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Default How can I say no?

All I do is binge, and it sucks.

I always feel hungry, even though I know I'm not. And I always seem to go for the crap. It's the same with me every year. I try to lose way, yet I never can stick with a plan.

I try to cut out things entirely, but then I relapse. I try to slowly wean myself from crap, but my intake always seem to stay consistent.

I don't want to seem like a nag or anything, but I really feel lost. I can't understand why I can't just stick to this like everyone else. I feel like a failure.
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First off you are NOT a failure
Are you following a specific diet plan? Counting calories? Just trying to eat healthier?
I found that making to many changes all at once dooooomed me to not being able to keep up with all the changes and sliding right back into the old habits.
It's all about a mindset and changing things slowly and adjusting as you go, then introduce the next phase.
Start out little...replace the "crap" snacks with healthy things like fresh veggies that you can munch on. Find a healthy alternative to what you normally reach for.... I have a very bad sweet tooth and my binge food is candy and ice cream...I discovered that the slim fast beanut butter crunch snack bars taste so close to a butterfinger...and only 100 calories so I keep some of them in the house and can satisfy that urge with something lower calorie. It did take me a while to train myself that NO I dont have to eat the entire BOX in one sitting just because they are lower calorie than the candy bar....same with weight watchers and skinny cow ice cream treats LOL
Also, before reaching for a snack try drinking a full glass of water and waiting a few minutes Often times you arent hungry but are slightly dehydrated wich will cause that hungry feeling. I personally try to drink in the neighborhood of 100 oz of water a day depending on activity.
Are you actually eating enough calorie wise? And are you eating the right kinds of calories to not feel hungry all the time. For me pasta I can eat till gorged and be hungry again within an hour (esp the white type pastas...I do better if I substitute whole grain pasta or a veggie pasta), but give me 4 oz of chicken or steak and I'm full for hours.
I also seem to have better success in the losing dept with the higher protien foods.
If you can...maybe journaling would help you? See what trigers certain binges...document what your go to comfort foods are when you binge. Look for patterns and then focus on one aspect...pick one trigger food and replace it with a healthy alternative...or at least a better option (like me and it wont give it up but replaced the processed white stuff with a healthier alternative using the whole grain or veggie versions).
When I was starting out I figured out the best way for me to avoid the crap binges was just dont allow the stuff in the house...and then when the craving hit I either had a "healthy" alternative or I had to drag myself to the store. 9 times out of 10 healthy choice won over going all the way to the store. When grocery shopping make a list and stick to it...try not to impulse buy the old standby junk food. Now as I have gotten more disciplined I can keep chips and the afore mentioned weight watcher/skinny cow ice cream bars in the house.....I still do not bring candy or real ice cream in though lol....
AND if you slip up, dust yourself off and dive right back in. We all do, just need to decide for yourself it's not going to cause you to give up
You can do it!!!
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KigerCat had some excellent advice!!

And you are so not a failure, not even close. And I'm glad you posted here, we have all been in your shoes and know exactly how you are feeling.

When I started losing weight, I had to take it day by day (even sometimes hour by hour) and know that I couldn't lose all my weight overnight but I could (hopefully!) do it day by day. And somehow it got easier. By the end of the first couple of weeks, I had lost weight and was motivated to see if I could lose a few more pounds. Then when I got under 300, I was addicted!!

I know it sounds silly but the mantra of "Nothing tastes as good as being skinny (I'm not skinny) feels" is definitely part of my life now. There is NO WAY I'm sacrificing the success I have had for any slice of pizza (whole pizza?), bag of chips, or 2-liter of Coke for the clothes I get to wear now, the things I can do in my life (ride my bike, walk 3 miles, jumprope!).

We all have to start somewhere somehow. It think this is your time. And we are here for you every step of the way!
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Thanks for the support .

My body is weird. Last time I jumped on the scale was last week, and it said I weighed 224, when the week before it said that I was only 218, so I freaked. I know some of the weight I gained could of been from me gaining muscle, but that was a bit more of a gain than I expected. And then after I found out I was 224 I binged like crazy because how upset I was.

I posted this thread yesterday (while I binged), and didn't hop on the scale (afraid i packed on more pounds, and I don't like looking at it more than once a week) but today I hop on before I go to work, (I wear nothing but my bra and panties when I weigh myself so it's a little more accurate) and it tells me I'm 216 now! How is that possible? I mean the weight I lost is good but also scary. That doesn't seem right. I double check and everything. It seems unhealthy.

It did get me motivated to continue to workout, and trying to eat right, but should I be worried?
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Default saying no

your not alone I also stuggle with the same issues but at least we try
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Nobody is a failure. Especially when they're trying! So get that negativity out of your mind.

As far as caving and binging, I've found that allowing myself the same things as before, just in smaller portions has helped. Now I don't even crave those junk things (unless its a big social function). I still have a reeses pieces cup every once and a while. I still have a small bowl of chips (baked though) and so on. As long as it fits in my calorie budget, I'll eat it.

Now I say that loosely and I wouldn't recommend to fill your day with small portions of unhealthy junk just so you can have it. But if you have say 200 or even 100 calories after dinner that you haven't used up.. and you really want some treat, then do it. Weaning yourself off of it is the best thing you can do. Six weeks ago the thought of eating healthy and cutting my portions down was a long, narrow dark tunnel. But now it's just easy to not even get the craving.

What I personally found made it easier, was dividing whatever food into portions, puting it in a plastic bag and go for a walk. Eat it while you're away from the "bulk" of whatever food it is. That way if you crave more, you're walking away from it. You'll slowly find ways to train yourself.

Just don't give up, because you're doing great!
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