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Default I Binged...But Things Could Be Worse!

So due to (I think) a combination of being very tired, stressed over personal issues, and just having started a second job that is very physically demanding, I binged after getting home today.

I ate a small meat, cheese, and pickle tray - you know, the ones you get at supermarkets?. I went grocery shopping after work and just couldn't ignore the tray...actually, I grabbed it the second I saw it and practically started drooling. I promised myself to only eat half of it...aren't we all familiar with that promise?

So 932 calories, 70g of fat, plus a serving or two of fruit I am, annoyed at myself.

And yet...I'm not, really. Here's why.

Three months ago, a binge would have been very different for me. Here's a common example: several chocolate bars, a big bag of chips with a whole container of dill pickle dip, a box of KD, and 1/3 or more of a 2 litre of ice cream.

In the grand scheme of things, is 932 calories really so bad? Do I really have a reason to feel guilty here? I don't think I do. In fact, weirdly enough, I'm kinda proud of myself! That meat and cheese tray was the only thing in the whole supermarket that I had a craving for. I didn't even glance at the chips and candy, or the ice cream. I never do anymore. It's like they don't even exist for me.

Okay, so I made an impulsive decision that put me over my calorie limit for the day...but all things's minor. It's only one day. Things will be better tomorrow.

I like being able to say that and know it's true.
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Stopping is the first step (check), admitting it to someone else offers you accountability (check check) and knowing that in the past it would have been much worse and starting anew, assessing the damage, moving forward....good for you. Its a lot of calories....and you don't write how many calories you had for the day. I'm imagining 500 calories above that, perhaps, and chalk it up to putting it behind you. If it was your daily calories, tho, you didn't do badly. Anyhow, its done, you're over it, you're moving on. Good luck moving forward.
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I agree- could've been WAAAY worse! And even several hundred calories over for one day is not going to cause you to gain even a whole pound. I think you have a great outlook. I'd like to think that this is a new lifestyle, and while I won't be able to eat the quantities of terrible things I used to, I would like to think that every great once in a while, I can have a huge nasty cheeseburger or a big chunk of bread and cheese. Life is for the living!
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as a former binge eater to what you described, I APPLAUD YOU. Plus, you were at the supermarket, and we all know that there is unlimited possibilities to the junk you could have bought to satisfy your binge hunger.

on the flip side, what could you have done to make it better? some veggies with some deli meat and cheese, would have been less calories. Maybe next time when you are starving and in a supermarket, buy something low calorie but filling that you can eat right there. I NEVER shop hungry any more.
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Thanks for the support, guys! Back on track, all is well...and for some reason showed a 6 pound loss over two days even with that...I have no idea what happened there, that's so odd. Water weight from starting low carb? Scale broken? I dunno!
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I think the title of this thread just about sums up what I've just done..
Today we had a family meal to which my sister brought her speciality homemade brownies. Considering she is a baker, they are absolutely delicious!
Up until desert time I was doing ok, I had told myself I could have a brownie, and did.
Then, come this evening, there were leftovers which my mother took out before all the guests left, I cut myself half a brownie, ate it, and then found myself picking at the other half i had left behind, until that too was gone.
So now I've scoffed two of those brownies, which probably have at least 300 cals each, and I feel horrible stuffed but really it could be worse couldnt it?
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