Cyber Purgers (warning: binge confessions)

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  • Hey Ladies

    harpo- I know what you mean about night bingeing. I usually binge in the late afternoon which is not the same time obviously but it's the only time of the day that I lose control of my food.

    Ok I have a dillema, I am going to try out for my high school's football cheerleading squad and I have to be able to do a few things.
    1. I need to be able to do jumps where I jump in the air do a split and touch my legs (toetouch)
    2. Then I have to be able to juimp up and kick both my legs forward in the air and touch my hands to them.
    3. Then I have to do a toe touch where one of my legs is out straigt and hte other bent behind me.

    At tryouts they give us 2 days to learn a 2 minute dance, I think I can do that part, and the stunts because I have been lifting weights and I am getting stronger, but I am so worried about the jumps. There are only 12 spots available on the JV squad and there are 19 girls on freshman that will definitley try out and then me. I hope I make the squad, I have a week and 1 month to get into better shape. I am working on the toe touches on the trampoline and I am styaing positive. I have a few friends on the team one of which is around me size and she made it so why can't I -right? I think if I work hard, hold my head up high and respect the coaches as well as the other girls on the team (with out kissing their butts lol) I can make it because my confidence will shine through. Besides they could always use a smart girl on the squad to help them calculate the jumps right? lol
    I am nervous and so afraid of rejection but the only way I can break the fear is to just get out there and make the attempt or I will never forgive myself for not attempting to make the team. <--- Need that! lol
  • Harpo, I think that changing your sleeping time is definitely worth a try. I've finally overcome my habit of over-eating during the evenings, but for years I thought, "If I could just go to bed at around 6pm, I'd be FINE!!!"
    Let us know how it goes, hon.
    And how did the mediation go?

    Kristen, I think it is AWESOME that you're trying out for something like that! You're right... you just have to get out there and do it. There will always be rejection in our lives, but if we don't try, we won't get anywhere. And when we are rejected, we can't let that get to us. Whatever happens, you will have worked hard to get in better shape for this tryout, and that's what really counts. Good luck, hon!! We're rooting for you!!

    Kitty, you're a sweetheart... ... I'm coming to join you in the exercise...

    Jodi? Ugh. I had a better day yesterday (actually MUCH better), but now I can't get my fat butt off this chair.
    Good idea getting the bad food out of the house, hon! Let's have a good day today!!

    I'm going to start a new no-binge challenge on Monday if anyone is interested. Heck, anyone can start one at any time, for that matter!
  • Ellis-Thanks for your support, I want to start your no binge-challenge on Monday, I think it will help me greatly. I have been OK with food today. No colossal binges to report of yet, and if I keep going none to report. I am going to workout now. TTYl
  • Kristen I'm excited for you!! You are awesome for forgoing your fear!! Work your butt off to be able to do those jumps and kicks! Me, can't do any of them that you describe. I still can't touch my toes sitting let alone standing!! Cheers to you!!

    ellis, I'm so reluctant to join the no binge challenge, because I keep on failing them But I will, I want to succeed in this one! I'm planning to go to bed early tonight so I can wake up early tomorrow, and I think I'm going to attempt to begin jogging in the early morning hours as well. Oh, the meditation was so amazing. I really got into it deeply and didn't want to stop. It was so incredibly powerful and it made me cry, so something was definitely happening. I know I really need to focus my mind, because it's usually going at a million miles an hour. I don't know if it will help with the bingeing, but I've been in control all day, but then again it is still daylight.

    Here's to a binge free night!!
  • Thanks Harpo
    I didn't exercise today but tomorrow I will I have been to swamped with hw and projects uggh. tommorow I will. Good Luck to everyone with mow bingeing Im going to watch the Disney Narnia movie lol. ttyl
    xoxo everyone
  • I have a question that I wanted to ask you all because I know you guys will get what I am asking. Ok so I have always been fat adn everything but I think that I have a really pretty face (not to brag or anything) The thing is I have never had a boyfriend or even gone out with anyone or had anyone like me for that matter. I am worried that I will never go out on a date or have anyone to go with to jr. formal or prom or w.e. etc. anyway I was wondering how old you guys were when you went out on your first date, I fel alone like I m one of the onyl people who's never been out on a date before.
    I would really appreciate the help with this..I have just been thinking about it lately.
    Thanks ladies
  • Kristen, I am 23 and still haven't start *seriously* dating anyone and I'm perfectly happy with that. I've never had a boyfriend at all. I was terrified to date anyone in high school because my older sister got pregnant in high school, and I definitely did not want to go down the same road, so I made the decision to stay the **** away from guys period. I hate dating and avoid it at all costs even NOW. I probably will begin to search for a husband soon (maybe), since he hasn't found me yet, but that decision isn't definite. I think about going to a fertility clinic all of the time, because I really want to have a baby. And that very may well end up happening. I like attention I get from men, but it ends at flirting, and I usually never accept a date. But that's my personal decision. I guess I'm a bad example, because I never wanted a boyfriend.

    You aren't alone. My younger sister is 22 and just now has her first boyfriend, and a friend of mine from high school is 23 and she just got her first boyfriend as well (and NOTE: they are both thin: my sister used to be overweight, but got thin before she started high school and my friend has always been thin, so it's not only us chunky girls who don't date).

    Don't be worried about it. You're a beautiful person and you deserve a good guy. And he will come around eventually, and it is worth it to wait. Just be patient; I've been waiting for years for *HIM* to come around, and he hasn't, and I'm living. And remember, no one is ever remembered for how many dates they went on in their life.
  • Kristen, you're definitely not alone.
    I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was 21. Up until then, I seriously thought there was something wrong with me... it seemed as though everyone was dating but me. And like Harpo said, being overweight has nothing to do with it. I was slim and pretty darned cute back then (heh heh), and I've seen plenty of chunky women with nice guys.

    My sister didn't have her first real boyfriend until she was about 35, and now she's in a wonderful relationship with a guy who was her best friend for years, and they have a baby and a house together.

    You know, in hindsight, I think that holding out for a good one is the way to go. I mean, most people can date if they really want to. There's no dearth of losers to date if we're really desperate.
    As for the prom thing... I skipped mine. Instead, a bunch of my friends and I got dressed up and went downtown for dinner and some fun (we weren't drinkers, either), and I'm pretty sure we had a better time than most of the prom-goers.

    You're a lovely looking girl, Kristen, and you obviously have a very cool personality. Don't stress over it... just be the person you want to be, and that special relationship will come along for you.

    Harpo, you're very cool. I like your attitude.
  • Oh, thanks ellis, it's a rare compliment that I get called 'cool,' mostly I get called nerdy, know-it-all, bookworm, prissy, uppity, anal, and smart @$$. Cool isn't one I hear all that often . . . Hey, I am cool . . . I have a faded Doors' t-shirt, that's cool, ain't it?

    And Kristen, I'll reverberate what ellis was saying about overweight woman getting boyfriends. If you notice on this website, many of the women on here are married and if you read some of their posts, they met their husbands when they were overweight. And I know downright chunk trolls that have bagged men. My sister married into a family with the ugliest, fattest women I have ever seen in my life, and they are all in relationships. I know I'm being mean (but they are nasty on the inside as well or I would never say anything like that about anybody), but I believe that although some men are preoccupied with looks (especially younger ones), that most men aren't so superficial. And you've got nothing to worry about anyway: you're gorgeous, darling.

    BTW, how did you like Narnia? I LOVED it, it was such a huge part of my childhood and there was this old cartoon version that my sister and I would always rent.

    Yip yip 1 3/4 days binge free my friends!! Hooray!!
  • Thanks guys, your compliments are really uplifting, and I never really thought about how many of the women on here are married and everything( although thats very far off right now for me lol)
    Thanks you guys are the best!
  • Phew! I thought you were in here to confess to a binge, Harpo! Good going, hon!!

    Quote: And I know downright chunk trolls that have bagged men.
    Okay, I was TOTALLY thinking that, too, but didn't want to say it. I remember in the past looking at some big women (nasty ones, like you said, not nice) and thinking, "HEY!! How come YOU have a guy and I don't!?"

    I'm afraid I had a little binge today. A can of Pringles. It's not a huge binge for me, though, and I'm going to move on and eat some veggies.
  • *Plays Chopin's funeral march*

    I lost it at my grandma's birthday party!! I had a feeling I would. My great aunt brought me literally pounds of leftover Easter candy and I sat there and ate it obliviously. And then I had a HUGE piece of angel food cake, tons of ice cream, strawberries, birthday cake, 2 hamburgers, blueberry muffins, and I ate more candy when I got home. But then I destroyed the rest of it. MWHAHAHAHA. I wanted to burn it, but I sprayed furniture polish on it instead. I unwrapped it, because I thought if I hadn't I may have tried to wash off the wrappers and eat it anyway. I'm in binge mode, and I really want to go get some more to eat, but I'm trying not to. I get thinking about french fries, because I haven't had any in ages. The crinkly kind!!! With lots of salt!! But I'm also functioning on a few hours of sleep and I'm exhausted. It's cold and rainy and I think I may take a bath and slowly get ready for bed.
  • Harpo-sry about your binge but throw out that food and start all over again tomorrow ( or today) lol cuz that message is from yesterday, anyway I had an easter bigne so don't feel bad.

    Ok so yesterday I did a bootcamp intense!
    then today I did spinning at school half an hour, my legs are so sore, I am going to measure my calves right now and let you know how big they are9 getting back to calves which was while ago i know...
    Ok, calves-16"
    waist-43"with the lower pooch
    upper abs-37"
    not great but I will live....Overall after 3 weeks of intense workouts I have lost like 2 inches which is not much and 5 lbs but I feel better when I workout.
  • I haven't walked in a few days, hoping that I could get my calves back to 16 inches, but nope, still 17 inches.

    hips: 41.5 inches
    waist (around belly button): 38 inches
    thigh (at the biggest part) 23 inches
    thigh (at the smallest part) 19 inches (I want to use this one!!!)

    Kristen, where are you measuring your waist? I think we are supposed measure it where it curves in or the smallest part of our stomachs (which would be our upper abs). Wait a minute, I'm going to look up how to do proper measurements. And I call myself a proper dieter!!!

    Oh yea, no binge confession for me today!!

    *edit* Okay, I found this site

    Waist ~ 32.5 And I read that your suppose to measure your upper mid thigh.
    Thigh ~ 22 inches
  • Harpo- Thanks for helping wit hteh measurements I am so confused with that lol.