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princesswendy 03-06-2001 04:18 PM

hey everyone!
where the heck is everyone hiding these days?
well i hope some of you come out of hiding soon!

im doing very well, got a fantastic new job, a new pickup truck (ford ranger) and a whole new attitude:):)
the earthquake really shook me up in more ways than one.
i really had things put into perspective----quick!
the food thing is going well, ive really released the diet mentality, its been a long process, but its become second nature to me now.
ive been totally eating on demand and been binge free, for quite awhile now, i dont even know how long because i let go of the counting days , weeks, etc.
my clothes have stayed the same size and i stopped gaining.
ive been a 12/14 for about 4 mths now.
its great to be at this stage.
ive finally found peace and self love.
yesterday i had to get a new i.d. made and when i looked at the picture, i felt a small twinge of the old feelings, like "i look fat, look at my double chin" which i hadnt felt in a long time.
i quickly caught myself and gently reminded myself that it was just a picture, a moment frozen and just not a flattering pose.
my anxiety slipped right away.
a big difference from a yr ago!!!!
im in the process of facing lifelong fears about things and its exhillerating!
im so busy getting out there and dealing with things that ive been afraid of, that i dont have the time or inclination to ruminate over food and body issues, its awesome.
i hope to hear from you guys soon, meg, fullhouse, kymber and all the rest.
miss reading your posts and need to catch up on you guys.
love and hugs,

fullhouse 03-08-2001 09:07 AM

Love the new name..no longer gymnut??
I am really happy for where you are right now. It sounds like you have really gotten to a place that is more self-loving and accepting. It feels so good to be released from bondage!!
I lived in California for 6 years. I can relate to the earthquake thing. At first I was panicked, but then over time I got to the state that I wasn't really bothered. Course I was never at the epicenter so......
We are still digging out right now...and have snow forcasted again for Fri, Sat and Sun.
I am SICK of the s-word!
A bonus though...all of the shoveling counts as exercise and my arms can attest to that.

princesswendy 03-08-2001 09:37 AM

hey fullhouse!!!!
so good to see a familiar name:)
nah, im not a gymnut anymore---way too busy.
my new job is taking up alot of my interest, so i just jump on my treadmill every morning before work and hit the gym on the weekends.
so i changed the name, since it doesnt fit me anymore.

well you didnt say how you were doing.
please post more and lets try to get this thing rolling again.
meg oh meg, where art thou?
and mom of three, and kymber, and all the rest of you slackers:)

hope to see everyone soon, wendy

Kymber 03-08-2001 12:01 PM

Hey All!!!

I'm here, I'm here... I've just been extremely busy.... my office moved, went to Mardi Gras.... trying to organize MY house.... LOL... that'll take forever!!!!!

Anyway... glad to hear you are doing well!!!!

Like the new name Wendy.... ;)

I'll try to post more later...

Keep Smilin'
Kymber :)

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