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FullSteamAhead 08-30-2007 12:32 PM

September weight loss challenge
Hi everyone : )

We are nearing the end of the month and it's time to get ready for our new month beginning Sat., Sep. 1! Hope to see everyone from last months thread (previous months) and also anyone else interested in joining in. Our plans and goals vary, we simply state our weight loss goal for the month (or maintenance, inches lost, etc.) and measure our success in the form which best suits our individual needs (scale, inches, clothing, etc.)

Congratulations to all on their weight loss last month, maintenance for some of us and also to all for keeping on truckin! : ) Thanks to the inspiration and support here, I was able to keep my weight in check during the summer months and maintain my loss thus far. Thanks ladies :hug: I am eager for our new month and I am ready to kick some butt!

My plan will consist of low fat proteins (mainly fish + chicken) for dinner and occassional ex. lean beef + eggs, vegetables (lot's of greens, no potatoes), fruits and salads and plenty of water! Bread will be limited to 2x per week. My plan also consists of eating out one weekend n ight but in moderation and chosing wisely.
I typically weigh on on Mondays (helps keep in line over the weekend) and 1x a week often works best for me ....though right now I decided to keep the scale on the backburner for a bit and just go full steam aheah on plan and back to ex. regiment and when I am feeling better, I'll take the monster out! lol :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone here and also meeting those of you who may just be joining in. Let's keep it rockin' ladies :)

Elegant Departure 08-30-2007 12:50 PM

Nice! I was hoping this thread would get started sometime soon. I'm 7 pounds away from my goal, which i'm starting to re-think. I have a little more fat to lose, i've noticed. But I also need to try and be more consistant with my strength training. If I were to do that more, i'd gain more muscle, lose more fat, and maybe I'd still only be looking for a 7 pound loss.
for september i'm looking to:

a) lose 7lbs of fat
b) gain muscle/tone all over
c) fit into a size 6 (i've been stuck at a 7 for too long!)
d) purchase turbjo jam and do that 4-5 times a week minimum.
e) start making more healthy homemade soups!

I'm hoping that by the end of september I'll reach maintenance. My mom has just offered to purchase my b/f and I an all inclusive trip to mexico this coming march. It would be nice to have been in maintenance for at least 6 months so i'm less likely to give into any cravings and know what works best if I do! September 5th is also my 6-month anniversary of having started this weight-loss journey. I plan on posting my 6-month before/after shots shortly after that date (once I have found myself my new jeans that aren't falling off me!)

Good luck to everyone in the month ahead! I look forward to hearing from you all!

Utahgirl1982 08-30-2007 01:13 PM

I am up for the challenge....I am new to 3FC and hope this site will inspire me to lose my unwanted fat!!!!! I am about 283 so I think that it would be good for me to shoot for a 10 pound goal! If I lost 10 pounds I think that would inspire me to keep going!!!!! Hope you all keep up your losing!

Lekhika 08-30-2007 02:52 PM


Woo! NOt only are you only 7 pounds from your original goal! But you get an all inclusive vacation to Mexico....Soo nice! Your mom sounds way cool!


Your resolves always sound so well thought out and reasonable. I wish I had more of a game plan type of outlook. The only thing I try to do is get in my cardio....

So for this coming month...I would like to commit to do cardio everyday...even if it's only half an hour...even if I only walk. Half an hour of cardio 6x a week. That and free weights and yoga every alternate day. I want to lose 4-5 pounds again but am going to try to just concentrate on the exercise and worry less about the numbers.

sockmonkey70 08-30-2007 03:04 PM

Hey girls! I am heeeere! I won't officially weigh in for August until Wednesday to make sure Aunt Flow has no influence on the scale. I feel like a bloated whale right now!

But...My numero uno goal for September will be to lose 8 more pounds....then maybe add back in the exercise I use to do so diligently LOL.

hope2loseit4good 08-30-2007 03:39 PM

Can I join? I'm joining a lot of challenges, but, HEY! why not? They all lead to the same goal:)

My goal for September is to lose 10 lbs. I also want to workout in some way at least 1000 minutes. If nothing else, a walk with my dog every day!

stranger n my mirror 08-30-2007 03:48 PM

I am going to go for another 10 lbs this month. I have lost 20 lbs to date and people are actually starting to notice. It is so exciting! My husband can't seem to quit staring at me. And the head of security at my company stopped me yesterday. He said they are going to have to take new pictures for my security badge cause nobody would believe I'm the same person. And that's just from 20 lbs!

seasoning 08-30-2007 05:23 PM

Welcome all you losers! My goal is another 6 pounds for September. If I can keep this up, I'll get to goal by New Year's Eve. I know that weight loss tends to slow when you get closer to goal so I hope to lose a little extra early on. I'm doing sort of a modified low-carb thing, kind of like phase 2 of South Beach. It seems to be working, so I'll keep that up and exercise, exercise, exercise.

Ronda, congratulations! Ten pounds is a lot of weight to lose in a month - keep up the good work.

Lekhika 08-31-2007 08:47 AM

Welcome Hope2Lose!! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

And hi hi to the rest of the girls! I didn't do my last weigh in this morning but I'm ok with being one pound shy of my August goal. Considering I picked up the exercise again after slacking for most of August I'm ok with the 4 pound loss.

And I doubt I"m going to lose 3 more pounds in three days so I think my labor day goal tanked too...still 17 pounds isn't too shabby so I'm happy!

And that brings us smack dab into September. My goals for this month are much more laid back. I commit to exercising 5-6x a week. Eat well...and weigh in only once in the middle of the month. So my next weigh in will be on September 15th.

Utahgirl1982 08-31-2007 09:15 AM

Well today I did pretty good on my eating. I need to eventually get a lot more fruits and veggies in my meals and hopefully within this month I can start doing that! :carrot::carrot: Exercise I did not do a ton but I was on my feet all day for work and have to walk to pick up my son and walk to work since here in Korea I do not have a car so at least that is something!

nosnah1011 08-31-2007 10:46 AM

Of course i'm in!
My biggest goal for SEPTEMBER is to increase my cardio! I'm doing a rowing marathon (26.3) miles on November 11, that's 3 hours of rowing! Right now i'm pretty fit, resting heart rate 55, but 26 miles is for sure something you have to train for.
I would LOVE to lose 5 lbs. But i have to be careful not too cut out the calories i need to let me train. That's why i've decided to *FOCUS* more on building a little more muscle and getting a kick *** cardio base, a 5 lb weight loss would be icing on the cake.

kappy 08-31-2007 01:06 PM

I'm in!

I joined the Thanksgiving challenge, so in order to meet that goal I have to lose 9.6 pounds in September. That also makes up for what I didn't manage to lose in August. Exercise wise the commitment is 818 minutes of cardio (at some point that should force some weekend workouts!), a minimum of 58 miles logged, and yoga 3x/week. The yoga is new, so that will be a real stretch to accomplish.

Unfortunately good old TOM will be there at the end of the month again . . . there has to be a way to succeed despite that!

Have a great weekend and good luck to all. Drive safe!

lumifan4ever 08-31-2007 02:06 PM

For September I would like to drop 5 pounds (at least). I didn't make August goals so I am already 2 pounds behind...but that's okay. I know I can make Septembers goal if i just keep my head in the game. I would like to drop at least half an inch all over by the end of september too.

I want to work out 4 days a week at the gym, and walk for 30 minutes on my lunch break 3-4 days a week also. I am hoping the weather is going to be getting cooler soon so i don't break too much of a sweat (dont' want to stink when I come back in.).

(oh yeah...by losing 5 pounds, that will put me at 144).

pigginpodgey 08-31-2007 02:43 PM

Ok September is going to be a good and focused month for me. I need to get the rate of loss up again, things have slowed down far too much. My goal is to lose 5lbs this month, and to increase my workout sessions again to 5 times a week, to do SOMETHNG for at least 30 minutes each day Monday-Friday.

Dea 08-31-2007 05:30 PM

I'm in again!!
I met both my weight and exercise goals for August, so I am feeling really encouraged.
My goal for September is 9lbs...which is going to be a real challenge for me... the most I have ever lost in a month is 5lbs...but that's what I need to do to reach my New Year's goal of 60lbs.
To this end....cardio 6 times a week, weight training at least 4 times a week, and healthier food choices. I know what I need to do (and not do), and this month I need to really focus on that! Time to 'kick it up a notch'!!

jordan 09-01-2007 02:58 AM

This month the goal is 8 pounds. I am decreasing my goal by a pound each month in hopes of keeping it attainable (June goal was 11, July goal was 10, Aug. was 9, now 8). CW 192 - goal 8 = 184. That would make me very happy. Good luck to everyone this month.

Lekhika 09-01-2007 08:11 AM

Goodmorning Ladies!

We took the children to ChuckECheese's last night and of course I wound up indulging in pizza. I don't feel uber guilty though because I haven't really eaten any pizza for AGES I just wanted it...Plus..those slices are tiny (Yea keep telling yourself that babe!)

We're off for the long weekend. We're heading out to NYC as soon as my husband does his morning homage to the bathroom. We're just brushing the kids teeth and plunking them in the car as is. THere's a gym in my Mom's building so I'm bringing along my sneakers to sneak in a work out.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend.

Later taters.

Dea 09-01-2007 11:29 AM

Happy long weekend everyone!!
We are sending summer vacation out with a bang....getting together with a couple of families (about 13 kids amoung us) for a round of golf (the men), an afternoon at the water park (moms and kids, of course), and then dinner and a sleepover!! What's really great is the other moms are both on Weight Watchers...so we will be 'watching' eachother!! That scale is not going up one notch this weekend....the weekends have been my downfall for most of the summer....not this time!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend

Utahgirl1982 09-01-2007 11:37 AM

Well Ladies....Good Morning to you and Good Evening to me (with the time difference here in Korea)....Today was not too bad....My friends and I went on a trek to find some kind of sandy beach and we did except it rained the whole time(:() but oh well that is what happens here in Korea. I did have Burger King which is rare because the only time you can find that here in on the military base and my friends have military ID cards so they treated me but tonight I finished off the night with a salad with bell pepper and 1 slice of lean ham and onion and lettuce and olive oil with balsamic vinegar.......that balsamic vinegar is so yummy...and tomorrow I am going to have chicken with rice and more salad.....I really want to lose this time and start feeling good about myself!! GO ME GO ME!!!!!!! :carrot::carrot::jig::broc::broc::cheer::dust: I have to keep myself psyched you know!

10Again 09-01-2007 02:03 PM

Happy September! I would love to jump on this challenge. I made a very half-hearted attempt at August and ended up gaining a couple of pounds. :mad: In addition, I injured my foot a couple of weeks ago and have not been able to exercise. :mad:

My plan for September is to lose 7.5 pounds so that I can reach the goal weight I had set for August. I'm going to start this weekend by drinking lots of water and really watching my potions. Now that my foot it feeling better I'm going to start swimming laps for exercise during the week. Oh yeah, I'm also going to cut back on the alcohol and soda consumption. I can do this!!! :cb::cb::cb:

seasoning 09-01-2007 02:06 PM

Happy September, everybody! I, for one, am delighted to have a new month and a chance to start fresh. Although I met my goal for last month, it was just by a smidgen and I want to smoke it this month. I'm going to take out a membership at the local rec center today so I can start exercising there. I've been trying out evening exercise at home, but it's been hit or miss. My family doesn't vacate the den until after about 8 o'clock, and sometimes I just don't feel like doing it that late. I figure if I can get in a workout around 5 or 6 pm, I'll be more consistent.

Dea 09-01-2007 09:54 PM

Hey seasoning..I had to laugh when you mentioned your family being in the den when you want to exercise! I had to do Turbo Jam in my mother's living room while her and my stepfather were there...talk about weird!!
I workout in our family room all the time, while my kids are either on the computer or playing Playstation. My six year old sings along with the Turbo Jam songs, he knows them so well!

seasoning 09-02-2007 12:16 AM

Dea, your family is more tolerant than mine is! What does your family do when you're exercising in the same room? My DVDs and exercise bike make too much noise for anybody else to listen to TV or talk. And it drives me nuts when people stand there watching me struggle in pain to do that 20th crunch...

ButterflyDiva 09-02-2007 02:43 AM

I'm in! The more motivation the better. My goal for Septemeber is to lose between 5-8lbs and to get back to working out five days a week.

JasonsLea 09-02-2007 08:46 AM

Morning everyone! Welcome all newbies! I'm in!

I lost my second job (due to my own stupidity) so I will be around more often. I'm also probably going to be moving to San Antonio by the end of this month. Mama wants me to go ahead and transfer and just look for a house when I get there. I love my mama. :)

JasonsLea 09-02-2007 10:10 AM

Oh yeah, and I'll set this month goal after Labor Day.

OneStep 09-02-2007 10:27 AM

Hey everyone! Am definitly in! My goal for this month is to lose 4kg (which I think is about 8 lbs). My plan is to exercise for 30 minutes everyday, 15 minutes in the morning & 15 in the evening and cut out the junk food. I guess one good thing is that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Belgium or England - so no temptation there!

FullSteamAhead 09-02-2007 12:36 PM

Hi ladies : ), :welcome2: to all! It's nice to see everyone.

Hope everyone is doing well and having a great weekend. I sure got plenty of exercise yesterday. Spent the whole day at my parents and worked on a vac. apt. to help out. I worked nonstop for 5 1/2 hrs shampooing carpets, washing walls, windows, etc. I wasn't feeling so hot before I left theh ouse so took some aspirin and just prayed! lol I was very happy after that I managed to do what I needed.

My mom cooked lunch (even with a broken hand!, my dad helped her) but dh and I did not want to stop working, we just wanted to get things done and If I stopped to eat that would of been the end of my energy! lol. I did nail the greek meatballs and gr. pasta with it when I got home though! My favorite! Pasta is not on my plan though ladies (I only allow myself 1x per week some rice when I get the g.g chicken breast dinner at chile's). With that said, no pasta of any sort the rest of the week. I don't lose weight when I indulge in too many carbs and they go right to my waistline! Not feeling too guilty about last night though as it was my Sat. night and with all the work I did I'm sure I burned most of that off.

I was pretty sick late last night and this morning (dear tom came) and finally managed to get out of bed a short while ago. I am feeling a bit better, thank goodness! It is just such a beautiful day out there, the last thing I want to do is be laid up all day. At least I will have tom out of the way for the rest of the month.

It's so nice to read everyones plans and goals and to have the support here. Happy weekend ladies :) hope your all having a super time.

Elegant Departure 09-02-2007 01:31 PM

I'm rather disappointed in myself. I cheated yesterday. ALOT. I had not one, but TWO high calorie muffins for a mid afternoon snack. Then after dinner I went for drinks with a rather wealthy friend of mine. He bought me a plate of salt n pepper wings (which I ate) and ALOT of booze. Lots of which were girly, sugary ones. I know that in the 6th months i've been on this i've only binged once before so as disappointed as I am, I also realise that these things will happen every once in a while. BUT This binge was probably the cause of what happened this morning.

Last week I had reached my labour day/september goal. Well as of this morning I am back up two pounds, to 136 which means I am no longer at that goal. But it is my fault, and maybe just maybe some of that is still water weight that i'm hanging onto from the sugar and salts. Either way i'm still sticking my to 7lb goal loss for september, that just means i'll have a couple to still lose in october rather than just be in maintenance. Oh well i'm back on the wagon this morning and I know i'll do just fine! I hope everyone else is enjoying their long weekend!

sockmonkey70 09-02-2007 02:52 PM

Hi everyone! Glad to see so many of us this month!

So it was my friends birthday yesterday...And I ate chocolate cake...Lots of it...But it's OK! I NEVER eat cake...So just once isn't going to kill me. And the scale only showed a .2 increase. And it was freaking delicious LOL.

My official goal for the month is about 9 pounds. I want to see 179 by the end of the month :)

:hug: everyone!! It's going to be a great month :D

audreymonroe 09-02-2007 03:11 PM

me too
I'm in too, ladies! My weight loss goal for Sept. is 6 lbs! I plan on eating lots of lean protein (chicken, salmon), get my daily veggies, stop eating after 8pm, and exercise at lease 4 times a week. Good luck to everyone!

seasoning 09-03-2007 12:22 AM

Today's been funny because last night my dad and I put pink flamingos in my parents' courtyard as a gag gift for my mom's birthday today. She was raised in Florida and always thought pink flamingos were tacky, but Dad decided that for her birthday, he'd give her just that. We've had a great time talking about it today, and every time I saw the flamingos I started giggling. Actually, they look kind of neat and exotic and definitely a conversation piece. The sky got overcast toward evening and the birds practically glowed. It doesn't have anything to do with my diet, but it was a lot of fun.

pigginpodgey 09-03-2007 08:52 AM

Good morning everyone!
Had a fantastic weekend, lots of quality time with scottish man. We went for a big walk toa lighthouse on saturday, which was very romantic and nice. Eating hasnt been great this weekend, but i have been watching the portions and this morning weighed in the same. This week Im setting myself a goal of 1-2lbs loss. I need to get things going again!! I need to achieve my 5lbs gone goal this month!!
1. Exercise 5-6 times a week for 30-60 minutes per session
2. Eat more veggies
3. LESS carbs

Does anyone have good lunch time ideas that doesnt involve too many carbs?! Im trying to cut back on bread, pasta etc. And also doesnt involve too much cooking!!

Lekhika 09-04-2007 11:32 AM


I <3 those tacky pink flamingos! I'm actually going to use them for my luau next year!

That walk to the lighthouse sounds amazing!

I went to my brother's restaurant on Sunday evening and wound up eating half a molten chocolate cake. It's a very chi chi restaurant so the "cake was tiny. (Prolly the size of 1 med muffin top). I'm making myself feel better by telling myself that the portions were tiny....but...I had a great time.

I love NYC and our weekend there with my parents seriously rocked!

I only worked out on Sept. 1. But we were pretty active the rest of the time...out and about traipsing around in gorgeous weather in NYC. What a glorious time we had.

Time to buckle down again. I will work out as soon as my daughter gets home from daycare. And then tomorrow is another day!

HOpe all of you are well!

kappy 09-04-2007 05:09 PM

Hey all. The weekend wasn't very successful at all. I watched what I ate, drank tons of water, seriously, but that scale is totally stuck and not moving. It's another day, time to try again.

Seasoning, I was laughing when I read about your problems exercising at home. I've added yoga to my exercises, ever try that with a cat trying to help? I'll squish the poor baby flat as a pancake if I fall on her, as if I didn't have enough to concentrate on!

FullSteamAhead, I'm exhausted and all I did was read about your weekend! Awesome accomplishments though. Good job!

Elegant Departure, you deserve a break now and then. Yes, there is usually a price to be paid for taking one. The damage isn't permanent, and I take it the time was worth it, so what the heck. Maybe someday you and I can take a break and splurge just a bit like SockMonkey70 and have birthday cake and only have to deal with 0.2 pounds afterwards! Maybe . . . in my dreams!

seasoning 09-04-2007 05:47 PM

kappy, it's gets hysterical when pets try to help you exercise! I don't have cats right now, but when I did they'd watch my legs when I was doing exercises, heads going back and forth, back and forth. Now we have a dog that can hear me unrolling the exercise mat all the way from the other side of the house. He comes running in at top speed and and brings me his toy to throw so we're doing that over and over while I'm try to exercise. When he was younger, he'd get under me when I did pushups and lick my face every time I went down. Sometimes I'd just have to stop because I was laughing so hard.

ButterflyDiva 09-05-2007 01:12 AM

I think I did pretty well today. Stayed completely OP, ate only healthy foods and stayed within my 1300-1500 calorie range. Exercised for 60 minutes and walked 3.7 miles.

Just hope I can keep it up.

pigginpodgey 09-05-2007 10:10 AM

I havent been OP Monday or Tuesday sigh. But today is a new day and I am OP, and will be ALL day. Its getting that first OP day under your belt again isnt it i think, I need to get back into the routine of exercising as well. Tonight I will do a workout dvd or go for a swim, depending on whether i want to go outside again or not!!

nosnah1011 09-05-2007 11:25 AM

hey guys!
I hope everyone had a nice labor day! Mine was very relaxing, i was in California, chilling on the beach... but i ate too many cheeseburgers and drank too much beer... oh well, i will just have to make sure i isolated it only to this past weekend and move on with the working out.
To make me even less motivated, the guy i was dating just stopped talking to me... i think it freaked him out, like too serious too fast... but i hate it when people do not have the courtesy to just be like hey, this is what's up. i hate just being left hanging in the air like that. dating sucks
lol, sorry if i'm a big downer... GO TEAM SEPTEMBER WEIGHT LOSS :)

FullSteamAhead 09-05-2007 03:40 PM

Hi ladies : )

I came in yesterday morning and read all the posts and attempted to post, but to no avail. I have been having connection problems but it seems fine now so hopefully it was just a glitch with the provider, etc. Anyhow, it was nice to read all your news and hear about everyones weekend.

My holiday weekend was ok ladies.....planwise okay but not good or great and as for the rest, tom got a pretty good hold on me and I was sick for the most part but I am feeling good now! Sure feels good to feel good again and I got that blasted tom over and done with so I wont have to worry about that for awhile.

Welcome to all the girls that joined in :) (one step, audrey, etc.) and hope everyone knows they can jump in and join us at any time as it is never too late to join.

Elegant, being on a 6 month plan thus far and having only one binge before is quite the record! Your doing great, I bet that increase was temp. as well, keep up the good work.

Mary, I saw your ticker girl! RIght on! keek it rockin! : )

audrey, sounds like a great plan! Welcome :)

Seasoning, happy belated birthday to your mom! Glad you had a nice time and those pink flamingos sound cool!

Hi pigginpodgey! k udos girl for maintaining through the weekend. Regarding any ideas for a lunch, I got this neat idea from one of my books. Making a sandwich wrap using a leaf of lettuce. You could put some f.f mayo on the lettuce and then some healthy choice coldcuts and/or some thin and trim chicken slices from deli (I love that stuff) along with some chopped pickles, tomatoe and onion in the center and roll it up. Another idea might be a nice salad with some low fat protein mixed in.
Glad to hear you had a great weekend with scottish man! :carrot:

Hi lekhikaa, wb back from NYC girl! :) glad you had a rocking time with your parents.

Kappy, thanks for the encouragment! I am soooooooooo glad that I was able to help out and do that before I got sick. As for the scale not moving and all, bravo for watching what you ate and drinking lots of water! It will move! OUr month started smack on Saturday and over a holiday weekend, lol. I think you did very well considering, keep on truckin' :)

Butterfly, :carrot: on a good day yesterday! :) just take it one day at a time.......keep up the great work : )

Pigginpodgey, new day indeed girl! rock it! I so agree what you said about that first good day OP and then one day at a time. Hope you had a great night last night.

Nosnahhhhh, hey you! Being in Cali and on the beach sounds great! I miss California. Your no downer my freind, I always love readingyour posts and your news and am so glad your here with us. Keep on truckin sweety!

New day today, wishing everyone a happy and successful day. The weekend is over now and its a brand new day! One day at a time. It was great to read everyones news as always! Catch you soon :)

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