Ultimate Goal Challenge--August (Month 10)

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  • Different son. Ben is 15 . . . I did his room last week. Nick is 16. I just hauled up a big yard trash bag full of garbage. Papers, candy wrappers, SOBE bottles, empty water bottles. Just a ton of stuff. Okay, well maybe not a ton, but at least 20 lbs.

    I ripped the burlap backing off the carpet and that helped a lot. I'm treating it all with a STRONG bleach solution. Burns my eyes. Most of the mold is located near the edge of the carpet so I may cut it off and then put up molding so you can't tell it doesn't go clear to the wall. I'm going to see how it reacts to the bleach today. What a mess . . .
  • Hi everyone!

    Hi Enygirl, hope you are doing OK!!!

    Congrats on the NSV, TimeToTryAgain! Enjoy your day Friday!

    ggmugsy ... I'M UP! I'M UP! lol (Been on track for 2 days now with eating and exercise.)

    And Hello to those I haven't mentioned! Have a great day (and weekend)!
  • gg--You poor thing! When I was growing up my brothers were the neat ones and I was the messy one. It drove my mother crazy! She never cleaned it though. I got a lot of deadlines and consequences for not cleaning my room.

    Tomorrow is a new month. I can't believe it. It has been an alright month. I only got on the scale a few times. My 18's are lose. I exercised for 3 weeks straight. Oops...I probably should save all of this for next month's thread.
  • Hey girls! Sorry I've been MIA! There's a lot going on!
    So here's the run down: 1 - I've been COMPLETELY off plan. Weighed in this morning,a nd I'm back up to #189.6! I HAVE to STOP THIS! 2 - Joe and I set a date - October 4, 2008. So in about 5 weeks I'm GETTING MARRIED! 3 - I still haven't "started" but the preg test keeps coming back negitive. I'm going to the gyno on Thursday to discuss my abnormal pap (sorry if TMI) and if I haven't started by then I'm going to make him figure out what's wrong with me! (Although i'm thinking Stress is a MAJOR component in this!)

    I've set new goals, and I'm going to have to work like He*L to reach them... but I DESPERATELY want to be in the #170's for my wedding - and If I push myself, and count everything and stay on plan completely for the next 4 weeks I CAN lose #10!!!

    I'm SO thankful that I got my head out of my butt before I completely screwed myself over again like last time! I hit #180, and then backslid up to #199 again! AHH NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

    Alright girls - be prepared to see more of me!
  • Welcome back Eny! Sounds like you're on a rollercoaster of emotions right now. Take good care of yourself because if you don't, nobody else will! You can do it, just hang in there!
  • Eny- congratulations on the wedding date!! You will surely be fabulous for the big day! Step back, take a big breath... you'll be great!! Good wishes for a good doctor appt on Thursday! My mom is a labor nurse, so if you don't get answers I can certainly ask her questions for you.
  • So shay - are you making a new thread for the month????
  • CONGRATULATIONS ENYGIRL!! Whoo-hoo on the impending nuptials!!
  • Thanks GG! I'm REALLY excited! only a few more weeks to get everything together!
  • Eny -- congrats on the upcoming wedding.
  • NSV - NSV - NSV - NSV

    I told you all that I scheduled out all my workouts, mixing them up some so I won't get bored.... well.. I read the wrong day this morning, and did tomorrow's morning exercise today instead of my pushups. I realized it when I was going to do my night workout and said "crap - Pat's (girl in a different challenge with me) doing these with me! I can't skip a day!" So I did week 1, day 1 right then and there. I DID A TOTAL OF 54 PUSHUPS!!!wait...it gets better!

    I then continued and did my regularly scheduled night workout (Slim in 6 - level 1) and part of it is 1:00 of pushups - and I DID ANOTHER 22!!!

    SOOOOO... the grand total for pushups today is: 76!!!

    I have to say - I'm proud of myself! I actually did 3 workouts today (but I'm not counting one of them - otherwise it'd screw up my count. I did decide that instead of screwing up my morning workouts (and not doing the same one 2 days in a row) I'm going to add in a bonus ab workout tomorrow morning (the one I schedule for Saturdays - I don't mind doing that one 2ce in a week. Also - I KNOW that I'd LOVE for this pooch I have to GO AWAY )
  • Enygirl-I just read your DONT GIVE UP WHAT YOU WANT MOST FOR WHAT YOU WANT IN THE MOMENT. It's really motivating and puts things into perspective for me. I've been nervous about an up coming event and have been so afraid that I would backslide and screw up everything I've worked for this past week. Now I can just say that to myself when I'm tempted and I know it will help! Thanks so much for that one!!
  • jelly - I'm glad that it inspires you! I have a couple of quotes that really remind me why I'm struggling through this!
  • I just went to the doctor yesterday for a sinus infection, and my blood pressure is up. UGH!!! I'm starting over today...
  • TTTA Stay strong hon!