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peach pit 06-05-2001 09:43 AM

Tuesday, June 5th
I am hoping for one day...today... of reasonable, sensible eating. I can only take one meal at a time. I hope to thwart off the binge type behavior that calls my name in the evening!!! So that is my goal for today..sounds easy Huh?:rolleyes:

Off to run errands with my Mom and pick up some stuff for the kidlets. I am looking to get some type of wood thing to use as a border for my garden!

so what have you planned for today...and is this type of thing good to do here?

have a good one!

1moretime 06-05-2001 12:47 PM

I'm doing better
I made it pretty good last night. I ended up eating some Baked Lays before I went to bed. Today has really been a struggle :( I waiting for lunch but I've had a few pieces of candy and three fig newtons. I'm doing better because usually I would have already been to the vending machine for some chocolate cake.

I'm trying to take it one day at a time, one meal at a time.

Butterflytwo 06-05-2001 03:30 PM

Hi everyone:

I hope you are all having a good day!
I am in a period of just "observing" my eating. I find if I try "too hard" to either not diet, or not binge, my eating gets more "disordered". So, right now, I'm just going with the flow, observing myself. If I find myself overeating, or eating when I'm not hungry, I try to figure out what I'm numbing, avoiding, or whatever.....
I do know I am SICK of dieting!! I just can't and won't do it anymore!
Sure, I'd like to lose a substantial amt. of weight, but I know dieting will not work for me. So, I'm just observing right now....
anyway, have a good day, everyone!


Loves-to-Be 06-06-2001 09:49 AM


I love gardening!:D Have a great time with it! My latest project is an herb garden. I'm making my own stepping stones for it. It takes time but is a lot of fun.:lol:


Good for you. At this point dieting isn't a good thing for me either. I ask myself constantly, "Am I hungry?" " What do I want to eat?" "What should I eat?" then I combine the want w/ the good and it usually makes a healthy, good meal. If I'm not hungry but want to eat, I find something else to do for a while, like come on this site or work on a hobby, or clean :spin:.


Keep up the good work. Healthy snacks are a big improvement over unhealthy ones.

See ya'll in the funny papers.:wave:


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