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Default Overeating and can't stop!

Hi all,

I've never really ventured into this forum before but it occurred to me today that I really need it since I'm a big overeater. I am currently unemployed and living at my parent's house, which is getting me down. This is a large part of the problem. Being away from my boyfriend and not doing the grocery shopping myself is also messing with my eating habits something chronic!

When I lived with my partner we would buy lots of fresh fruit and veg and I cooked all the time - we were really into the whole foods lifestyle. However, since I moved in with my parents temporarily, I've been majorly overeating. They have a lot of junk food and fast meals in their house which is not good for me, I have no willpower when it's just sitting there in the house. I don't binge, I just snack so that I am constantly full. I'm the only one home during the day, and being unemployed means I have loads of spare time which I fill by sitting on the couch and eating. It makes me feel gross and disgusting but I can't break out of this cycle!

Luckily I am moving back in with my boyfriend in a few weeks so I can cut off my access to junk food and focus on getting back into whole foods. I feel like it's completely impossible while living at my parents, even though deep down I know it's not. Add that to no motivation to exercise and I am feeling pretty crap. I wanted to spend my time being unemployed productively, by working on my health and feeling great about myself. Instead it's turned into a depressed overeating fest and I'm at my heaviest weight ever.

Sorry for the major essay/rant at myself, I'm just at my wit's end and really need to change something. I don't know what's happened and I really want to be the old me again! I'm posting here in hope that you guys can give me some tips in getting out of this rut, I need my butt kicked back into order!!
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Glad to know you have a timeframe to get back to a better spot! Just take small steps one day at a time until then! Good luck
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The best part is you've realized that this is not the way to go about. In the few weeks that you are still here, why dont u start going out for a walk and start drinking more water and start logging in everything you are eating.

You have to take control and show your mind and body who the boss is

Good luck
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In the mean time, find something else to do! Walk, volunteer, go to the library, the gym, take a walk, offer to walk dogs for your neighbors, take a walk, shovel snow, baby sit, take a walk, clean closets, take a walk, offer to run errands for neighbors and friends, take walk, shampoo carpet, take walk, organize the cupboards, or what ever. Just because you do not have a job and you are not currently in the situation you would prefer, does not mean you should sit at home on the sofa inhaling junk food!

I'm not trying to be mean, but you have options. While at this point in time the purchasing of certain foods might not be an option, you do have the option of what you do with your time. And you have the option of portion control.

Not every day or every week, or every situation will be perfect for what you want, some days, you have to suck it up and put on your big girl panties and do the best with what life has tossed at you!
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