Five Pound Challenge #23

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  • WAY TO GO FAUX!!!!

    This has not been a good week for me, because I've been job hunting and the weather's been crazy and I had final exams, so I went up, but I'm happy to still be in the 180s, and I'm trying not to be too discouraged.

    SW: 187.6
    GW: 182.6
  • ok I'm a little late starting but here we go

    SW: 228.0
    CW: 228.0
    GW: 223.0

    Good Luck All =)
  • hey guys... i'm back in now

    SW - 185
    GW - 180
    CW - 185
  • quick check-in before work....

    SW: 198.6
    CW: 198.2
    GW: 193.6

  • Oh, I was so bad last week, I refused to check in and record my gain. Of course yo yo as I do, I am now ready to get going again.

    gw-146 PLEASE

    Sunday I had three rolls they were so good but man did the scale show it Monday morning. I had to work like crazy yesterday.
  • Re-losing 5 of the last 10 that I just put back on!

    sw: 180
    cw: 180
    gw: 175

    See u ladies soon, hopefully with a shift for the better!
  • Hey! Hows everyone?

    I joined the Biggest Loser Challenge today also, these challenges seem like a fun idea to get motivated.
  • Aaarggh! I thought I'd already posted in this thread. Obviously not...

    SW 203.3
    CW 202.2
    GW 198.3

    Cheers girls!

  • Welcome to all the new challengers!
    A little weight drop for me, I think it's going slow due to TOM. Maybe I won't quite win this one.

    SW: 239
    CW: 238.3 (-0.7)
    GW: 234
  • Im having my first woosh yipee!!! I expect to be up tomorrow though as its my sons 16th birthday today I am definetly having cake!!

  • Sw: 211.2
    Cw: 208.5 (-2.7)
    Gw: 206.2
  • Weight is still moving! Yay!

    SW: 247
    CW: 244.5 (-2.5)
    GW: 242
  • s 151
    c 150.4
    g 146
    Only .2 off today, but at least it's in the right direction again.
  • no change for me today....TOM came to visit.

  • Aargh.. okay, so here is the bounceback from my anniversary dinner.

    SW: 214.6
    CW: 214.4 (up 1.2 from yesterday)
    GW: 209.6