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Philippians 4:13
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Default bummer post-negative fellings!!!!


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It's an awful feeling/way of getting through the day, I know. I can't speak for anyone else although I think many of us have/are struggling with food in so many different ways.

You are right, there are many terrible things happening in the world, but that doesn't make your feelings or problems any less valid. You are entitled to your feelings about food without feeling guilty and belittled.

I am so tired of this fight everyday. Starting then failing. I just can't do it anymore.
How do you feel you're failing (specifically)?

Have you tried counselling or would you be able to?

sending you strength. I know it may not feel like it, but it CAN get better hun... we just need to find the "how".. but it truly is possible.
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Make a plan. Write what you like to eat that wont make you feel guilty. Write a sample weekly plan. If you do your planning ahead of time, it may lessen the guilt when you worry about what you are currently eating.

Considering the considerable anxiety, there are probably other issues affecting your mindset. Counseling would probably help tremendously.

Also sometimes people bite off more than they can chew. Don't concentrate on everything. Pick one thing you would like to change and give yourself a chance to get the hang of it before you move onto something new. It's hard to do everything but not too bad when you carve out small more measureable goals.

Focus less on the scale and more on the positive changes you are making in your life. Celebrate those NSVs.

Mostly you need to help yourself change how you feel about food and about yourself. Find out what your obstacles are. Can you find strategies for them? Can you find help (if necessary) for it?
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Philippians 4:13
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I am getting on track right now. I need to come here more. Thanks for letting me unload. I feel much better today.

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That's right! You do need to come here often! It always helps me reset my frame of mind.
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Please don't ever feel sorry for venting a problem here. We all do this and that is what we're here for. Good luck on your decision to get back on track. Keep us posted and let us know how you are doing. I think the OA meetings will be great for you.
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Hey, your story sounds familiar for me......

OA- meetings could be really helpful for you!! If you have the chance, go and try a few different groups until you find one you are satisfied with.

I know that I am the same sometimes, but donīt say: Oh, my problems are so small, I donīt have the right to complain or feel upset....everyone have their issues....
YOU HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO FEEL AND SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT! doīt compare yourself with others! You are important!

I would suggest to come here more often- vent, rambel, share your ups and downs. Itīs really helpful!

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