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peach pit 06-03-2001 10:54 AM

peach pit and I am a compulsive overeater!

I usually post on the low carb board and have made a lot of really good friends there.
A big part of me belongs here so I am hoping that I can join you!

For about 3 weeks now I have been compulsively overeating. I can not seem to string
together a bunch of op days for myself! So hopefully I can join you all for some added

My op days consist of 3 lowish carb meals...no white sugar no white flour and no snacking
in between meals. I tried the no diet approach but I just do not have the self control to do
it...so I need a plan!

I compulsively overeat because I am tired, frustrated, angry or sometimes just out of plain
old habit. Self medicating comes to mind! Anyway, I am glad to be a part of this board
if you all will have me!

Thanks and would you all consider doing a daily thread where everyone can just sort of
check in on a daily basis and say hi? One that anyone can start up?


Butterflytwo 06-04-2001 06:51 AM

HI Peach!:
I am a newbie to this board, too. I'm glad to meet you. I think your idea of a daily thread is a great idea.
Hope to get to know you!

Loves-to-Be 06-04-2001 10:49 AM

HI Ya'll
Good morning ladies! I love the daily check in concept. I've tried to post here before but my computer went haywire.

I also am a compulsive overeater. I've been battleing eating disorders since I was 11 years old. :( I hope to finally face and conquer the fears that have brought me to 257 pounds.

I am using the no-diet concept because the word "diet" is a four letter word for me. On the days I wake up intending to start a "diet" I binge. On the days I wake up and choose to eat only when I am hungry I do fine:cool:, until evening:o. I have to figure out a way to prevent overeating during the evening meal.:?:

I look forward to hearing from you. See ya later. :wave:


peach pit 06-04-2001 06:20 PM

Thanks for the Welcome Butterflytwo and Yvette!

How are you doing today? Today was not totally op for me but luckily it was not the blow out that I have been having. I am so afraid to get back on the scale to see the damage that I have done!

Hopefully, I can get thru one meal at a time!


Loves-to-Be 06-04-2001 09:40 PM


I did OK today until the evening meal. I don't know why I always feel the urge to over do it in the evening. It's not the whole night, just supper. Charlie(husband) says it's only[COLOR=red] habit. So how do you break a bad habit? :rolleyes:

I had a bowl of stew, a piece of bread w/ some cheese and a bagel for dinner. I could have done w/out the bagel and cheese.:mad:

I'll talk to ya'll later. I have to clean the kitchen now.:wave:


1moretime 06-04-2001 10:19 PM

I want to be included
I want to be included. I may not get here everyday but I'll try. I'm going to be out of town some this weekend and I'll be away from my computer.

Today I've had a good day.:D Now if I can just not eat from now until bedtime. My worst time is from supper to bedtime-I'm on one continuous snack. Better tonight.

Cadmium 06-05-2001 05:03 PM

Count me in, too
Hi guys

I'm new too, and I think it's a great idea to have a daily check-in spot. I just read someone's post about getting through the day without too much trouble but then it all kicks in at night. That's what happens to me. I hate it when dinner is over and I can't eat again until the next day. It seems so far away. So I tend to just keep eating, mostly what the kids leave on their plates and then the leftovers in the kitchen that I am ostensibly putting away. Well I do put them away if you know what I mean, (just not in the fridge).

Some days I am able to stop when I have finished just my dinner and no one else's and when I wake up the next morning I am so happy. I wish I could keep that thought in my mind. It's always the first thing I think of when I wake up; what did I eat the day before?

I've been struggling with this all my life and it is great to have found a place where others understand and can share the daily struggle.

Thanks, Cadmium

peach pit 06-05-2001 06:52 PM

:wave:Cadmium? Do I know you? Yes...I think I do! (of course I Have been wrong before...lots of times!)

Anyway, It is after dinner here in the northeast and instead of snacking my way thru the evening I am coming here, saying hi!

I did manage to make the kidlets and dh pancakes without any damage...so that is good news! Off to kick the big kid off the other computer to do his homework!!!! Hope you all have a great evening and who is ever up in the morning, if you want, start a new daily thread.

have a good one!

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