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Default It's hard to stop bingeing

It happened this weekend. I've been doing good on my keto diet. All of a sudden I this weekend I just kept eating and didn't stop. It got to point that my girlfriend literally yelled at me.
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Hey man I know it's hard in the beginning. But don't be disappointed. Treat it just like a minor setback, a learning mistake. Keep in mind you're still training your body to ask for less food and in today's world full with shiny addictive foods that's definetly not an easy task. Just keep your chin up and don't dwell so much on it. I would advise you to be more present. Don't let your mind go wild and take control. Remind yourself every hour how great it is that you're alive and well and that you're on this awesome path of reclaiming the body you deserve. Additionally it is really helpful to take up some activity like a hobby to do on the weekends when you're not working. Or go for a walk and take your gf for example, get outside smell the fresh air. Or even better find a workout routine that is interesting to you whether it's for strength, cardio, HIT or general fitness and just do it. Stay present, stay positive and results will come I promise!
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The best way to stop bingeing will vary from person to person. However, here are two general tips that help:

1) Seek support from others. Talk to your friends and family about your struggles with bingeing.

2) Make changes to your diet and lifestyle. If you're frequently bingeing on unhealthy foods, try switching to a healthier diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also make sure you get enough exercise and sleep each night.
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