October Exercise Challenge!!

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  • Okay, girls!! (and lurking guys?)

    We're into a new month!! Let's committ to some major exercise as we head towards the winter months.
    I'll add up the totals (if it looks remotely possible) for September, and we'll see how we did!

    October 1st:
    3rd: 60 minutes of walking
  • Sunkiss: 2000 minutes!!!
    Ellis: 1900!!!
    Fishwoman: 1155!!! (is that about right, hon?)
    Anyone Else?

    Girls, I CAN'T add up your stuff! You're all over the place. Does anyone else have their total for the month of September?
  • is there a challenge for october? if so, can I join? what does it entail...like do we list the minutes we work out, what we do, cals we burn...etc.?

    let me know! thanks and good luck everybody
  • Welcome, Choirgeek!

    Yes, jump right in!
    You can do it however you like, but it's easier to see if you list your progress all in one spot. (just edit the post where you're listing your minutes, etc)
    You can write in whatever info you like. Most of us are just doing minutes, but feel free to add any other information that's helpful to you.

    Good luck!
  • Ok, well I am a big doofus! I didn't realize we were adding everything up as an official challenge.

    It looks like my September time was 810 minutes.

    1st : 70 minutes - 5 miles
    3rd: 35 minutes - 2.2 miles
    4th: 30 minutes - stair stepper
    5th: 40 minutes - 2.6 miles
    7th: 83.22 minutes - 6 miles!! Woo!
    10th: 35 minutes - 2.68 miles
    11th: 30 minutes - bike ride
    12th: 35 minutes - 2.37 miles (hills)
    14th: 40 minutes - 2.74 miles
    17th: 40 minutes - 3.07 miles *I'm getting faster!*
    18th: 40 minutes - eliptical / stair stepper
    19th: 35 minutes - 2.37 miles (hills)
    21st: 78.22 minutes - 6 miles!! (Next week is 8! )
    24th: 40 minutes - 3.12 miles
    24th: 30 minutes - eliptical
    25th: 40 minutes - stair stepper
    26th: 38 minutes - 2.37 miles (hills)
    28th: 106 minutes - 8 miles?
  • 10/01 - 45-minute pilates class; 1-hour step aerobic class
    10/02 - nothing
    10/03 - 45-minutes total body conditioning class (class includes high-rep/low-weight arms/legs; abs; push-ups/plank)

    Ellis - sure! 1115 sounds good - I also didn't really realize we were keeping a running total of minutes! when i have a chance, i will check my fitday logs and see what my actual september total was.

    I don't have a lot of time today - i am getting everything done at work in preparation for being out for Rosh Hashana. Happy new year to all!!
  • good lord y'all I feel put to shame. I racked up an unenviable 620min of exercise in Sept and now that I see everyone else's completed minutes I feel like I should be upping the total for October.

    I am also going to challenge myself to get my bum out of bed earlier and do something in the morning instead of trying to cram everything in at night. 2 mornings a week is a pretty big challenge for me--I'm such a night owl!
  • Don't be put to shame! We all did great, girls!! I just thought it would be more motivating to see the comparisons between... not each other... but our own progress over the months.
    We are all Queens.
  • hey guys! <3 and you're right, it doesn't matter if you do more or less than any other members!! just getting out and doing SOMETHING is a big accomplishment! (and if we're going to compare ourselves to anyone, how about the millions who don't exercise at all! even 5 mins a day is more than 0!!)

    so I guess this is my post for Octoberoberober.

    oct 1: 0. the first of the month always sucks for me, huh.
    oct 2: 50 mins, 333 cals (2.73 miles on treadmill)
    oct 3: none yet but inspired to go do some now!! (no school tomorrow, no harm in running at 9pm, no?)

    total for the month: 50 mins, 333 cals, 2.73 miles

    gooood luck everyone! I hope to see LOTS of posts upon my return!
  • I had a really good workout tonight! My endurance for running wasn't that great, so I split up a 30min run into two 15min segments and did weights in between. I'm up on my weights with squats and lunges which really surprised me--I'm using 2 20lb dumbbells now. I'll probably be on that for awhile because I've added another set and I can't quite make it through the whole set. My shoulders and upper arms feel really good and during triceps work I could feel my abs working just as hard.

    I am going to try to get up early enough to do something, but I'm not going to commit what to...no telling how I'll feel in the morning so could be a walk or could be yoga. I am already dreading the early rise. I really need to do something in the morning though b/c we're having guests for dinner and the house is...sigh.

    Wed I can get in either a short cardio and weights again or a long cardio, that's all I'll have time for.

    I'm pretty sure some dude was flirting with me at the gym today--and the place that I go is soooo not like that. My husband was like "Of course he was! You're hot!" He loves my sports bra/baggy tshirt ensemble.
  • Sounds like an excellent workout Mel! I bet you do look hot! I can't work out in baggy clothes, so instead you see my fat rolls under my shorts and tank top. Do whatever you can in the morning, it doesn't have to be something big.

    I ran my whole 35 minutes yesterday because the big oaf next to me was slamming his feet down so hard I couldn't hear my interval timer telling me when to switch. Then, when he left I was stuck between a big buff guy going at 7.0 and a skinny minnie blondie going 6.2. I, of course, was going 4.2. But the buff guy is impressed I can run 5 miles, so that is a good thing.

    Today I did the stair climber. I love the stair climber. It makes me feel so in shape and stuff. I also did about 15 minutes of lower body weights. I have dropped my weights by 10lbs so that hopefully my back and shoulder don't freak out again. I will be moving all of last months files across the hall to the storage area today, so that will be more calories burned for me!
  • Looks like you're back on schedule completely now Melissa! I would love to see the looks on buff boy and skinny mini's faces when you tell them how your half marathon training is going!

    Stair machines are a true test of fitness, I think. I've got one of those "portable" stair machine things--just the steps you stand on with little resistance bands to hold onto. It fits under the table in the living room so I'll pop it out while watching tv sometimes. Even with my better fitness it still makes me huff and puff after only a couple of minutes, but I figure anything is better than nothing, esp during tv time!
  • Melra, I'd love to get one of those! Oh, what am talking about. I have a stationary bike, a treadmill, and a rowing machine, and I don't use ANY of them right now!

    There's nothing like a few flirtatious comments to get you moving your butt, eh? When I'm on the treadmill at the Y and there's a nice-looking man beside me, it's amazing how fast I can run.

    Good workouts, girls!
  • Ok Everyone, Is it too late to join it! this sounds like something that might keep me on track! Hehehe! please tell me how the points are worked out ?

    Oct 1-
    Oct 2-
    Oct 3-
    Oct 4-
    Oct 5 - 1/2 hour walk, eating well!30 minutes treadmill (fast walk/slow jog)
    AND! 10 minutes recumbant bike!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oct 6 - 1 hour light weights (with some cardio) & feeling fine!!!!!!!!!!

    HW 275
    ST/CW 214
    GW 177 (I am 5 11 and this gives me a 25 BMI)
  • Icedragon, it's never too late! Welcome!

    We're not competing at all. Only with ourselves. So your post is just perfect. Good luck with your exercising!!