Need some tips and encouragement

  • I have been having almost unbearable food cravings every single morning for the past several days. I cannot stop obsessing about foods, particularly donuts and other breakfast foods. I almost stopped my workout this morning to go to the fast food place next for then grab a dozen donuts. I have had similar urges for three days and they are getting more intense.

    I have used some of the skills I learned in therapy to get through but I could really use some tips on how to either temporarily stop these thoughts or get through them. Encouragement would also help I really can't afford to have a slip-up; it would be emotionally devastating right now.

    Any suggestions? Thanks so much.
  • Do you have something else going on? I usually have those cravings during TOM and stress. I eat my feelings. So yeah. I take those cravings as an indicator to deal with whatever is going on in my head.
  • I really don't have any tips, I wish I'd known what to do in this scenario. When I have cravings, sometimes I win and sometimes the cravings win and I can figure out in advance who will win. But I can tell you:
    1. Good job for continuing with your workout and not going to buy those donuts.
    2. I saw yor ticker and whAt an amazing accomplishment!
  • KittyKatFan, I wish I had some words of wisdom here, but really I'm at a loss. I, too, get obsessed with specific foods from time to time. Right now, there is a new restaurant near my house with a specific breakfast dish that I have been thinking about for two months. I have told myself I can go when it works into my schedule on a weekend morning and I'm in my maintenance range, not an ounce above! However, I do worry that the indulgence will lead to a binge...

    Could you allow yourself one doughnut on a certain date, if you are in your range, or if you meet your exercise goal for the week?

  • Quote: I have been having almost unbearable food cravings every single morning for the past several days. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.
    I often find it more effective to "outdo" rather than "outthink" cravings -- i.e., to substitute the craving with an activity. You're on the right track with working out. You could also have something to knit, crochet or embroider, clean a small corner of your house, sort out old photographs, walk around the block, etc.

  • Intense food cravings like that are brought on by those foods themselves. So now I know that if I splurge on pancakes on Sunday that monday is going to be particularly difficult for me because simple carbs bring on more cravings for that food. It's like you can never satisfy a sweet tooth or a carby tooth. It's the way that food is designed. It's like drugs. So if you can hold tight for a couple of days then the cravings will start to subside.

    Dont' blame yourself, food companies spend billions of dollars on research to find the right combination of sugar/salt/fat to make you completely addicted to these foods. You are not weak and your cravings are not an indication of weakness.
  • Donuts are not really breakfast food for me. Can you eat something that is more healthy and filling? I eat Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. The protein is satisfying, filling, and does not promote cravings. If you eat too many carbs you will just enhance cravings for sweets.
  • When I am in a groove, I can eat carbs and not have cravings at all. In fact, it was when I was on more of a Paleo type diet that my cravings got worse. Since I added carbs back in, in reasonable amounts, I have been much better able to control my cravings. Binge episodes are also reduced significantly.

    I am firmly in the camp that believes that the urge to binge is due to emotional stress, not overindulgence in carbs. I have experienced binge episodes regardless of the type of diet/meal plan I was on at the time.

    I eat healthy all the time. I have Greek yogurt or hard boiled eggs for breakfast nearly every day. I have challenged myself to eat just one donut and when I'm in a groove it's no problem. But when I'm struggling, one donut turns into five.

    I'm back into my routine today; no cravings at all. Proud that I didn't give in yesterday. I find that it takes four days of intense cravings to get past one day of binge eating. Activities definitely help and I have an arsenal of go-to techniques, courtesy of therapy. Was just looking for other ideas on how to get through that intense period of cravings when they do hit.