I vowed not to go hungry yesterday

  • I promised myself I would not go hungry yesterday.
    I ate my normal breakfast
    I did add back 1/2 a fruit to my lunch salad, and a teaspoon on nut butter and 1/4 of an avocado
    before zumba I drank 3 cups of juice...carrot, beet, cucumber . celery, grapes, cherries, peppers, zuccinni, yellow squash and ginger
    For supper with my husband I had microwaved brussel sprout over cold raw collard greens and raw broccolli with one teaspoon of tahini and hot sauce.
    before bed I had a snack of twelve cashews and 12 grapes.
    I can live like this.
  • Mmmmmm tahini and hot sauce, yum! Those are good on practically everything.