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chknlitl 11-16-2005 10:43 PM

newbie with a binging habit
new here! it is so hard to find a forum on binging that isn't about purging and eating as little as possible and pro-anorexia sentiments. so..i'm glad to find this one.

i'm twenty years old, and i have a binging problem. i have a 6 year history of doing it, and i've been progressively changing those habits. yet they still remain. i'm not longer at the point that i need to lose weight, but i do still have the habit of engaging in some degree of binging somewhat regularly. i want so much to be rid of this habit.

am i in the right forum?

ellis 11-16-2005 11:38 PM

You're definitely in the right forum, girl! Welcome! :wave:
We definitely don't support pro-ana stuff, etc here. We're here to support anyone who's wanting to live a healthy life-style. :)

You're very wise to get on top of the binging problem at such a young age. :yes: I admire you for it... I wish the support had been around for me 20 years ago.

What sets you off on a binge?

chknlitl 11-16-2005 11:49 PM

i tend to binge when i am over-tired. that's when my senses seem to be turned off. all i need is a nap, and if i can't get that and i'm not cautious, i easily go into binge mode.

ellis 11-16-2005 11:53 PM

Ah... I am so with you there. :yes: I can eat well all day until about 3ish. (coincidentally, that's also when my kids get home from school. heh heh) If I could just go to bed at that time, I'd be fine, but I'm tired, so I eat. :(
I think the trick is to have something healthy at that time with protein in it.

abinormal 11-17-2005 01:40 PM

I have the same issues. I on one hand am not even hungry during the day, then at night when I am home, I binge. I have tried eating small meals throughout the day to see if that help, but nope! it seems to me that my binges are the worst when i am really tires also and then I find myself on auto pilot in front the fridge. I look back later on and can see that I wasn't even hungry and i have no idea what brought me to the fridge. ahhh, that is why i hate having groceries at my house, but I can't afford to eat out all the time and that is not the healthiest option either, but i seem to consume less calories in a day if I avoid my house.

fitgal2 11-24-2005 07:18 PM


I too have a habit of bingging. Night is also the worst for me and there is constantly junk around my house (mom loves the sweets). I already had an "episode" well at least the beginings of one...Chocolate sets me of...I have pinpointed it as my "trigger food"

JR'sGirl 11-29-2005 08:58 PM

I know how you feel. I am a major binger. I hate it, I seem to think that if I could just stop doing it and eat like anormal person then my weight would come off so easy. But I always seem to do good for a few weeks and then i'll binge for a few days and so much of my progress is gone. We could help eachother. Because I KNOW that I need help.

alteaon 12-01-2005 07:25 PM

I have some serious trigger problems w/ chocolate, and cookies. I've tried things like don't buy them, don't go where they are, don't carry money so they can be purchased...however, if you want it bad enough, nothin's gonna stop you...I can go to Subway, get a healthy sandwhich, and then hit up the 3/1.00 cookies...


WIth the holidays here, I"m trying to just change little by little and not put too much pressure on myself. So far, I've done great with my water...next step is cutting out sweets little by little. I feel like I'm sneaking past myself.

I tend to binge either when I just decide that since I'm off plan, why not do it big time, or I dont' eat much during the day, and then get too hungry to make a decent decision.

At least today was a step in teh right direction: I ate cookies adn a kit kat, but I did not go to the one grocery store that has the sugar wafers...I"ve had a bad relationship with those since I"ve been a little kid...

Bingeing sucks. The regular rules don't apply, but this is a great forum...even if you don't post much, like me, you can learn a lot by reading and realizing that you're not alone in this.

MyThreeTots 12-01-2005 08:14 PM

I think there are some very good reasons binges tend to happen at night.

1. We can "try to be good" all day long. We can hold out and hold out and hold out. Eat our nice salad for lunch and an absolutely delicious half an apple for "meal number four" of our six-small-meals-a-day. But we're only going to get hungrier & hungrier as the day goes on. And the stresses come...no matter what intentions we woke up with, the stresses come. Things go wrong. We get disappointed. Stuff happens. And by the end of the day, what you have is this: A very hungry person whose defences are down because now she's exhusted and disheartened. BINGE CITY.

2. Nighttime can be very lonely. And what's better for loneliness than a few pints of ice cream?

3. We go into "last chance" panic mode as we get closer and closer to bedtime. It's like, "Oh my God, this is my LAST chance to have something I REALLY want this whole entire day...what an awful day, and I couldn't even have ONE little bite of a cookie? Well then what am I working so hard for...when does 'me' time come...OH TO H*LL WITH IT, HAND ME THE COOKIE DOUGH."

4. We're tired even if the day *wasn't* stressful, frankly. Because at nighttime...you're supposed to start getting tired. Even if you don't feel *sleepy* (I'm a huge insomniac myself) your body is *tired*, if that makes any sense. And when you're tired, your defenses are down.

It's so so normal to binge at night (if you're going to binge). Don't get down on yourself for that. Honestly, it sounds like you're doing great. You should be proud of yourself. We're all in the same boat here, trying to learn to deal with things in ways other than bingeing. I think you're on your way!

akcowgirl 12-07-2005 08:01 PM

you guys are making me feel so much better, i thought that i was the only one who ate her way throught the evening. it does not matter if i have a good dinner and am full. an hour later i want somthing else. because i am not as into sweet thing my big faults are toast with lots (i do mean lots) of butter, and chips which i don't buy anymore unless we have hem from being on a road trip. i have been trying to eat better things like celery but my DH says that it is not any better for you that chips if you smother it in cream cheese. :o that is the only way that i like it. it is so hard:?: i feel were you guys are coming from

.Raine. 12-08-2005 02:26 AM

Hey everyone, I'm new as well, and I so know what your all going through too! Throughout my life I've always struggled with binging. Sometimes I'll go months where I dont struggle with it at all, but sometimes it comes back into my life. Lately I've been struggling at bit with it the past couple weeks. I'd have a super good week and loose 1-2 pounds and then I'd have a night where I'd binge and mess up my whole good week, and gain it all back and more! its sooo depressing!! Then I'd have another good week, back on track, by the end of the week somthing ELSE sets me off on another binge! :(
I also binge when I'm really tired and not really thinking. Especially if I'm tired and I eat my dinner infront of the TV, I end up wanting to eat more, I think because Im not concentrating on eating my dinner and Im to tired to really care and its all so comforting after a long day. I also binge when I'm lonley, icecream is my downfall. Unholy_cow hit it right on the nose! I binge for all those reasons too.
Anyway, right now I'm on my "good streak" (day 3 and feeling good, not having any harsh moments) and sticking with my daily exercise and calorie intake, and just trying to keep in mind how I ultimetly want to be doing good. I keep in mind the feelings of how I'd feel after a binge (which is complete guilt, sadness, depression, ultimetly angry at myself) to keep me staying on track. It usually helps.
In then end, I figure this is real life and we all slip up once in awhile, nobody is perfect, everyone struggles with somthing, mine is binging occasionally. When I really take a look at it, its actually helped me grow stronger.
Anyway, thanks for listening, I'm happy to have found this website! I love the support here.:^:


ellis 12-08-2005 07:59 AM

Raine, welcome! :wave:
You said it re: losing 1 or 2 pounds and then losing control. :( It's so darned hard to get those pounds off, and they can be "found" again within a day.
You're doing so well with your weight loss... congratulations! :hat:

redhorror 12-11-2005 11:15 PM

I always was a nibbler. I loved my cookies and was always sneaking a few extra. That few extra turned being ten pounds over weight. When I found out I was so shocked I went on a diet. Up until a month ago I was being so good on my diet doing all the right stuff. And then i went into maintanance. I'm a smart girl, I know that maintaining is the hardest part, but my god I never was this bad. My little nibbling has turned into eat until I feel like I'm abotu to puke. It isn't everyday, the last thre dyas have been ****. I hate myself for losing control and them ore I hate myself the more i punish myself by eating more. It's like my mind says you don't deserve to be thin, and it feels almost like punishment. I don;t even weat food that I love. One piece of cake is satisfying three just makes me sick to my stiomache. i never liked buttery and heavy things that much but three days ago I was liking icing out of the tub. I could feel it going down my stomache all that oil and I can now imagine all thatfat and it made me so sick, buta part of my brain just kept on sayign it's just for today. Tomorrow i'll ber good let me have all that I can for today.
I've gone up seven pounds in the last two months and i haven't been able to keep up with my exercise. I feel so frustrated right now.

gracegirl 12-14-2005 09:13 AM

Hi ladies,
I can relate so much. I can have a great day of eating and lose control at night because of tiredness. It is my second day of avoiding binge foods. For me, those foods are sweets and high carb foods.

My pledge today is to stay within my calorie range and drink water. (haven't been doing it!)
Good luck to all and thanks for your support. You're awesome,

yogachick30 12-14-2005 10:01 AM

I can totally relate!!!!
I completely understand how everyone feels when they binge! I am good through out the day, eating small portions and healthy choices. But in the evening after a nice balanced dinner I start to snack on all kinds of food. First it's rice cakes, then it's cottage cheese, peanut butter, fruit and this is all in one evening! I know that it's not really "junk" food per say but I am not hungry and I feel like I have no control over my going back into the kitchen several times at night. There is no need for me to eat after dinner but yet I continue. I know that part of my eating is out of lonliness. I am single and live alone. I feel uneasy sitting alone at night and I think that the feeling of heaviness in my belly subsides some of the uneasiness. But now I am frustrated with myself b/c when I look in the mirror I can SEE my lonliness! I am wearing it like a cloak that is sufficating me. I want to shed it and be free of it. I am making some progress and I may make only 1-2 trips after dinner. I do snack on a sugar-free jello cup which is so low in calories that I don't beat myself up if I have one. This is a battle with the self and I sincerely hope that we all get a handle on this and win! Good luck to us all!

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