5 lb Challenge #20!!!

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  • Congrats, Thin4Good! Another super fast challenge. And it looks like ForABetterLife might make this one pretty fast too!

    SW: 152.8
    CW: 152.8
    GW: 147.8
  • Wow....I blink and the challenge is over


    Maybe this time!!!

    I am really having a hard time getting going again. I know vacation starts tomorrow and being rush everynight this week for dinner has made it really hard not to stick something in my mouth here and there as I run around
  • Wow that was fast! Congrats Thin!

    SW: 165.2 (argh)
    GW: 160.2

    Today is day 1 of TOM. So ... maybe by Tuesday I'll have something good to report. Until then is kinda a lost cause.

  • Way to go thin!
    I'm at 286.4
    Goal is 281.4

    My woosh is officially over. I guess I really gotta work it from now on! haha
  • Congrats!!! These are going too quick!

    SW 163.6
    CW 163.6
    GW 158.6

    I want OUT of the 60s!!!!!!!!!
  • Quote:
    I want OUT of the 60s!!!!!!!!!
    Jess - me too!!! That's my mantra lately - if I could just see 159 I'd be soooo happy!

  • I want out of the 20's LOL I will be so happy when I reach 219 so I hear ya guys
  • I'm in again.. Been stalled for a long time now.. 138 this morning again ..

    SW 138
    CW 138
    GW 133
  • have u thought about trialling a switch up theresia??

    okay that was super quick!! well done losers!

    SW: 207
    CW: 207
    GW: 202

    SOOOO close to onederland!! if i can make my goal by october 13th (new term) ill be happy!!
  • Sw: 154.0
    Cw: 154.0
    Gw: 149.0
  • Pretty Paula - Yes, I've been thinking about that.. I can't cut much of my food, I'm between 1300 - 1500 cal every day.. So, I'll try to add some extra workouts.. Maybe try some extra Jump Rope, did that some years ago.. My body loved it by then ..
  • Okay I weighed this morning...

    SW 183
    CW 183
    CW 178
  • Had a bit of a woosh today! woo hoo!
    SW: 210.6
    CW: 208.2
    GW: 205.6

    Paula - I think you can totally make it to your goal by October!
    Theresia - You're so close to goal - congrats! I think our bodies just like to rebel when we get close, seen that a lot on people around here!
    Jess and Photo - buh bye 160s, they'll leave soon enough!
    Fauxtini - stick with it, work and it'll come off!
  • It seems someone wins as soon as I join lol

    here goes

    For every 5 lbs lost
  • Yikes this is the first morning in a while that I went up a bit.

    SW 163.6
    CW 164.0
    GW 158.6

    I haven't been drinking a lot of water lately and when I wake up my fingers feel tight so I might try and drink some more water today and see if I can't fix this!