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Imaginary 06-04-2018 08:58 PM

New here with one purpose
Hi I only just registered. I'm not one for forums and all - although I like this one it's old school - but here I am with just one question. I'm not overweight per say but I do overeat often and it's ridiculous. It was worse before, but I need a last push to the finish line. Sometimes I eat so much sugar in one go that my heart beats really fast and I don't know how come I did not develop some serious illness by now. Well I don't want that to happen, so this needs to stop.
I'd like to get someone with whom I can chat anonymously or email or text, ideally someone who is often online, just so that we can tell each other to stop when we're about to overeat and just talk each other out of it.
So if anyone here is up for it, that'd be nice. I'm under 30 years old so I'd like someone my age but it doesn't really matter.

Wannabehealthy 06-05-2018 09:25 AM

Hi Imaginary. Welcome to3FatChicks. I understand your needs but being an old lady, I do not fit the criteria. I feel that eating more healthy food, such as lots of vegetables, will eliminate your cravings for sweets, as it changes your taste buds. I hope you find a buddy you can interact with which will help both of you.

Good luck!

The Friend 06-24-2018 02:54 PM

I have limited sweets to a few pieces of chocolate with a high count of cacao. I don't eat the nibs, but the very dark stuff with a lot of cacao is very good for you.. all in moderation, of course. I hope you find someone to that you can count on!

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