I'm trying

  • I have been battling eating disorders eversince I was a child. Through my growing to adult hood the mental and physical abuse did not help, and only made problems worse. I have been on my deathbed, worse thing at the time I guess is that none of my family even knew.

    One year ago I hurt my knees and now I can no longer exorcise the way that I used to. How ever I have been on a diet for two months to loose the weight that I have gained from not running. I am finding it harder and harder every day though. Either I want to eat everything in sight or nothing at all, and my calorie count is under 500 every day. I am trying hard, but I have no friends to keep me incouraged to be strong and to stay on the diet. If you have any advice or would want to talk, I would love to hear from anyone.

  • Have Faith that we can get to our goals in a healthy way
    I am overwieght and have been most of my years I am 36 mother of two boys 4 and 12 years old I am losing wieght but have along way to go. There are times when I could eat averthing I see and days that I know I am not hunry but still eat anyway. I don't want to eat more than 1200 cals aday or under 1200 a day I wasnt to be healthy for myself and my family. It is so hard. I wish you luck.
  • I'm Trying
    Hi Hope_on_my_way and Angel79,

    It looks like we are in the same boat. I am feeling a bit on the depressed side. I haven't been able to get myself going at all. I think we should all start a pitty party and see if we can lift ourselves out of this. I hope that you all will respond to this even though I see it was 5/21 that you posted your feelings.

    I got so desparate that I went on line to www.usaprescriptions.com and ordered PHENTERMINE. It is a appetite suppressant. I have to start somewhere. I haven' been able to do it on my own. I am suppose to get it on 5/29. So I will keep you posted on how it goes. Please feel free to email me at
    [email protected] if you want to continue chatting about this. I think the key is to find something to get us in gear and talking about it does help. Let's continue to vent to each other and see what happens.

  • I just found this site yesterday, and posted on a different thread, but Angel, Hope and Kathy, all of what you wrote I feel, or have felt.
    I am currently taking Prozac, and it seems to keep me on a more or less even keel, but still I am battling bulimia.
    It seems to me that if I eat, then the more I want to eat. There are some days when I could eat anything, some days are easier. If I have a few good days, I am always just waiting for a bad one to come along when I EAT.
    If we share what we are feeling, we can try and keep each other up.
    thanks for your honesty
  • Thank you
    I thankyou every one who applied it gave me a little hope to know that I am not the only one out there, and hopefully we all will be able to conquer our mountains, and fears.
  • Well, I got my Adipex in and I started taking it this morning. I feel great and I am not hungry. Usually by now I would have downed something fattenting for breakfast. I am on my 5th glass of water. So how are you guys doing today? Let me know.
  • not good
    I ate last night, the first time in two days. I dont know why but I dont want to take in any calories because I have bad knees and cant work it off. I think it will just turn straight into fat. but I took a really big step for starters I ate a good dinner and I bought a bike. I am so excited. I think I will be able to eat more with out fretting as much about it cause now I can lose the calories. getting ready to have lunch. tried to ride my bike today but it was raining I will try again this after noon, and congrats on getting the pills in hope it helps, and keep on drinking the water.
  • Angel79,

    You won't turn to fat riding a bike. That's for sure. That is a great exercise, plus there is no knee pressure. I am going walking at lunchtime, in a few minutes. I am trying for 1 to 2 miles. It is sunny here today. We have had so much rain lately.

    I bit off my pear an hour ago and did not feel like eating anymore.

    Well I am up to 6 glasses of water, so I know I am cleansing my body.

    Well let me know what you ate, okay.


    How are you doing today. Are you eating healthy today?
  • Feelingbetter!
    thanks for asking - I have been eating healthy ever since I first posted - I have mainly fruit for breakfast, and then try and have my main meal at lunchtime - that way I can get through the afternoon without binging/purging. Now that I have been doing it for nearly 2 WEEKS (apart from my birthday weekend, when one piece of cake set me off), I feel great. Why is it that when I am in control of my food everything else seems better? What is this thing about control anyway?

    you should be eating something - you will fall off your bike!! Good luck anyway - I know what bad knees are - I used to run, but now have to just walk fast.

    Good luck everyone - I know that I have to do this for myself, but with you all I don't have to be on my own

    speak to you soon