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Default Not Binging For Charity??

So I was looking through some posts here and I was just thinking...

I think something that might help me would be to think about overeating/binging as a bigger issue than just myself. There are so many people in this world who don't get enough to eat, how selfish is it of me to be eating SO MUCH more than my fair share? If I could make the decision not to binge/overeat be about someone else, maybe that would help me control myself? I think what I am going to do is designate a small amount of money that would represent how much extra I would spend on food if I were overeating- something like $2 or $3 a day (I haven't had an all-out-grocery store binge in a while, but $2 or $3 is more reflective of the amount of stuff I would overeat at night these days- maybe extra snacks or junk food) and for every night I DON'T overeat, put it in a jar to donate to a local food bank or charity to provide food for other needy people. That way, hopefully, if I am tempted to overeat, I will think, "No, someone else needs this more than I do. I don't want to take food out of a starving kid's mouth so I can gorge myself on cookies."

Anyone else want to try this with me? Thoughts?
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I think this is a beautiful idea and may be a great approach for someone else! And we all always need new ideas. This is great even for someone who doesn't binge but say wants to cut out cans of soda or something else to eat more healthy.

I know that I am actually really impacted by other people starving and I do think a lot about how easy it is for me to eat whatever I want when for many people it is not. It puts starving into a totally different perspective.

I love this. There was also a suggestion to donate food equivalent to the weight in pounds that you have lost. Which I also intend on doing.

Thanks for putting this out there!
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