Non food instant gratification

  • So I have found something that has been working for me, thought I would throw it out there. I find that when I am stressed and especially tired is when I tend to overeat and eat things when I am not hungry at all. As I am starting to try to tune into why I am eating I still am dealing with the new anxiety of changing the habit. Once I realize I am truly not hungry I still have that food thought in my head and is hard to get rid of that. It's like I need the instant satisfaction that I "think" will make me feel less stressed or more awake. So I tried to find something that could be an instant reward that can help me emotions other than food. I really enjoy music of all kinds and I rarely buy a new song on my mobile device. But I started making a wish list of songs I wanted which range in price from $0.69- 1.29 I have those songs saved and when I have the feelings of I need to eat a carb or surgery something to feel better and identify that I am not hungry I can quickly go to my wish list purchase a new song and listen to it right away it is my instant reward. Plus for me music is relaxing and calms my anxiety. I have gained a pretty good collection of songs in the past few weeks. It is also reassuring for me when I am listening to so ha at work and I can think hey I earned this song for making a good choice and brings me a little sense of motivation even if it is days later that instead of buying a candy bar in the vending machine I bought a song that I can enjoy for a long time. I also love to read and am thinking of doing the same thing for iBooks I have been wanting. I have tried "reward" like goals in the pAst but just did not work out the best for me. I need that instant reward and that is why I so often reach for food. Not saying I am able to do this every time but it has been helping for sure!
  • Anything to take my mind off food. Usually if I'm thinking about food when I'm not hungry it means that there is some sort of anxiety or stress that I'm trying to avoid. Honestly the thing that works best for me is to sit with that feeling. Really just sit down with myself (the same way I'd sit down with my misbehaving child) and be like "alright, calm down, what's bothering you?"

    Another thing I like to do is watching Netflix. I joke sometimes and say that the only kind of binging I do now is tv shows lol.
  • I usually want to eating without being hungey when I'm stressed out or angry/sad. What i find helps me a lot if i am emotionally out of control is take a long hot bath and go to bed early or just watch some tv in order to get distracted. When the issue is stress i try to exercise and if i'm really craving food i'll have a big amount of fruit. It works wonders.