Slim Fast(ing) because of a friend

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  • Start of week 9 and I'm still at 235. Granted, last week was a really bad week for me because I started getting really bad fainting spells at work and had to go off the diet a bit to get my blood sugars back to normal. I hated doing it because I was doing so well up until then, not a single cheat day, but yeah, that time I don't really think I had a choice. Things are back to normal now though and I'm going back at it with the same drive I had when I first started. I'm also on my period right now so when I weighed and saw that I was still at 235 I couldn't help but to think that some of that was bloated weight. We'll see next week.
  • It very well could be from TOM or you could be holding some water due to extra sodium from the days you weren't able to stick to your plan 100%. I hope you are able to get everything sorted because fainting spells are scary. I was drinking too much water which was throwing off my electrolyte balance and making me dizzy. It's all a balancing act. I am happy to see you still going, good luck to you as you continue your journey
  • Great job!!
  • keep up the good work yoshi and keep us posted
  • I haven't personally tried Slimfast, but my friend has and she lost some impressive weight, but later she switched over to ideal Shape. She says their shakes are awsome and help her maintain the weight she lost with SLimfast.
  • All the best! You are taking the right steps. I'm inspired by you.
  • Crazy story!
    I do know that decreasing your overall caloric intake is key to actually getting rid of the fat, but if you aren't working out hard, you aren't burning very many calories to begin with. I would recommend a decent program! If your program sucks, how can you expect anything above mediocre results? My friend and her mom used this program to lose 20+ lbs a piece without even counting their calories. It's called the Flat Belly Fix.
    Ps: If you decide to use it, let me know how it goes!
  • I understand
    Just try harder! Only the strong survive op!
  • Amazing work !
  • I'm jealous.