Way of thinking....

  • As I was driving to work this morning, I thought to myself

    "Once I get to my goal weight, I can go back to eating normally"

    What a completely self sabotaging thought that was. I am so disgusted with myself for thinking that. I've been doing EXTREMELY well. Binge free for MONTHS (since July). I've lost 40 some odd pounds since March and feel wonderful. I'm not depriving myself of anything and really don't feel like I'm dieting. If I want to go to Red Lobster, damn it, I'm going to Red Lobster. I can say my new semi-obsessive behavior is weighing myself, but hey, its better than obsessing over what to eat next .

    I guess my pont is. What I'm doing now has to be my way of life. I can't revert back to my old "eating normally" ways. Healthy choices and moderation are the key. My "eating normally" habits now should be my "eating normally" habits from now on.
  • So, is the way you're eating now the way you'll be happy eating forever? It sounds like you're taking a very healthy and reasonable approach, and your success reinforces that. Remember that the way you used to eat isn't "eating normally" and that it won't make you happy, or you wouldn't have stopped.

    Congratulations on the huge success, weight- and bingefree- wise.
  • It's good that you have found a realistic and successful way to live healthy. Knot made a great point in that your old eating habits were not "normal" in comparison.

    The nice thing is that you were able to reconize this thought about being inaccurate and set yourself straight.
  • I really like what _knot said, too.
    I always thought the same way as you, Mammasita. And obviously I've lived by it, too, because when I have lost a good amount of weight in the past, I've put it back on.

    Congratulations on your new attitude!