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  • hi everyone im new to this thread. ive pretty much had every ED there is &currently suffer from BED, which is why im so fat.

    im doing good this week though. down 4 1/4 pounds since monday.
  • Welcome kd580!! So glad you joined us!

    Crystal, we do miss you! I've been alone here since you've been gone! I haven't been to New Mexico in years! I know its beautiful there! What a nice "get away!". How's the weather there this time of year?

    I'm doing really well this week. I've made some lowfat dishes and have some frozen in individual servings. This way when I'm hungry I can grab something quickly that I'll keep down. It's worked well so far! My husband hasn't been working as much lately, that's helped so much. He keeps my mind on other things, plus he's sort of like the bathroom police. I could do it anyway but feel guilty because he thinks he's doing a good job"watching" me , so I don't. Things are looking up...

    Hope everyone is well... I'll check in later!
  • I'M BACK :)
    Hi all!!!

    I am home after much confusion. My daughter refused to put her doll through the scanner at the airport. She cried and threw such a fit that by the time we got her to do it we missed our flight. But we made it home just a few hours behind schedule. New Mexico was absolutely beautiful. The weather was a little weird though. It snowed, rained, sleeted and was sunny. Just about all in one day. We were in the mountains and all the locals said it was usual weather. My sister has a breath taking view. Every window you look out all you see is mountains. WOW is all I can say. I had a great time visiting with my family. I got to see all my neices and nephews. She has 4 kids. 2 girls one is 8 and the other is going to be 5, and two boys, one is 3 and the other is 11 months. They are all so cute. I feel unusually relaxed and rested. It was great but I missed my husband and kitty. I am glad to be home. But I guess it is back to the grind.

    Welcome kd580. Feel free to write anything you want. It helps so much. God knows I have posted some weird ones.... LOL. Congratulations on your weight loss. I hope you are doing it healthy.

    Rachel, I hope you are doing OK. I understand what you mean about the bathroom police. My husband is the same way. I haven't purged in a long time but when I do eat a meal he always watches me to make sure I don't disappear. I feel really good since I have gotten home. I start back to work next week. I am a little nervous about that but I know I can make it. The pool doesn't open for a few more weeks so I have some time to deal with it. I have noticed that my clothes are fitting a little looser. But i haven't weighed myself. And I won't because I know that I will be on the scale all the time. I go to the doc in a month to get my 3 month check up. I hope those cancer cells just stay away. So just keep me in your prayers about that. It has been 1 year since I had the cryo surgery to freeze off the cells. SO far they have stayed away. I just want to make sure they do.

    Well I have a ton of laundry to do. I will check in later on all of you. Glad to be back.

    Love and prayers
  • hi guys,

    hope all is well. not to worry, im on a modified version of CAD