Binge-free in May!

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  • I feel like I need to post here...I went a little crazy at a friend's BBQ yesterday as well as the day before and the day before that. Not on junk specifically but on EVERYTHING, in social situations. See what happens when I try to eat at a deficit? Very disheartening. I feel like my hands are so oversalted I can barely type!
  • Have been doing well for 2 weeks now! Binged on Micky D's a little while back BUT I had forgotten my meds that day, hence the cravings =(

    Made 2 batches of cookies this weekend without even wanting to eat them!
  • Jojop, wonderful job with the cookies! I wish I had those meds! LOL
    krampus, just stop and breathe... You know you can get back in control, so change the foods you are eating to "clean the palate", lower the carb intake and go back on track. You are not overweight, so you don't need to eat at a deficit at all! I am sure you can regain control! Go girl!
  • Thanks inglesita, I can't afford another day of noxious terrible gas like today - back to a balanced diet!
  • Hi there! I was thinking of this thread recently. How is everyone?

    I have not binged yet, yay! I have come pretty darn close though. This thread is helping me a lot!

  • Oh, binging, my worst enemy I am currently on a diet, so I am managing to control it, but exhaustion and stress are making me go off plan and binging on stuff (not junk food, but things like cheese, olives, etc.) As of today, I have already eating olives I shouldn't have
  • Doing fine here! I have eaten a bit too many carbs, but nothing like a binge. This thread is very good for me too! How is the rest doing?
  • hey girls and welcome to all new faces

    i've been doing pretty ok, i don't want to jinx myself. even though i don't binge my scale is moving very very slowly...this time i brought it with me to uni so i can be more accountable. i'm going to have to take this slowly now because i wanted to lose 20 pounds by august but with exams at the end of the month i'm not sure if i'll really make it. i think i'm retaining a lot of water because i eat everything as long as i don't go over my calories. and usually it's pasta, pizza, cookies, tortilla wraps, sandwiches...mostly carby stuff
  • Hi guys,

    I wouldn't exactly call it binging, but I don't feel in control this month. I've had so many life stressors that I'm turning a bit to food and I don't feel good about it. Trying to stay mindful of it, but it's hard.

    How is everyone else doing?
  • Hey there...

    I had what I consider to be a mini binge the other day. I am craving food now and I crave carbs and sweets a lot. Maybe that craving sweets and carbs is hormonal? Well anyways, I don't binge like I used to but I still want to improve.

    I am hungry now, sigh.
  • So I binged on Cinco de Mayo but not on Mexican food, it was my first time eating Thai food! It was dang good too. But anyways, I've been back on track and have not binged since, so I'm on Day 4 of being binge free for May!
  • Something surprising has happened! I was not binging but my eating was not all healthy... Anyway, as i am maintaing my weight, I did not want to obssess over it. Yesterday I enrolled for a 4k race, my first (yay), and I entered "a new mental zone": I am training to race, and therefore... I sleep longer, I drink more water, and I am not eating junk at all! I am back in my very very controlled days, when food was just food and not love! LOL Hope everyone finds they "good mental zone" and can make this happen, because it feels great to be in control of oneself.
  • Wow, Ingelsita64, that is fantastic to view food just as fuel. Yay you!! Have fun training for the 4K! Exciting.

    I wish I logged on to this board when I wanted to binge instead of binging. Last night and the night before I binged late at night. I didn't enjoy the food or find comfort. I think a couple of things set me off....I went to a birthday dinner on Sunday night and there was tons of pasta and I let myself have some -- thought it would be good to eat a trigger food in public -- but, pasta is an extra-strength trigger for me and I really need to avoid it for now.

    Good luck to anyone struggling today. And to those who are on a healthy path: Hooray, keep it up!
  • Alright, I'm joining in! The beginning of May has NOT gone well for me. I'm determined to turn it around.. tomorrow starts day 1 of no binging!
  • Day 2 for me in the forum. So far tonight have not had any snacks after dinner. Having folks here who understand, and being able to share my success and failures, is comforting, and is helping tonight! Thank you all just for being here! And props to all of you for your hard work and inspiration!