Accountablilty[August 9-15]*support needed*

  • Hi guys. I dunno if you remember me or not but I was around for a little while then left. But I am back now. I am in recovery for anorexia for the past 21 days and I have noticed myself slipping again. I can tell I have been losing weight because I havent been able to eat over 1500 calories. Most of the time its between 1000-1200. But lately its been even lower. So I am going to write in here and hoping get the support I need to eat well. Yesterday I had 750 calories and the day before I had 690. I know I have to eat more but I cant seem to do it. I need help. I need support.

    So far today I have eaten:

    ~1 cups of total raisin bran cereal w/ tiny bit of milk= 200 calories.

    i dont know what i am going to have for lunch or dinner, i guess i will see when i get there. i just hope that i can have the support that i need to get threw this.
  • We're here for you, Trista.
  • thanks Jennelle

    so hard... 681 calories and i still have dinner to do. so i think i am going to meet my calorie amount which is good. I just got off the phone with a T, she is like miles and miles away though. I think I need to find something closer to home. *goes to check out support groups at a local hospital*
  • How are you doing Trista? Don't make us worry!

  • lol yesterday i ended up having 1000 calories, today 1100 so i am doing good. i weighed myself today and i am... 128! tehe. i will update tomorrow!
  • Awesome Trista!!!!!!!! You sound more positive. Is your energy up?

  • hey rockemist tehe. thanks for stopping in on me. i am not feeling that well right now, but its because of the heat. i have been eating a little extra because of its so yeah. i am eating well
  • How are you doing this week Trista?