to at the local city park. It is one of my neices b-days. I have decided to have lunch as normal when we all get home from church...then try to do a bit of homework....then we are going to the party at 2pm. I have already decided not to cake or ice cream either! Instead...after we sing happy birthday...I'm gonna go down the hill to the walking track at the park and try to get at least a mile in!!

I will either go to the gym tonight or walk 3.1 miles around the block at my house....

Good luck everyone.....the weekends can usually derail even the best week somtimes

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Well, Team Witch, sorry to let you down. I can only post a .5 lb loss. It's been 1 pound for the last couple of days, but today is my official weigh in day and I went off plan with food and drank alcohol last night. We had friends over and I thought we would play DDR which would have counteracted some of the effects but we ended up playing less active Wii games.

I'm feeling good though. I was a rock solid 268 less than 3 weeks ago, so to be down 4 1/2 pounds from that feels great. And the fact that I went 5 days on plan with food is awsome for me! Even when I went off plan yesterday it was only during the get together, no "Well I'm going off plan later so I can just go off plan all day" kinda stuff. I did get my water in, that's 6 days in a row. I didn't exercise, but I had gone 7 days in a row doing that.

I'm feeling good and am sure to see more improvement in the numbers.

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I'm down 0.8 lb this week. Not the best, but still, it's going in the right direction.

C25K was a bit slack this week. It's a breathing issue - I'm still getting over my killer flu (3 1/2 weeks later!) and I seem to run out of "legs" about 15 minutes in. I did it, but it felt far worse than when I started the first time around. I'll get there though - promise!
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Heather/UFI - Walk away the pounds is a DVD workout series with Leslie Sansone. I like them alright, but they do get old FAST! It's not anything I could do everyday. I like doing them on Saturday because it's a longer workout then I do during the week, but it's lower impact.

Jillnicole - You are More then welcome to join us for the individual challenges and my crazy weekly Halloween fun - but the Team deadline was yesterday. Please still participate!!! Weigh ins are due by Friday (so weighin what ever day) and you get a Weigh in sticker NO MATTER GAIN OR LOSS!!! Let em know your Start Weight and Goal Weight.

Mel - The Labor Day Challenge was an INSANE time for me - so I don't think I could've been that strong of a leader. But my plan for the rest of the Holiday challenges is to do them this way - it's FUN! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Team AND Individual mini-challenges!

freethetoys - I'm a little jealous! I've NEVER had the discipline in order to become a runner. I've started the C25K about 3 different times, and never made it past Week 3!!! One of my goals is to RUN a 5K before I'm 30!!!Which I need to start training NOW - since I'll be 29 in February!!!

Ok girls - keep the weights coming in - and any questions you have! Weigh in Deadline for WEEK 1 is FRIDAY 9/12/08!!! You don't have to change your WEIGH IN DAY - Just send me a message on the day you weigh in!!!
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Hey all you witches Good mornin' to ya

Jeniansmom - 0.5 loss is better than 0.5 gain anyday right!!

Primm - 0.8 almost a whole pound!!!! You'll be out of the 200's before you know it!

Yayyy team wictch! I weigh in on far this is how team witch's weigh ins look...correct me if I'm wrong....I just want to be aware of my fellow team weigh in date...

McKenziesmomma - Friday
Heather1979 - Monday (tomorrow...
jeniansmom - Sunday ( today 0.5 loss...don't forget to PM Eny your weigh in!)
Primm - I'm assuming Sunday (today 0.8 loss...again don't forget to PM Eny)
IrishRover - ?????
Lisa43 - ?????

We're gonna have to stick together and keep each other motivated to win these challenges! I hope to have all my fellow team members here till the end of the challenge!!!

Yayyy team witch

-1.3 lbs for week one so far!!!! You girls rock!

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Team Spider is Babygal, edjard, lucy london, sprklmajik, sewgirl. I don't know when everyone is weighing in, but I am going to stick to Mondays for now. Team spirit lets band together for support and encouragement and win this 15 pound weight loss challenge! Monday I will pm you Eny with my wi. Catch ya all later. Pat
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Hello everyone!!

Glad to see Team Witch members.
You girls look like your doing good, keep up the good work. I will be posting my loss (hopefully ) tommorow.

I also like the team idea, it does seem to make you more motivated when you are working together.

Go Team Witch!

I cant wait until I get my sig, where do I go to see what day I joined?

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In love with...THE GYM!!
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Good morning everyone!

And good morning to Team Cauldron!

Posting a 2 lb loss. I'm down to 233!!
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How's everybody doing? I'm babysitting my nephew today and was up early! I hope to take him for a walk to the park today and maybe do an official workout this evening.

freethetoys, I am kind of a runner. I used to run in high school (nothing official, just for fun/exercise). I've been trying to get back into it. I started the Couch 2 5k program last week, but my hips about did me in. I hope to do day 2 this evening or tomorrow morning.

Good luck everybody. Let's go, team bat!!!
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Hello everyone!

Heather, it looks like tomorrow will be 20 days for you. (Your public profile lists your start date.)

Looks like lots of witches are coming out to play! Where's all our skeletons? Hi Jo, I did see you.

I'm down a pound now! Back to my lowest since joining the board ... gotta keep up this momentum!

Chat later! Bye!
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I lost two pounds!

I don't expect to lose anything this coming week, though. I'm having surgery to remove a fibroid, and I'm not putting any expectations on myself. I do plan to stick to my September goals of not eating beyond "enough" and walking as I can.

The only time I've lost any significant amount of weight, 30 pounds, a friend and I did a 10 mile. I'm proud of myself for doing that, but I don't see myself running again. I do like to walk, though. I've since gained back that 30 pounds and an additional 10. I'm optimistic about the weight loss this time around, though, because my attitude is different. The program I followed before felt too paternalistic to me even when I was on it, and I dropped out not long after my friend did. This time, I feel like I'm the one in charge.
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Everyone - WTG On the losses! That's AWESOME! If we keep this up We'll all hit goal!! That'd be SO nice - i haven't hit a mini-goal I've set for myself in a LONG time!!! I'm hoping by making this thread more active, and making myself more involved it'll keep me motivated!

I did a resistance band work out this morning for my arms... I really want to get rid of the wings!

Ufi - if there's anything I've learned in this rollar coaster of life it's that if you don't feel like you have some say and choices and control = then you give up completely and don't care at all! Just do what works for YOU! I've heard MANY success stories with the intuitive eating - it's just not a program for me... I'm a numbers girls, and I've found that calorie counting works best for me.

Lets keep going girls!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!
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At it again
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It's so nice to log on this morning and see so much activity - both on the board and in our lives. Congrats to all who have lost or even just maintained.

Ufi, seven miles is AWESOME!!! I can't tell you how impressed I am. I did my 3 this morning, but I'm really going to try to go out and do it again tonight.

You guys are so inspiring!

Go Team Skeleton!! (where are you?) BTW, my weigh in day is going to be Fridays.
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