September exercise challenge

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  • Hi there ladies : ) Today is the 2nd so I figured we best get our thread up! Happy holiday, hope your having a great weekend.

    All are welcome, so anyone who would like to join in, please do! We simply state our exercise goals for the month and post a daily record of what we did that day. FOr those of you not familiar with how we do it, it may be helpful to take a peek in the August ex. thread. We typically state our goals in minutes, though it doesn't matter how we do it. Whatever works best for each of us is key. When I first joined in Feb. I wasn't accustomed to the minute thing and plus I wanted to break down my workouts by the week (also I was just starting out ex. after a loooong moratorium) and simply stated what I would do on a weekly basis or how many times.

    Jas and dea, I look forward to being here with you and everyone else who joins in. I saw your messages in the last thread, thanks girls! : )
    After being pretty much of a slacker most of last month and what I feel was falling off my ex. wagon, I vowed to get right back to it this month! Yesterday I did a lot of heavy cleaning for 5 1/2 straight and though I typically do not post this as traditional ex. I am going to give myself one hour on sep. 1 to give myself that boost for a first day start up. As for today, not feeling too good with tom so it remains to be seen.

    Jasmine, I am sorry for your loss lady... .looking forward to seeing you here in thread, you are doing absolutely awesome...both of you! keep on truckin ladies

    OOps, my goal for this month! lol right now, I am simply going to say a MINIMUM of 4x per week exercise with my working my way back up to an avg. of 6 to 61/2 hrs. per week. One step at a time, here I go!

    September ex. shedule:

    9/1 - 60 minutes
  • I am gonna say that my goal would be 1000 minutes of walking

    9/2- 30
    9/3- 40
    9/4- 15
  • I am going to join in again. I am promising myself that I will work out a little everyday so Minimum of 600 minutes but my goal is 1000 minutes. good to see everyone!! my main exercise will be pilates and elliptical (for this month). I plan on going to the gym on my off days and doing pilates on my on days (15 days of each) Good luck everyone!

    Sept 1 20 minute pilates
    Sept 2 20 minute pilates
    Sept 3 20 minutes pilates/weights
    Sept 4 30 minutes elliptical 15 minutes weights
    Sept 5 20 minutes pilates legs
    Sept 6 0
    Sept 7 0
    Sept 8 30 minutes walking
    Sept 9 60 minutes walking
    Sept 10 60 minutes swimming
    Sept 11 0
    Sept 12 30 minutes elliptical
    Sept 13 0
    Sept 14 20 minutes pilates 35 minutes elliptical
    Sept 15 15 minutes stretching plus 35 minutes elliptical
    Sept 16 0
    Sept 17 35 on elliptical
    Sept 18 0
    Total---450 minutes
    Goal 1000 minutes
  • I would love to join in. My goals are to workout 5 days a week with a minimum of 45 minutes to a maximum of 90 minutes a day and to walk at least 1.5 miles a day (or to take over 10,000 steps a day)

    Sept 2: 30 mins Slim in 6 and 15 mins of light weight lifting
  • Welcome to the new ladies!!!

    Well my goal is "1500" minutes walking. But the last 2 months I have had to change that to 2000 minutes and both wound up about 2100-2200!!! Hooray!!!


    Long time no see hun!!!!


    Glad to have you back!!!! I missed ya! Thanx for the condolences! We are trying to move on and remember the good. His family and us are keeping in touch and might be going fishing next weekend! I think that will be best for the kids especially after all the court/drama stuff their dad did the last few years.

    I have been walking this month but my eating has been slacking a few days with the funeral and then my aunts came the next day. ugghhh I am back on track today though!

    Dea and dust where are ya??

    September 1: 80 minutes/4.5 miles walking
    September 2: 80 minutes/4.5 miles walking
    September 3: 80 minutes/4.5 miles walking
  • Hi Fullsteam and jcatron! Haven't been here in forever! How are y'all doing? Hi everyone here!! Been gone for months, but I'm back so I'm really excited to get moving!

    I hit my goal for the last 8 days. My goal is four miles a day in steps, which is approx. 8000. I'll go up to around 10k or 12k on days I have time and feel up to it. Also I'm doing some kind of toning every day.

    These goals are for 7 days a week. I get bored if I take one off and feel yukky (like I've been feeling since I stopped doing it every day). Plus to do mine, I don't have to go anywhere so it's not too hard to do. I am going to allow one day of only half or so tho because on days I'm gone in my car all day I'm not walking enough to hit it.

    Thanks for starting the September thread!
  • wow....nice to see so many on this thread!!!
    Sorry to be M.I.A. this weekend....we were away at a baseball tourny ( my son's team won the provincial championships for their division, and then with friends for the rest of the weekend...home just in time to get ready for school. goal for Sept is 1200 again. I will be settling into a new routine now that I am back at work, so I think 1200 is a good starting point. I am going to aim for 6 cardios and 4 strength training a week.
    I didn't do much (nothing actually) for the past two days....I need to get out for a walk/jog once the laundry is in.
    Here's to a great first week of Sept!!!

    Sept 1: 40 min bike ride, 50 min walk/jog
  • I will join you this month......My goal is 1000 minutes

    Sept 1 Walked dog 25 minutes
    Sept 2 Walked at mall 30 minutes
    Sept 30 Treadmill 30 minutes

  • HI! Im glad to see so many people I know still here (or coming back). Ive been around, just not able to post much. My workouts disinegrated but I am slowly getting back to them.

    I have been maintaining at 160 since about April/May I eat around 1400 cals a day (most days) and I walk alot at work (I a normal day puts me between 8-12 miles in a 12 hour period). I am ready to lose again, but I am not fooling myself, I am going to lose slowly. My goal right now is 36 pounds in 36 months. (I am going to disneyland in 3 years) BUT I want to get myself back into the exercise habit! ITs actually easier than I thought it would be. So far I have kept my goals!

    Happy Healthy one!
  • Hi everyone! Glad to be here this month with y'all. 8000 steps are roughly 4 miles. I want to do this each day, with some being more. I'm allowing one day per week for when I have no time and end up with only half as much. Hope everyone has a great month of September!!!

    Sept.1 8002 steps
    Sept.2 8050 steps
    Sept.3 8149 steps
  • Sept 1: 40 min bike ride, 50 min walk/jog
    Sept 2: rest (aka...nothing)
    Sept 3: 50 min walk/ felt so good to get out for my walk after doing nothing on Sunday
  • Sept 4

    30 min Turbo Jam
    20 min cardio
    10 min weight lifting
    Walked 3.7 miles

  • Sept.1 8002 steps
    Sept.2 8050 steps
    Sept.3 8149 steps
    Sept.4 15,033 steps
  • Sept 1: 40 min bike ride, 50 min walk/jog
    Sept 2: rest (aka...nothing)
    Sept 3: 50 min walk/jog
    Sept 4: the day got away from me...I took a nap in the afternoon instead of jogging
    Sept 5: 40 min Turbo Sculpt

    I bought a pair of size 16 denim capris about a month ago. They didn't really fit ( I could get them on, but not done up!) Anyway...I wore them to work today...and they were done up!!!!
  • hiiiiiii Ladies I just read the posts and my god, I am sooooooooooo happy to see everyone!

    Welcome to all who joined in. Jc, welcome back and dustttt and soon2befit!!!!!!! It is so nice to see you and have you back. THis rocks!

    Jasmine, ty my lady The fishing trip sounds like a great idea! Don't beat yourself up if you were off track for a had quite a lot going on and you really have been doing so great with your exercise , also, congrats for being back on plan! One day at a time, as I always say

    Dea, COngrats on those denim capris fitting! way to go!

    As for my news, I wasn't feeling well most of the holiday weekend with darn tom but I am feeling good now and ready and rearing to go! So nice that we are all here! okay I better post my schedule and them get my tail moving.

    September ex. shedule:

    9/1 - 60 minutes
    9/2 - not feeling well
    9/3 - same
    9/4 - 30 minute walk