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Default Youday (Tuesday) 6 April 04

Hi Chickies!

I am at work. I thought the conversation about being at home yesterday was a good one. I use to have a real problem with home alone boredom eating since I plan all my meals and I seem super busy all the time I don't run into that anymore.

I have found if I am bored and lying around the house.
1. I can get up and excercise or walk or do something with movement (play )
2. Lay in the bath tub and play, yesterday I took an oatmeal bath and played crocodile for at least a 1/2 hour
3. Theres always step work to do
4. Pick up some literature or heck read a trashy book
5. Call people, write them cards, tell some random person that you care about them (Shoot write me I love that stuff )
6. And always you can come and muse here

Have a nice day (I will try to come back, I have a DR. appt, meeting, and sometime after I get out of here)

Miss Chris
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Hi everyone!

We are alive and well over here! This is major crunch time for my job - and as usual I'm trying to figure out how to get it done while taking care of my precious baby. The biggest problem is that this major task for today takes phone calls. Hmm. Elijah likes to yell if I'm not paying attention to him. He took a short nap in the crib, but I didn't get much done during that 45 minutes. Ack! Anyway, one way or the other it will work out. I'll do what I can possibly do and give the rest to God!

My whole life was the home-alone eating problem until Elijah came home, since I've worked from home for about 3 years now. Now, that's not my life, but I know things will even out at some point.

Today is the first day of going off of sugar again. I've been off of fried foods for several weeks and this is the next step to my custom eating plan. This, of course, is much harder than saying no to french fries, but I'm just going to do it ODAT. It doesn't help that there's one Dr Pepper in the fridge. . . but I can do it! I'll make sure Dan gets that last one tonight.
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Angi: Good luck with the next step. Sugar is a hard one for most people.

I am doing fine. Overate some last night but back at it today. It is so easy to overeat because I still zone out when eating sometimes.

Chris: Sounds like some good ideas to keep from turning to food right away when bored.

Everyone have a good day. I should be a little less busy after getting yesterday finished up so more time to check in. I am going to make it a priority to check in at least once a day anyway.

This evening my 8 yo granddaughter is going to make tuna noodle casserole for the family and then we are going to sit and watch Brother Bear after dinner. Grandpa doesn't know it yet but he will either watch the movie or go in the bedroom to watch basketball tonight.
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Good suggestions, Chris. Unfortunately, I've found it easier to eat something while holding the babies than anything else - I do try to read after they're in bed, if I need a little escape. It's going to take some reprogramming. I ordered three Geneen Roth books. Can't wait for them to get here!

I'll try to write more tomorrow - bath time is quickly approaching!
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Hey all...

I am practicing the good old advice today...."If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

I've got someone I don't even know pushing my buttons...trying to engage in a war of words just to be an *******...but I've decided I'm not going to give the person the satisfaction of pissing me off. I'm the bigger person. (No pun intended... )

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thanks for all the good ideas about how to battle the at-home blues. =) i did better today (still a little cereal grabbing. i think this brand needs to go on the no-buy list) AND a workout! but my knee hurt after 12 minutes on the bike, i had to get off. grrr. i did upper body though.

gonna relax now. gonna take off the knee brace and put my leg in the air.
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Just a quick hello Sorry I didn't really check in today. I will tomorrow.
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