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haggis 10-25-2014 04:22 PM

Mind over mass
Starting on another weight loss program today. I know that in order to stop losing and regaining the same 35 lbs I need to shift my way of thinking, so this will be where I work it all out. Don't consider myself a binge eater, but clearly an overwater and need to redefine my attitude towards food. In the coming weeks I hope to work through a few issues here - hope I don't bore anyone but I need to refocus my priorities and this is a good vehicle. For tonight I will try to stay on plan. Thanks.:)

Palestrina 10-25-2014 04:26 PM

Let us know how it goes and how you do it. I never saw any relief from my binging and overeating until I changed my relationship with food and my relationship with my reflection in the mirror.

haggis 10-26-2014 08:06 AM

Thanks Wannabeskinny. I think it is just focusing on what you're name says -do I want to be skinny. I guess that when the desire to be skinny outweighs the desire to eat, then I just stick to a plan. So the place for me to start is why do I want to be skinny. I guess I should start with my health. I am 50 and obese. While I have managed to fend off diabetes and other issues thus far, it is only a matter of time. Do I really want to allow myself to spend the next 20 years getting sicker, or do I want to live them as a healthy adult? Ifs making up my mind I want to be skinny the only think standing between #1: years of reasonable health and #2: years of anxiety, cost, brain fog, limits, loss of sight, loss of driving, heart trouble, knee trouble, hip trouble, lack of energy and more. Hmmm- not sure why this is even a sensible choice as #2.

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