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nosnah1011 09-07-2007 10:06 AM

Vocabulary : Word of the Day : Sanguine san-guine
adj :: Cheerfully confident or optimistic.

EXAMPLE: Let's all have a sanguine attitude toward our monthly goals and the further development of our health/bodies!!!

Lekhika 09-07-2007 11:35 AM


Can i say that you totally rock?

sockmonkey70 09-07-2007 02:20 PM

Thanks nosnah :hug: I am feeling better today..I just felt completely disgusted with myself yesterday..It was a flash back to 35 pounds ago, and I don't want to go back there ever.

Lekhika, I know exactly how you feel. I have lost weight, but I am still so fat...It's like, how did I let it get to that point in the first place??(cheeseburgers?lol) I thought by now I would be feeling the confidence, and somedays I do...But other days I just pick out all of the flaws I still have and get kinda down about it. All we can do is keep on making progress. You are such an inspiration and look absolutely awesome! Just try to remember how far you have come :)

On a happy note, I took all of my fat clothes to the Goodwill yesterday! About 10 pairs of jeans and slacks, and a ton of shirts. I will NOT let myself slip back into those sizes again.

FullSteamAhead 09-07-2007 02:32 PM

Hi girls, Happpppyyyyyyyy Friday!

The week sure did go by fast. Starting the weekend with a nice hot and sunny day here! The past few days have been pretty good, now I just need to keep the momentum through the weekend and plan my dinners and/or outing.

Seasoning, congrats on the new exercise clothes and sneaks! : ) Starting our month on the beginning of a holiday weekend sure wasn't the easiest thing but as someone else mentioned, we still have the whole rest of the month so let's keep on truckin :carrot: I got a kick out of us "dodging and weaving through a feild of food", I like that! lol :) that's a good one, I can actually visualize it! hahaha.

Mary, hang in there girl....it's history now and today is a new day! :hug: right back at you! : )

Lekhikaaaa, sounds like you were having one of those days or times. When I don't feel well (like during tom, etc.) I always feel yucky all the way around. As for the rest, Nosnah said it best! :carrot: You have come a long ways my lady. Hope your cold is better and that your feeling better. I like that cheerleaderrrrrr you put in your post :)

Nosnahhh, hey you! Likewise! :) yup, your one rocking chick! I fixed it! I spent a few hours yesterday and got rid of the stupid zone alarm and installed kaspersky and I am running smooooooooth now! :carrot:

Have a greattttttt weekend ladies and as our Nosnah said, Sanguine! :) :high:

Dea 09-07-2007 03:44 PM

Hey everyone!!
nothing much to report....I am trying to stay away from the scale until next week (instead of checking it every time I use the bathroom ..can you say "obsessed??") So..don't know if I have gained or lost anything this month so far. Here's hoping!!
Mary and Lekhika....it's already been said...but hang in there!! The down days make the up days seem so much better, and just know that we all have those down times, and it's great to have a place to chat where you can be assured that we all understand...did I mention the two chocolate chip cookies that I had today?? Friday is snack day at school (you sign up to provide a snack in the staff room for everyone to share) I try to stick to the healthy stuff...I had about a million grapes aswell...but those cookies were calling my name! Anyway, light dinner tonight, and no snacking tonight. I am going to a friends house to work on our scrapbooks, and she always has munchies out.
Have a great weekend ladies!

JasonsLea 09-08-2007 01:43 PM

Well, I'm leaving for San Antonio in two weeks. I'm so happy, so relieved. I'm tired of feeling crappy and coming home from work with migraines. I miss my mama and my little sister and brother and I miss being ACTIVE! I think one of the first places I'm going to find is a Y down there.

seasoning 09-09-2007 10:25 PM

Well, I didn't lose any weight this week but I didn't gain, either. I'm kinda relieved, because I thought I was going to go up after the Labor Day indulgences. I was pretty good during the week and exercised a lot, and I think that made the difference.

Sundays are usually difficult days here because we usually have company and lots of food around, but I stuck to mostly healthy stuff today. I did eat a lot, but it was stuff like tuna salad and carrot sticks while the others were eating pizza.

Sherri, I hope you enjoy your trip to San Antonio. I always love to visit there. The weather's getting a little cooler so maybe you can get out to the Riverwalk or the park.

pigginpodgey 09-10-2007 08:47 AM

Morning everyone!! Had a fantastic weekend, had a very romantic saturday, we went and stayed in a gorgeous hotel, ate lovely food, drank lots of wine ( No dessert for me though ladies!) ah it was just bliss. Lovely weekends always go to fast it seems!
Reporting a pound loss today, woo hoo!!! Im going for another 1lb-2lb next week also.

nosnah1011 09-10-2007 09:38 AM

oh the infamous "snack day"... it seems like every day is "snack day" at work... i swear there is a cake in the office at LEAST 3x per week... i know not that many people have birthdays...

GOODWILL! that is a good idea... i really need to do that, it's not even that my clothes are unwearably big, but some of my work clothes are starting to be too loose it looks "sloppy"... i don't know if that makes sense, but it's annoying expense, work clothes aren't the cheapest

Wine... yummy, i do love a nice glass of dark red wine

finally have fun in San Antonio! i went there like a month ago and rocked out at sea world :)


FullSteamAhead 09-10-2007 01:17 PM

Goodmorning gals, nice to come in and read everyones news.

The weekend sure did go by fast! I didn't go out sat.night to dinner as I typically do though I indulged in too many carbs which is a no no for me! I got in a couple of walks so feeling good about that. Dh was not feeling so well, he has kidney stones again! Hopefully this time they are small enough to pass without needing to be broken up by ultrasound and without too much pain! He went into work today so he must be better, he is extremely dedicated though and will still go in unless he absolutely cannot.

As for the homefront here, I have so much to do with fall cleaning and sprucing up.....burn calories, burn! lol. Ladies, have any of you heard about that brown seaweed supplement which claims to rev. up metabolism by 18 perecent? I just read a little article the other day, apparently the fucoxanthen? or something like that is the natural ingredient found in brown seaweed which raises metab. I never have taken any diet supplement or even fat burner as I am always weary of such things but this perked my interest. Wondering if any of you have any info on it or have tried it??

Dea, I have put my scale away and am just concentrating on my plan and clothing fit etc. for the time being. It helps to hide the bugger so it's out of sight. I think grapes make a terrific snack andhelp curb hunger, I love the green ones! : ) ty for the reminder, I am going to pick some up when I go to the market. Hope you had a nice time at your freinds house and a great weekend too.

jasonsLea, I'm glad that you have your trip planned in 2 weeks and are going to be seeingyour family :)

Seasoning, congrats on maintaining and for eating the healthy while everyone else was eating pizza!!! That would be a real temptation avoider for me, kudos girl :carrot:

Pigginpodgey, hey you : ) congratulations on the 1lb. loss! Sounds like a nice weekend indeed, go girl! :)

Nosnahhh, hi there! dh says the same thing about the snacks at work. He is eating healthy and when he goes down for his coffee, there are always all these goodies staring him in the face! How's your training going for the race? Good tohear from you, as always.

How is everyone else doing? We start a new week today, fresh day. Wishing everyone a happy and successful day! Let's keep on truckin.

Dea 09-10-2007 02:47 PM

another weekend gone....always too fast!
I am going to weigh in tomorrow. I had the flu all weekend, so the weight I lost will be adjusted as I feel better today and tomorrow. I must say that I am loving trying on my clothes that I didn't wear much during the summer (jeans, work clothes)...they are all slightly too big!!!! Such a good feeling!!
Here's to a great week everyone!!

seasoning 09-10-2007 11:01 PM

Hello everybody. I'm aching in just about every part of my body after I did a new workout today called Squeeze, by Tracy Effinger. It's a combo of yoga, pilates, and strength work for toning. It looks so easy, but right now I feel like an elephant sat on my body.

FullSteam, I haven't heard of the supplement you mentioned, but I usually check Wikipedia when I want info on a product. I'm usually skeptical about things that are intended for weight loss. If they worked, wouldn't the big pharms be all over them? I agree it would be wonderful. I'm trying out something my cousin sent me recently called MonaVie. It's a drink made from some rainforest plant and it's supposed to cure everything from insomnia to halitosis. OK, I made that last part up, but the claims seem pretty outrageous. But I'm taking it, though, so I'm not so skeptical I won't give it a whirl!

Dea, glad you're over the flu. Congratulations on fitting into smaller clothes. I hope I'm doing the same soon.

plann2walkonwata 09-11-2007 11:44 AM

Later starter: Goal = Lose 5 pounds
stay between 1000 and 1350 cals/day
weigh-in : every morning... what can i say?!?... i'm addicted...

kappy 09-11-2007 02:19 PM

hey all! Sorry to missing for so long, it's been slightly insane around here.

Pleased to report that although the ticker hasn't changed my weight appears to have. At least I haven't had the weekend rebound happen yet, so that's really good personal news!

I have adapted my cardio routines to 35 minutes of elliptical in the AM, 35 of stationary bike in the PM. What sadist developed those things they call bike seats? The first day of the week it's ok. Second day a bit painful. By Thursday it's "please God let me make it 20 minutes!" and by Friday it's sheer torture! Pretty sure if I tried it once on the weekend my tush would have it's own personal revolt. You'd think with all the extra padding I'm carrying around on a daily basis I'd have more than enough cush to make up for those seats, guess not! Speaking of which, it's time to change and run to the gym for my "early lunch" routine.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

pigginpodgey 09-11-2007 03:01 PM

Feeling motivated today - have had a reasonably OP day, so im feeling ready to get back to it properly again, had a good workout last night with my mum for company. The key is slotting the exercise back in I guess, making time for it, rather than making stupid excuses all the time!! Im depserate for these last 3 lbs to go... i am already the lightest ive been for years ( 3 years i think) i think its pyscological for some reason 14 stone something sounds so much better than 15 stone something, then at least im only 4 stone over weight rather than 5!! Still heavy but getting there!!

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