Binge Free November!

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  • It's a new month and a new chance to be binge free!

    Anyone who is struggling with bingeing is welcome to join in to give and receive support! We can do this!!
  • I binged yesterday after 8 days of being good- I'm trying hard not to beat myself up over it and to just move forward. I'm going to start this month off on the right foot! Obviously I would love to make it the whole month but right now my mini-goal is 10 days, I think that's realistic for me. Here goes a November!
  • Thanks for the new thread, danzingurl!

    It sounds like a few people had a rough ending to the month. Big hugs to those!
    I think we can all take our experiences from the past month as learning opportunities, not dwell on our past mistakes, and keep moving forward into November! (:

    I'm avoiding a binge as I write -- my class was unexpectedly cancel this morning, which translates in my mind into an excellent binge opportunity, but (un)fortunately I've got no money with me, so there's no choice but to stay on plan. My binging-self is pretty frustrated, but my OP-self is very relieved not to have to try to make that decision by willpower.

    Best to you all!

    EDIT to say: my goal for this No Binge November is really truly going to be "no binges." I'm planning in one day a week to have what I would normally call a "binge," but since it's going to be planned I won't let myself feel guilty if I take it and just call it a treat/refeed meal. Right now that feels a safe enough goal to me, to commit to no unplanned binges otherwise!
  • I was just thinking about starting a No Binge November. Unfortunately, I had drew out a Halloween themed calendar for a No Binge October... yeah... that didn't work out. hahah. But I'm determined for this month!
  • danzigurl- good luck with your mini goal i'm gonna try it too because 10 days is still better than 0 days. let's do it together...
    mottainai- the no money strategy seems pretty good, it works for me too i was all week without money like literally broke and could't buy anything to binge untill i got home from uni...the refeed days happen to me too ...too often sometimes :/

    i seriously need to get a grip and start dealing with things differently. i'm not solving anything with binging. i'm finally home for the holidays and the old environment and people make me binge like before. especially if i'm home alone. i feel bad comming home and eating all the food that's in the fridge and then praying that no one will notice it. i just want to lose these 20 pounds but the scale keeps going back and forward. sometimes i wonder if it's even worth losing it anymore...
  • Ok I am ready for this! Day 1 for November.
    I am bestowing great strength to you all, lol.

  • I too am looking forward to a binge free November. I've got to get my son's halloween candy out of my house, I swear I hear it talking to me...

    In addition to staying OP, I'm trying to cut down on sugar, this is so hard!!
  • Can't wait to join the challenge! I had such a rough October. Will be posting this month. Usually I'm so terrible at keeping up with these things but I really need some accountability this month. Had a "veggie" binge yesterday so calories wise it wasn't too bad, about maintenance or a tiny bit higher. The cycle for me has just been terrible lately. It seems like I'll go a couple months and be okay and then I'll just have a very bad streak, like 2000 calories in carbs!
  • Best of luck to everyone this month
  • Binge-free for the month

    This is gonna be tough. I'm going on vacation for a week and a half, and when I return it's Thanksgiving week.

    But October was so bad that I must try super-hard this month.
  • Looks like a good kick off here.

    I'm already doing the mental fight not to keep eating tonight, but I'm determined to improve on last month. At this moment anyway, eating more after dinner is just a habit.

    I have friends in town this weekend so I won't be checking in, but best of luck everyone!
  • So many people joining! Best of luck to you all with this month!!

    It's Friday, and I might binge if I could, but I can't buy food so I'm not going to, and then of course the weekend should be no problem for me.

    I know weekends are tough for a lot of people, though, so I hope everyone can finish out the week well today. (:
  • Was thinking about just hiding and not posting for a few days. I'm
    Embarrassed to say that I binged AGAIN yesterday. My direct supervisor at the charter school I teach at got fired- so I was worried about my job... (I have been following her instructions all year)... My computer crashed and I lost all o my edited music for choreography this year as well as permission slips, grades, and disclosure documents- which now I'm worried I'll need to give someone else because my supervisor is gone... The saddest part is that I had gone out to get a hard drive THAT day! Just didn't get to it fast enough... Also I got my birth control shot two days ago- so the next few days I feel super hormonal.. I am stressed that SAD season is here... And the school lost my receipt for a $200.00 purchase I made- now I probably won't be reimbursed.

    By you know- food didnt solve ANY of those problems! In fact- now I just have those problems and I feel bloated and angry. I felt so justified in bingeing yesterday... And now that it's over I'm regretting every bite..

    Sorry for the length and whiny-ness. I feel better letting all of that out. I'm so thankful to have found a place where others understand this crazy relationship with food.

    Kittykatfan- good luck on doing better this month! I'm hoping for some improvements as well!!

    Missunshine- we can both get to 10 days! I'm sorry you the having a hard time... It seems that being home is tough on most people- I'm really pulling for you!

    Tubolard- I could use some strength from you for sure! Keep up the good work!

    Mottaina8- keep us posted on how your plan works for you!

    Gotothegym- good luck getting through November!
  • Danzingurl - Guess I posted right before you, but I wanted to say I'm glad that you decided to check-in here and let all that stress out! That sounds like such an amazing lot of bad things all at once!! ): I'm sorry you binged too, but it's an understandable reaction, so I hope you won't guilt yourself about it too much! And hopefully you can remember next time that the food didn't actually make it better. Hugs, and keep us updated on how things work out!
  • I'll just slip into a seat on the back of this train and quietly ride along. I'm not sure how many days it has been since I've been binge-free, but I do know it's at least 2 so far eating healthy and OP (which means no binging, no sweets, within calorie limits). It's hard sometimes though when you think you're in control, and then you have a lapse and suddenly you've lost it. I'm committed to learn from my mistakes and retrain my eating habits though.

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